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  1. just a quick note saying erik and i are now settling in after the move and while i wasn't able to do a shots game infeb because of it, i hopefully plan to have one near the end of march for those interested. once i get stable internet, please find me in game to sign up or details
  2. nahhh he needs to come hang out with clio they can get trashed together still glad you like it, i enjoyed drawing it
  3. lul this would have been my guess for steel..... [video=youtube] as for clio.... [video=youtube]
  4. shoot i wanted to order a song but i'm not gonna be able to make it to the auction in game ;n; hope you guys sell out and have fun planning them!
  5. *peeks in* mounts? O^O this is amazingly kind of your fc to do <3 1 sleipnir 2 thancrid i don't need the other items so please in the event i'm lucky enough to place but the choices i have above are gone; reroll and pass me. :3
  6. aekira's finished took a little longer than i wanted but i hope it makes up for the wait >n<;
  7. lul here's some olllllllld cosplay back when i used to have time to make costumes....you know before kids and all that :T i'll get back into it eventually
  8. ohhh i'll try this time :3 1 lesser panda (tryin to win for erik but if that's not okay, just ignore that one :blush: ) 2 blue bird 3 ifrit
  9. stealin aekira again, should have it up in a day or two :3 so that was more than two days ;n; aekira, party edition clio's refs erik's refs
  10. aerryyyyy i'm sorry i took so long T____T i was getting my turtle the other day and then i got tired last night and passed out BUT i finished it now!
  11. oh this looks fun clio can't cook that well beyond like simple, daily type stuff but i could still see this being great to go watch, i'll totes keep it in mind x3 ....after the contest will the entries be offered as snacks? >.> <.<
  12. fancysharkette seems very sweet and open, always good qualities in a person and from their icon; a dapper dresser. such a lovely color on that bustle dress x3 i'm looking foreword to seeing them post more in the forums and possibly in game
  13. aerry's like half done, sorry it's takin so long....got distracted getting points in the gold saucer.... >.>; not gonna lie....
  14. annnd done with gold saucer for awhile...unless they decide to add another mount
  15. had to keep going afk cause of kids (you know how they can be lul) but overall had a lot of fun, the scavenger hunt/race was pretty clever too. had me running past a couple of hiding spots more than once before i found them
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