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  1. With the turn of the cycle, many people make promises to themselves and those around them as a symbol of change and coming into a new time of life. And many are ignored. Unrealistic promises, laziness, bizarre circumstance, something comes up and there's always an excuse for it. What resolutions does your character(s) make that inevitable fall through? Kaiya resolves to be more social and meet new people. She will likely fail utterly. Alasarnil has never been one for the heavensturn promise, and thus avoids the entire mess altogether.
  2. Server: Balmung Location: Mists, Ward 9 Subdivision. Topmast Apartment #17 Name: Bleary Harpsichord For anyone interested that would like to use this as a setting, I have a jazz bar set up in an Apartment in the Mists. If any of you want to use it for some scene that could use a dark, moody, maybe sleazy bar I might have the place for you. As a short background, it's run by a woman who has seen just about everything and tolerates all kinds. As long as nothing is done to harm the bar or the patrons, anything goes. Gossip about nobles? Fine. Talk about that new, raunchy book? Fine. Plot out the start of a criminal empire? Fine. Just keep the bar in tact and nobody gets thrown out. I won't be using the place regularly, but hopefully some of you can get some use out of it. Here's a set of screenshots for reference. http://imgur.com/a/14Lj4
  3. While many are loathe to admit it, most people have a guilty pleasure in their life. Whether silly or serious, harmless or perhaps not so harmless, guilty pleasures still play a role in the lives of a character. What is your character's guilty pleasure? Kaiya enjoys watching and placing bets on chocobo races. She has told absolutely no one. Alasarnil likes steaks well done. They just taste better to her. No one seems to agree so she's opted to just settle with medium or medium well when around anyone else.
  4. Check the events lists, there are usually a lot of weekly social events around that can help you get into the flow of RP. It can be a bit overwhelming to keep up with emotes, so you might want to go either early or a bit later when things start to die down a bit. Also, just in case you didn't know, /em is the preface for emoting in Final Fantasy. When I first came in, I just used /e and it did nothing. Just looked really awkward for a few minutes.
  5. Kaiya fights very defensively. As a Scholar, she forms barrier and whittles down her opponent's defenses with various spells that can cause harm even when she has to relocate. She looks for openings and only moves when necessary. Alasarnil fights dirty. Corrosive acids for metals, a baton for a blunt weapon, daggers for wielding and daggers for throwing, poisons, toxins; powdered, dried, pepper mixtures for the eyes. She tries to make sure she is always in a state of movement, and if she cannot end a fight quickly, she aims to cripple and bleed. To her, winning as a cheat is better than dying honorably.
  6. My characters would have different plans but in the end I'd try and fight my urges to give into the IC things like Kaiya's library or Alasarnil's storage space or whatever. A giant jumping puzzle. I don't know how, but I'll find a way.
  7. You guys are great. I run around juggling things as Alasarnil when I'm in and it's always good fun. Love looking forward to the ones I can make. Thanks for running this.
  8. If your character had access to the films we had, which film would be considered the favorite? Do they enjoy old, classic, spaghetti westerns? Teen dramas? Romantic Comedies? Animated films? Artsy, niche films? Kaiya's favorite would be one of the Sherlock Holmes films. Alassarnil/Nil/Whatever they're calling her nowadays would absolutely adore Finding Nemo and Dumbo.
  9. Sometimes hubris gets the better of me as a healer and I alt tab and people die.
  10. This seems to fit Kaiya whenever she devotes time to her thoughts and research. Which is almost all the time. qsG_xXEd5gw
  11. When you want to give your character a belief that is acceptable in the setting, but also makes your character look like a jerk to actual players in general, so instead you drop the belief or downplay it heavily. (Example: Xenophobia towards the Beastmen, all of them).
  12. When I heal I tend to base it on the guild/Free Company I'm a part of. Sometimes there are groups that get injured very regularly and so they need very regular healing to be up for the next event or what have you. So that might mean there's a need for quicker heals and more shortcuts taken. Other guilds have requested injuries that come with more consequences, so for that I use more traditional medical practices and make magic less effective. In general, I tend to use magic to circumvent procedures that would take a lot more time, effort, and detail, especially when there are multiple people to heal or someone is unconscious and is in no position to respond anyways. When things need to be removed from the body I use surgery, but when bones need to be put back into position because of a break I tend to use aether to save time for everyone. It still takes time to heal in the end, and recovery can still play a large role in the aftermath regardless of aether being involved. As a rule of thumb, I try to make sure everyone getting healed by me knows that it is completely up to them how effective the healing truly is. I may say it will take some two or three days to recover, but they're free to make it a faster or slower recovery. I give guidelines based on context and people are free to do what they want with them.
  13. How does you character deal with that responsibility? What do they do with the fact that they've been blessed with the power to contend with primals? How many quest givers do they tolerate before becoming the villains themselves? All Kaiya wanted to do was read and now there are a bunch of people asking her to pick up their trash for them before she fights another demi-god.
  14. Many of us have found songs that really, truly fit a character. Songs that seal the mood and tone of a character's arc and desires. An all encompassing masterpiece brought together seemingly just for your character. And then there are songs that fly in the face of everything your character is. t8dTnavUMnk
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