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  1. Hello hello! I'm not on Mateus, but I'd really like to RP with either of your characters! I'm on Discord and if ever you've got a character on Balmung, I'm there too! I like reaching out to posters here because I love RPing in this game and I love developing stories and having fun experiences with people! I tried looking for you on Discord but I guess your name didn't pop up! Well, anyway, if you'd like to reach me for some RP on Discord, You can find me at Stray#0777. I hope I get to hear from you soon!
  2. Hello and welcome back to the game! I also came to this server seeking new connection and people to play and enjoy the game with! I'd really like to meet your character in person and I think it'd be cool if we could be friends too! I've also got Discord, so I think that works pretty well! I've got a Miqo'te soo! He's a Sunseeker who's really naive about the world but has big dreams to fulfill! I'd love to RP with you some time and play with you in game or RP with you on Discord! Send me a private message and we can connect! Have fun and once again, welcome back!
  3. Hello! Just joined the server myself and the club and I'm hoping to get into the LS as well! I'd like to really be connected with the RP on this server!
  4. Hello Mai! I'm also brand-spankin' new on this server, but not new to RP! I'd love to meet up with your character and RP some time! His name's Asher Shadowfang, and he just embarked on his journey to becoming the world's most famous hero! Obviously, he can't do it by himself, but he wants to meet all sorts of people and form bonds with them! I hope I can find you in game and I hope we can have some great moments if you're interested in RPing with me! You can find me in-game as Asher Shadowfang or I can send you my Discord so we can talk a bit more! Good luck and I hope you and I find each other in the game!
  5. Well hey, I've been looking for the same exact thing! I have a Discord too, and I'd love to form bonds with your character! She and my character seem like they'd have some fun chemistry! You can contact me on my Discord which I can send to you through PM here. I hope we can RP with each other soon!
  6. I'm -so- sorry, I just realized you were on a different server My apologies. But if you'd like, we can RP off the game just to have something going!
  7. Hey everyone! I'm finally getting used to how it is RPing on this server, or at least getting a little bit better, and I'd really like to do a lot more RPing here! I really like it, but I'm also looking for RP partners to help me further immerse myself in the game. I'm not really into writing biographies about my character because I like when things change and adapt to the flow. A couple of things I'm looking for: 1. Romance 2. Adventure! 3. Making close connections with various other RPers! A couple of small rules!:tonberry: 1. No God moding or Power Playing. 2. Combat will be reduced to rolls or /random for fairness 3. I'm looking for an RP partner that gives me more than one sentence, something to work with. 4. Let's discuss plots together! I love planning and moving forward with a story for our characters. 5. Have fun, but be respectful, y'know! 6. I'm not one to have limits solely because I love it for the RP's sake. I like variety! It's the spice of life! I want to be open to some things that you throw at me, but if you have limits that's TOTALLY okay and I respect them 100%, you just gotta let me know first! If ever you see me on Jenova and you'd like to RP, don't be afraid to stop by! I'd love to RP with you guys and I'd love to enjoy the experience! If you have any questions, please let me know! I just hope that if you'd like to proceed with no limits that you're the appropriate age (18+). With that said, I really hope I get to hear from you guys! Asher could really use some new friends and companions along the road. You can contact me by sending me a message in game to "Asher Netherfang" or contacting me through here! Let's travel the road to the Warriors of Light together!
  8. I hope it's not too late, but I'm totally interested! My name in game is the same in these forums: Asher Netherfang. I hope you'll still have room for me!
  9. Awesome! Now the next question... ... How do I use Linkshells?
  10. Hey guys! Thanks to the Black Friday sale and my love for RP, I found myself wandering Eorzea for a chance to RP. I'm on the Jenova server, but I'm in a Free Company that I'm not quite ready to leave yet. Is there anyway I can be involved with the RP community on this server? Would anyone like to help me out?
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