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  1. Glad to see you back in the game! There are also Community discords for more EU-centric roleplayers within the roleplay community if that interests you also. If it does feel free to check out the EU Crystal RPC Discord here: https://discord.gg/HPE3hg
  2. NASTROND <ND-RP> is NOW recruiting! An EU themed 18+ Criminal roleplaying guild that follows the story of a crime syndicate forged by blood and dark intentions, a group of covert criminals, researchers and operatives that seek to twist the hand of fate in their favour in order to profit off opportunity and rise to prominence in the criminal underworld. What is Nastrond? With a name that originates in Norse mythology, Nástrǫnd (Corpse Shore) is a place in Hel where Níðhöggr lives and chews on corpses. It is the afterlife for those guilty of murder, adultery, and oath-breaking (which the Norsemen considered the worst possible crimes). The Mythos behind the title is where the origins of our free company was found, a band of unlikely allies among those that deal in crime, villainy and other less than heroic attributes that were cast out from the world. Those that seek to profit from their abilities instead of hide from them and rise to glory not only in the ranks of Nastrond, but in the criminal underworld and the realm at large as well in a way befitting to your character. Nastrond does not require just words and actions, for upon proving yourself true loyalty is tested in a bond of blood that is shared between all members, we have ceremonies seperating the trials from the initiated and these too from the bloodbound to truly make every step of development you take with us unique and memorable. From the simple prick of a finger to the initiated, to the blood ritual and marking that signifies the bloodbound you will find opportunity in everywhere you step, as well as helping with character development and connections we also allow our members to guest DM events and roll their own storylines through us also! What rules do the Nastrond employ? The ranks of Nastrond keep confidentiality and subtlety first and foremost when it comes to their operations, only showing themselves when they need to be seen. They try to keep away from harming innocents yet are also aware that sometimes sacrifices need to be made for victory and can be ruthless and cold when they need to be also. Any act of betrayal within the ranks will be met with swift punishment, the blood bond itself has its own ways of meting out a sense of justice among those that work within it, enforced by the nefarious Crimelord 'Dreadwyrm' that sits atop its ranks and his 'Crimson Eyes' that watch over the management of the organisation. Out of character however, we aren't as scary as we may seem in character! We try to keep a nice and friendly player core that helps and assists its players with roleplay and content alike. Keeping an active discord we like to have a close and easy to enter community that people can enjoy and prosper in. We like to pride ourselves on being drama free and creative when it comes to our writing, but we do not allow lore breaking either, so keep your concepts reasonable. How does Nastrond run its events? We like to stick to 3 events a week, which can include one shot jobs, the longer stories that can interconnect between major guild milestones and thrilling character development opportunities, and even a content night where we can push players through older content or map runs. We have something for everyone! And are always open for feedback. PLEASE be aware that Nastrond is a criminal organisation however, so do not expect every event to be a victory, and consequences have a fine habit of coming back on the organisation now and again... (Nastrond is a criminal organisation, so please accept that our IC actions in the world will come back in the form of IC consequences as far as character interactions and interactions go at times) Im in! How can I join? Feel free to message myself on discord or in game on Aldric Sayrillont if you have any questions or inquiries, we have advertisements on discord, RPC, tumblr and in game on party finder and shout chats. As well as accepting applications to our guild, there are lots of ways of entry to exploit, even simply finding us in the world and interacting works! We also accept external members in the cross world link shell to work alongside the companies activities. We hope to see you around as friend or foe! If you want to join, work with us or simply act as a rival to one of our plotlines due to the companies criminal nature, please let us know! Contact Aldric Sayrillont in game (Aldric#7268 on discord.) or Mairon Bauglir in game (Feynren#6959) for more information.
  3. FIRST KING OF THE RING THEME NIGHT: LONELY HEARTS BASH! (2V2 DUELS) Want to fight the night away? Replace a romantic dinner with a mealful of blood and glory? Come down to wineport this weekend for the First king of the ring themed event "Broken heart bash!" Fight with your significant other or lover to be and try to gain an increased cash prize! This will be held for this week only before going back to our regular scheduling so come and take part! When you appear at the venue please stand with your partner and ensure one of your team shouts out your name when it comes to your turn in the line, then we shall put you in your respected fights! We will be having one duel at as time so people can properly enjoy the spectacle! See below for the roll system: Teams decide on who rolls initiative for them. Initiative roll counts for both team members Each member of Team 1 rolls and posts, freely choosing their target. Focus attack or individual. Each member who is being attacked on Team 2 rolls for defense. Should one target be focused said target rolls twice. Once for each incoming attack to defend. Thus either one, both or no attack can be blocked. During the fight it is at the other team member's discretion to sacrifice their attack roll to defend an incoming attack against their partner should they have failed a defense roll. THIS CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE PER BATTLE FOR EACH PERSON AND IS TO BE ANNOUNCED OOC IF MADE USE OF General roll system remains the grindstone system of roll vs roll. Teams alternate back and forth until both members of 1 team reach 0 HP. It is not required for both team members to be 'alive' to win.
  4. UPDATE!: The King of the Ring Tournament has been moved to Wineport! please move there for following weeks, any further changes will be notified, thank you. Aldric.
