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  1. For Honor and For Blood! Welcome to the Linkshell page for Fists of Ala Mhigo! This is a Linkshell to bring together a community of players with Ala Mhigan blood, or the desire to join the fight and aid the resistance, and rebuild Ala Mhigo! To Join: Joining is simple! If you believe your character has buisiness in the lands of Gyr Abania, lives in the area or has any ties to Ala Mhigo, then you are welcome! All inquiries should be directed to Augustus Fiske in game or Parccz#7019 on Discord. What is this Linkshell? Right now I would like to build a community of RPers with similar character backgrounds to create new stories for each character! Since we are just beginning there will be no formal events planned for this Linkshell, but the goal for this group is to create Bi-weekly Linkshell/Server wide events people may attend. So please spread the word!
  2. Hi there all! My main Character Augustus Fiske, along with his sister Corrine (That I also play as), are two young Ala Mhigans! I'm looking for Ala Mhigan contacts for them to have! Message me either on her or on Discord! Augustus Fiske#7019 Hope to hear from y'all soon!
  3. Hey all! Been having a bit of trouble finding a steady RP FC and dive into the story arc given, so I have decided to give it a shot here and see what happens. A short bit about my character (Let me know if you want more details): Augustus is a young Ala Mighan refugee working on a chocobo farm with his sister in Gridania after the owner found them half starved after the revolution 20 years prior. Because Augustus was only three at the time of the revolution he does not fully commit to his Ala Mighan heritage though does not wish to forget where he is from. In his time here he's become a avid medic and is quite skilled in the arts of healing both herbal and magical. I am looking for an FC with a great story arc I can get Gus into and build him as a character. Ideally I would like a blend of both city RP as well as DM'd or combat events so let me know about your FC! I have just joined FFXIV after nine years of RPing on WoW and have yet to find a place for him to call home. The easiest way to get to me is most likely on discord ( Augustus Fiske#7019 ). Look forward to hearing from some of you!
  4. Hi all! I am currently trying to piece together a backstory for my Ala Mihgan character. I love the healing classes and healing in game so I would like to try and incorporate that into his story. My question is, what healer class makes the most sense for an Ala Mihgan or an Ala Mihgan refugee?
  5. Hey there guys! I just started playing FFXIV not to long ago, though have been RPing on other MMOs for about nine years now. I have found an FC that I really enjoy being with but would like to start making connections with the rest of the community. Right now I am hoping to find someone to RP as a mentor for my character I have a very loose idea of where I would like my character to go but nothing set in stone yet (not to mention my lack in lore knowledge as of right now.) If anyone is interested private message me on here or poke me in game! Thanks and hope to hear from some of you soon! - Augustus Fiske
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