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  1. Bumped thread due to company adjusting its theme to better fit the criminal element. Our front is now a tavern! See the main post for more details, otherwise please ask either myself or one of the officers.
  2. After a break over the holidays King of the Ring has returned for 2021! We had a successful first tournament on the 9th of January and plan to carry on our usual weekly bouts of carnage in Wineport each week at 8pm GMT/3pm EST on Balmung.
  3. Nastrond is open for recruitment once again! With new monthly plotlines we hope for a great 2021. Come and meet our friendly community and poke us in game for more info!
  4. The Theme has changed! Nastrond has become more at one with its noble roots, turning into a military force protecting the Houses values more directly. See updated changes in the initial post!
  5. Glad to see you back in the game! There are also Community discords for more EU-centric roleplayers within the roleplay community if that interests you also. If it does feel free to check out the EU Crystal RPC Discord here: https://discord.gg/HPE3hg
  6. NASTROND <ND-RP> is NOW recruiting! An EU themed 18+ Criminal/Dark roleplaying guild that follows the story of a organised crime unit that employs trade in the black markets as well as that of blood and bounty. What is Nastrond? With a name that originates in Norse mythology, Nástrǫnd (Corpse Shore) is a place in Hel where Níðhöggr lives and chews on corpses. It is the afterlife for those guilty of murder, adultery, and oath-breaking (which the Norsemen considered the worst possible crimes). The Mythos behind the title is where the origins of our free company was foun
  7. FIRST KING OF THE RING THEME NIGHT: LONELY HEARTS BASH! (2V2 DUELS) Want to fight the night away? Replace a romantic dinner with a mealful of blood and glory? Come down to wineport this weekend for the First king of the ring themed event "Broken heart bash!" Fight with your significant other or lover to be and try to gain an increased cash prize! This will be held for this week only before going back to our regular scheduling so come and take part! When you appear at the venue please stand with your partner and ensure one of your team shouts out your name when it comes to your turn in the
  8. UPDATE!: The King of the Ring Tournament has been moved to Wineport! please move there for following weeks, any further changes will be notified, thank you. Aldric.
  9. IC AD An extravagant flyer would be posted on the walls around the city states, bards spinning tales of a new tournament that is now happening in the luscious wine country of La Noscea, serving as the heart of the realms newest spectacle: COME ONE COME ALL! A BRAND NEW FIGHTING TOURNAMENT THE LIKES THE REALM HAS NEVER SEEN! TEST YOUR STRENGTH FOR THE CHANCE TO BECOME THE…. KING OF THE RING! A fighting spectacle that does not restrict your means to fight or fling dangerous magics, put your strengths forward to fight against unwilling odds and earn
  10. If you still have a character left on balmung I would reccommend starting on that, it has a very established community and its extremely overpopulated so its easy to find people. Saying that however there is no real in for other friends to come with you if your not on balmung anyway, which leaves new people coming on here at a exact nil until they open the servers up again. The people here are nice though! so thats definitely an opportunity to explore. Otherwise as Unnamed suggested Mateus may be the best for a steadier stream of people, but both servers are excellent f
  11. As a few have said here its definitely possible to become a doman spearman, which I would advise as being the more better route with how elite the dragoon order can be in terms of its participants and how many are trained in the actions. Saying that however if you wish to add a bit more flourish to the lancemanship its definitely possible to learn dragoon-like abilities from aetherical manipulation if you can pull it off, for example using wind aspected aether to simulate jumps, or fire aspected to infuse your lance for certain attacks.
  12. This time the Iris set out on a more personal mission on regards for Von himself, fetching a ancient relic from dravania that rests within the heart of the mountain of Sohm Al within the forelands, trials will be tested and brave to reach this relic, will our party prove worthy?
  13. Lovely character and glad to hear your enjoying balmung! Would love to help you with finding connections and also have Von here make connections with your character, always looking for friends! If you want to roleplay, feel free to poke Von Sayrillont in game!
  14. Hai there Val! lovely to meet you! As Lydia said there are a lot of useful tidbits here on the RPC to help get you started, i would also say that as it also helps a lot to try and take in as much of the quest text and story as you can through the game as you level up and go through the various MSQ quests, side quests and instances out there as you can learn a lot of juicy tidbits from there too that can help you out! I have a character on Balmung (Von Sayrillont) if you ever want anyone to help show you the ropes, ill be happy to!
  15. Welcome to the game! this place has a lovely community and I am sure you will find some good experiences! if you wish for help on roleplay just ask and if you use discord I know that is a good place to organise and find roleplay in game if you are having trouble ^^ As other people have suggested get to 15 so you can go across all the cities, though the higher you get the more glamours you can obtain!
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