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  1. [align=center]Management Update #15[/align] [align=center]http://68.media.tumblr.com/5bb6b6a69938ff785593ff8fcee9037b/tumblr_inline_ovzj4aYRNi1trt837_500.png[/img][/align] After applying, please continue to try to reach out to Avelyn Firestone in game, or even message us through our Tumblr if this is not an option (she can hardly be online 24/7 after all)! We’ve been trying to contact several people in regards to their application and IC interviews, but either people do not reply to us in game despite being messaged several times (we do check for AFK tags), or just don’t seem to be online all that much. Our community is ran by a handful of individuals, and we simply don’t have the time to constantly chase after people when we’re online (we too like to roleplay and play the game after all). So please try to contact us after applying! Either contact Avelyn Firestone in game, or poke our Tumblr. We don’t mind it if people feel the need to contact us several times either, we rather keep people well-informed instead of no communication at all! Thank you for you cooperation! ~ The Management
  2. SE or Microsoft won't do anything about this. I've seen similar threads on Reddit, and they were all like "Your problem, make a new account." I'd honestly don't know what advice to give you. Unless your father wants your character deleted, I'd just keep them? Maybe when he isn't playing you can still log onto those characters, while in the meantime you level them up again on another, new account? I don't think anyone is going to get their panties in a twist if you changed their last names or something. Doesn't solve the issue you can't go on Balmung though. That said, I believe your father's account can at least RAF you, so that's something to keep in mind to when making a new account! To be fair, I'd have a chat with your father about it and see what he wants you to do.
  3. All the advice I can offer you off is perhaps to make your character a lot less complicated? It is not so much their background what makes them interesting, but more so the roleplay! I feel you might be stabbing yourself really badly in the foot by wanting to be so many things at the same time? Especially because this is your first roleplay character on FFXIV! Maybe something like... "Hey, he's a Xaela dude from the Steppes, he is a Warrior (they got their own version of the Inner Beast, the Warrior questline touches upon that) and he likes to travel, learn and explore" is a lot easier to work with? Once more, your character, but perhaps giving him a lot easier concept/background might be wiser until you're more familiar with roleplay in MMOs/FFXIV?
  4. As far as I know, the player who ran that linkshell has quit playing the game!
  5. [align=center]Screenshots of one of our groups of Resistance roleplayers tending to one of bi-weekly tasks! Resistance Task - Dealing with Dhruvas[/align] [align=center] August 31[/align] [align=center][/align]
  6. Are you asking people how magic works? Because I'm pretty sure magic is still fantasy and not something people can explain beyond what they did. I think Sounsyy and Franz provided all the lore we got on it, and this is what you have to make do with. It's a fantasy setting, you're not going to get all the answer you seek because simply at one point people can't explain it any more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  7. Help a Fist roleplayer out, praise Rhalgr and upvote <3 Question one Question two Question three Also upvote Franz his questions while you're at it
  8. Starting in little under an hour! Remember, instance 2 of the Lochs!
  9. With SE adding instances back, we've chosen instance 2 for the remembrance! Hope to see you there this weekend!
  10. I just try to put it in her search info and just toss my hands up and go "good genes" or something like that
  11. Actually about that... I'm not completely sure? One of the two aforementioned Shaman roleplayers asked Koji at Fanfest if we would see Ala Mhigan shamans come Stormblood, he said yes. He might have implied that the few Conjurer NPCs we have are the Shamans my friend asked about, but I somehow doubt that? Of course I don't have any proof of that, beyond just having to take my word for granted. Not to mention they scrapped the whole Oracle deal for the Ala Mhigan class. So who knows they might meant to be the Oracle class before it got shafted in favour for Red Mage. What makes me really sad because man, I love spellcasters, but eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. There's Ala Mhigan shamans, conjurers and surgeon-esque Ala Mhigan NPCs to be found. Shamans were CNJ in 1.0, and in a ARR in the Monk questline they still appear to be conjurers. Shamans have little lore about them. But most roleplayer I've known have been pretty creative with it. The whole two of them. :^) However, there's nothing stopping you from being any of the ingame classes ultimately, provided you come up with a how and why for your character!
  13. Monk as we see the job in game, are all based on the Fist of Rhalgr ^^! We've seen Miqo'te as Monk as well during the questlines. I'd suggest checking Sounsyy's lore compilation to help you out. Also I'm on Balmung, so I got no clue about any other servers!
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