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  1. Helloes there! Thanks for reading. So I just recently joined you all here on FF14 after so many RP friends raved about it! Thought I'd dip toes in the waters, so to speak, and begin my adventures in this beautiful land. A bit about me (I talk too much, but other than that), I've been RPing for a good many years already and perhaps even some of you would recognize the username "Tallaron" from other games - LotRO, AA, SWL, ESO, GW2, BDO, CE and the abbreviations carry on - and if you do, send me a message! I'm totally looking forward to making many, many new and awesome friends along the way. Well I'm certainly not new to RP, OMG, no, but I am new to FF14. This means that I'll definitely appreciate any help or guides for me to find the right niche. I'd be so grateful for pointers and assistance in getting my guys settled in the plots, schemes and acquaintances, fun activities and opportunities, bar chatter and explorations, dramatic relationships and rivalries, and certainly the story-building in the community. First and foremost I'm an RPer and that's why I dig MMOs so much (makes sense, right?), the gaming part just being a fantastic bonus. The problem is that I'm in the dreaded EU time zone (Oh no!) and I've always had a huge, ginormous, struggle to find folks to play with. Ugh. But anyway, I've said too much already and most of you are probably asleep by now... so I'll just leave you to send me scores of messages (did I mention I'm also a massive optimist?). Hope to hear from you guys soon!
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