  5. IC AD An extravagant flyer would be posted on the walls around the city states, bards spinning tales of a new tournament that is now happening in the luscious wine country of La Noscea, serving as the heart of the realms newest spectacle: COME ONE COME ALL! A BRAND NEW FIGHTING TOURNAMENT THE LIKES THE REALM HAS NEVER SEEN! TEST YOUR STRENGTH FOR THE CHANCE TO BECOME THE…. KING OF THE RING! A fighting spectacle that does not restrict your means to fight or fling dangerous magics, put your strengths forward to fight against unwilling odds and earn title and treasures aplenty! Want to smash your axe against a devious meteor flinging thaumaturge? DO IT! Want to have your carbuncle Floor-tank an enemy dragoon with adorableness? DO IT Want to hit a fish-spitting blue mage with a frying pan? DO IT!!! As long as you leave your opponent in one piece and not on a one-way trip to the realm of the departed, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Come on down to Wineport each SATURDAY at the 8th bell of the day to participate in the weekly dose of the ultimate trial of combat! And that's not all, At the end of each month we shall have themed nights ranging from DUO BATTLES, TEAM BATTLES, FREE FOR ALLS and MORE with increased prizes and glory to behold! The poster would have details linking to the organisers below, as well as information on the location of wineport. OOC AD King of the ring is an upcoming EU based roleplaying tournament (Anyone is encouraged to participate however) that will involve grindstone roles and no limits as far as to what skills your characters can use within the battle as long as you make no attempts to take a characters life or dismember them. If such a thing happens you will be disqualified and your character will take full IC consequences for the action made whether permitted by the opponent or not. This event will BE HELD AT 8PM GMT EACH SATURDAY The tournament itself will take place in Wineport! Spectators will be allowed to stand above the archway in the centre to observe, or drink at the bar to the left while the spectacle continues. Participants will have to line up in front of the archway, and say their name and weapon once the yell is given, before being assigned into brackets. Themed evenings will have rules slightly different, and will be posted before the event starts so participants are properly able to familiarise themselves with the rolls before the event. Any questions direct to either myself (Aldric Sayrillont or Aldric#7268 on discord) or Kimiko (Kimiko Ayis or Ririxion#9918on discord) for any questions and we hope to see you there! TUMBLR POST: https://dragoonsdiary.tumblr.com/post/190351768028/king-of-the-ring-balmung-saturdays-8pm-gmt
  6. If you still have a character left on balmung I would reccommend starting on that, it has a very established community and its extremely overpopulated so its easy to find people. Saying that however there is no real in for other friends to come with you if your not on balmung anyway, which leaves new people coming on here at a exact nil until they open the servers up again. The people here are nice though! so thats definitely an opportunity to explore. Otherwise as Unnamed suggested Mateus may be the best for a steadier stream of people, but both servers are excellent for roleplay
  7. As a few have said here its definitely possible to become a doman spearman, which I would advise as being the more better route with how elite the dragoon order can be in terms of its participants and how many are trained in the actions. Saying that however if you wish to add a bit more flourish to the lancemanship its definitely possible to learn dragoon-like abilities from aetherical manipulation if you can pull it off, for example using wind aspected aether to simulate jumps, or fire aspected to infuse your lance for certain attacks.
  8. This time the Iris set out on a more personal mission on regards for Von himself, fetching a ancient relic from dravania that rests within the heart of the mountain of Sohm Al within the forelands, trials will be tested and brave to reach this relic, will our party prove worthy?
  9. Lovely character and glad to hear your enjoying balmung! Would love to help you with finding connections and also have Von here make connections with your character, always looking for friends! If you want to roleplay, feel free to poke Von Sayrillont in game!
  10. Hai there Val! lovely to meet you! As Lydia said there are a lot of useful tidbits here on the RPC to help get you started, i would also say that as it also helps a lot to try and take in as much of the quest text and story as you can through the game as you level up and go through the various MSQ quests, side quests and instances out there as you can learn a lot of juicy tidbits from there too that can help you out! I have a character on Balmung (Von Sayrillont) if you ever want anyone to help show you the ropes, ill be happy to!
  11. Welcome to the game! this place has a lovely community and I am sure you will find some good experiences! if you wish for help on roleplay just ask and if you use discord I know that is a good place to organise and find roleplay in game if you are having trouble ^^ As other people have suggested get to 15 so you can go across all the cities, though the higher you get the more glamours you can obtain!
  12. Beautiful, well written piece. Was a pleasure to read!
  13. This is a game full of rich lore, mesmerising moments and the story in this game has incredibly well put together, making it very personal to your character as you go through the story quests and definitely brings on some epic moments and emotions! The roleplay community I know is very good on a couple of servers here and the content is very diverse and capturing, there is a very large load of things to do here! I do hope you enjoy your time here, and welcome to Eorzea my friend!
  14. I think personally that VR in time will go a long way to accustom to the roleplay community in a better way of making the player more accustomed to the character, and when that happens I can definitely it bringing in a audience of roleplayers when VR in itself gets a bit more improved than what we are currently seeing and is a bit more commonplace I would say, I see VRChat and all that and despite the vast array of memes that I see coming out of it , it seems to be the only VR game I can see that could host roleplay at the minute! As I said though as time goes along and VR games improve a bit I can certainly see it being a thing, of course only to a specific crowd I would imagine because as said above, most of us RPers are writers, not actors so it would be a very different sort of state to get into.
  15. After interrogating the pirate captain for the location of the weapons, the iris prepare to return to the sea for an underwater scavenging operation to recover the lost weaponry!
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