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  1. This was a very cool event. I had a blast with it tonight and made some connections on a character who ordinarily does not connect well. Thank you so much for putting it on! I’ll be bullying everyone I know into coming out for the next one.
  2. Remember: It's not a n00b problem; it's a heck of a fight. I recently took my fifth character through it and failed a time or two.
  3. Just in case some of the tips we're throwing at you about gear don't make a ton of sense, here's a step-by-step. It's NOT an intuitive process, but it's not terribly complicated once you know which NPC to go to for what. Ironworks Gear Upgrades: All of this costs Tomestones of Poetics, which you earn via the Main Scenario Roulette (120+ per daily run), Level 50/60 Roulette (100+ per daily run), and at the end of all level 50 dungeons and trials. Top Priority: Weapon From the Revenant's Toll Poetics vendor, in the "Other" list, buy 1 'Encrypted Tomestone' (100 Poetics) and 10 'Rowena's Token (Poetics)' (40 Poetics each). Move to the vendor right next to her, and look under "Ironworks Gear" for the BRD weapon. This is item level 120, very strong. Gear For the biggest bang on a budget, if you don't have the tomes to get all the pieces at once, buy gear from the Poetics vendor in this order: First Body/Legs, Second Head/Hands/Feet, Third Waist/Ears/Neck/Wrist/Ring**. When in doubt, you want things that say "[item] of Aiming." All of these will be item level 120***, which is very nice at level 50. Upgrading your Ironworks gear. From the Poetics vendor, in the "Other" list, you will buy a total of 7 Carbontwine and 4 Carboncoat (100 Poetics each). In North Shroud, in Hyrstmill, back by the big forge, is an NPC named Drake. For your weapon and armor, he will trade that piece plus one Carboncoat for a stronger (and dyeable) version. You can buy the Carbontwine and Carboncoat one at a time as you have the Poetics to spend, just remember to upgrade with Drake in the same order as above: weapon first, then large and small armor, then accessories****. These will all be item level 130, which will take you through about half of the Heavensward level 50-60 content. **A Note on Rings: The Ironworks rings are Unique items, which means you can only own one of them. However, after you upgrade the original Ironworks ring (see Step 3 above), you can go back to the Poetics vendor and pick up a new one. This lets you have one ring item level 120 and one ring item level 130. ***A Note on Item Level (ilvl): Basically, the higher the item level, the more stat points a piece of gear can give you, the more powerful a piece of gear will make you. At level 50, the highest possible item level is 130. At level 60, the highest possible item level is 270 (attained through a very similar process as above, except all the necessary NPCs are in one town called Idyllshire in the Heavensward part of the game). ****A Note on Gear Purchase/Upgrade Order: I recommend going in this order because the pieces listed first have the largest stat point pools, and therefore buff you the most.
  4. I think "I'm gonna tank like daddy!" SAM may be a trend in the player base. I usually run healer in roulettes, and more often than not (more often than DRG and BRD even!) if one of the DPS is going to need extra healing, it's the SAM. Usually it's because the SAM is standing on top of the tank soaking up all the big frontal hits and will not move to the rear of the boss like a sane person. Do they have directional attacks that make them think they need to be there?
  5. J'loh Tia: Proud son of hooker assassin fails his way to the lowest-middle. Geofferaut Derosiers: Wouldn't Dexter and Hannibal Lecter be even cooler with negative charisma stats and a religious zealot supporting cast? No? Damn.
  6. Off the top of my head: F'lhamin, Storm Marshal(?) What'sHerName, every dancer in Ul'dah, every dancer in Costa del Sol, the quest giving pirate female near the Aftcastle aethernet shard in Limsa. The only ones we see actually being tribal are the segment of the U tribe that lives in Forgotten Springs. So yeah, this may be one of the least controversial character choices available for a Miqo'te.
  7. Up front, I missed out on 1.0 Ascilla/Minfilia. I've heard that those early experiences with the character alter the impression of her. However... It took three years, an expansion, being consumed by the frigging mother crystal, and the suicidal crystal-offerings of the saviors of an entire world to FINALLY end Minfilia's reign as Miss Ostensible of Eorzea. AND NOW THAT SHE'S ACTUALLY ARGUABLY DOING SOMETHING, IT'S OFF SCREEN. Off WORLD even!! The NPCs are all "No, Minnie! We all miss you so much! What will we do without you!?" Meanwhile, I'm standing there all, "Actually, kinda forgot you were gone? Occasionally visit your office, but it's still got a weird kid in it obsessed with sending us to fight primals. I guess your function is covered? Plus they can do more in a fight than yell out a weirdly sensual, 'Nooo!' It's strange, but without you there to call us back to the mother bleeping no-aetheryte Itchy Sands, all the competent members of the team (and Alf) just do our damn jobs. So... TTYLOMGSorryNotSorry"
  8. You just have to be dead and continue to exist elsewhere by the power of the Echo. Steep price to pay; hope it was.. worth it... No, YOU'RE crying! Shut up.
  9. I think I was the NIN in your group! That WAR.... One wipe because you forgot your tank stance when it synced you, that's fine. Two because you forgot your tank stance when it synced you and you pulled half the room, we'll call it a learning curve. Kill me thrice, shame on you. I left right after you did. Thanks for eating the lockout penalty. :thumbsup:
  10. To be fair, that pull is rather annoying as a tank... in terms of "mechanics". The rogue doesn't move until he's done doing his stealth crap... and the mob on the far right (caster? archer? never paid enough attention to what he's doing exactly) doesn't move either. The only mob that moves is the one in the center... and the other two are spread too far apart to hit with -insert aoe threat move here-. So, depending on the decisions of the DPS (and possibly healer) in the group, that pull can get out of hand pretty quickly. Personally, what has seemed to work best for me thus far as a DRK, is unmend the rogue, then quick tab target to the middle and lunge, then drag the middle to the right and unleash. Eventually, assuming the DPS didn't go apeshit on it, the rogue joins the rest of the group and I'll unleash once or twice again and it's smooth sailing from there. Not calling you out by any means, but it really is simply a small matter of patience on that pull as everything is spread out so much that it's a bitch to get snap aggro on everything as a tank. When I get to that fight on NIN, I pop my Mutilate DoT on the rogue right after the tank pulls and it seems to break him out of his stealth act and get him in line a little quicker (92% sure it works; I need to watch closely next time to confirm.). On odd occasions he ends up aggroing on me briefly, but that's why I have a bag of aggro-tossing tricks*, defensive cooldowns, and stand in a clump of violence with a well-insulated hate factory. *But seriously, am I the only ROG/NIN who gets a little high on having the power to choose who tanks at any given moment? My dream is to be in a well-coordinated group of 3 NINs and a healer and play 'Pass the Boss' through dungeons.
  11. Pip

    Canon RPers and You

    She is the tank by default, as all attacks seem to find their way her direction regardless of intent. Her DPS is a negative number. Her weapon is for materia melding demonstrations only. Her attack is oddly inflected shouts, "noO0O0oo.... oO!" Her support skill is an aoe brainwash that somehow convinces allies to go out of their way to protect, rescue, protect, and rescue her again because she is the All-Important, All-Valuable Special for.... reasons? (I may have a history of disdain for the Utterly-Important/Utterly-Useless Female anime trope.) Even Tataru trained not one but two classes because she felt useless, despite being the administrator that keeps the Scions functioning from one day to the next as well as an adept information broker. Minfilia's response to the notion? 'Aw, that's cute, but why would someone do a thing like that?' Why indeed, Minfilia. Why indeed. Not that I'd want to RP with a Tataru impersonator. #totesontopic
  12. Given the trends in the story I've seen up to now, we'd find the unknown cure for tempering. Or, more likely, an NPC we've never heard of but who is friends with everyone we know would do all the work of finding a cure for tempering and WOL would end up credited with the achievement. The power of our friendship and resolve is just so darn inspiring.
  13. I am by no means a history or economics expert, but that doesn't mean I won't spout my opinions as fact on the internet! IF the gil system works similarly to how some early (and/or fantasy) coin systems worked, the coin is made of a precious metal of some sort that is actually worth the value assigned to it. One gil would be made of materials that are worth... one gil. It's not inflation-proof, but it's pretty stable since you literally can't make more money than you have (like we can with our dinky paper currency). Inflation in that sort of economy would more often come from discovering and mining new sources of gold/silver/whatever and potentially flooding the market. If it isn't rare any more, it isn't worth as much. Counterfeiters in such a system would have to focus on producing inexpensive look-alike, weigh-alike, bend-alike, taste-alike metals to pass off as the precious metal used in regular coinage. Making your own 'fake' coins out of real gold isn't exactly profitable. Maybe a thin veneer of gold (or whatever material) on top of a more common but comparably dense metal... *plots...* Other more profitable ways to cheat the system include shaving the edges of the coins and recasting them in ever-so-slightly thinner molds. But again, all of this is predicated on a big IF.
  14. Most of my characters start from what few bare facts have to be true about them. For Pip it's the fact that he is Duskwight (with the lore or lack thereof inherent in that choice), must interact with others in and out of cities (in order to actually RP him), and must somehow learn or know magic. From there it's just a game of recursive 'Why?' and following through with logical consequences for the answers. The biggest boosts along the way came from reading the forever-long Duskwight Discussion thread a few pages back from here and talking a couple things through with one of the mentors in the welcome forum ((Edit: The poster above me, actually! Hi, Eva!)). That got me thinking about his clan as a living entity instead of shady background fluff, which in turn made the rest more or less fall into place like so: Coincidence plays a huge role. I chose his last name, Dalaine, from a baby name site that said 'Alaine' meant 'little rock' - so I thought his name was a watered down 'from the little rock' in reference to his Dusky-ness. A couple weeks later, after reading that amazing thread, I went to google translate to name his clan and found out that 'alaine' apparently means 'wool'. He already had Weaving started up and I'd chosen Nymeria for a deity at character creation, so I went with it. Suddenly he came from a family of weavers who showed high regard for The Weaver for that reason. And maybe he lived in a clan where each family more or less served a function in the community (clothing, construction, etc)? For a clan name, I figured I'd bastardize some French version of 'manage' or 'coordinate' to be the surname of the leading family who managed the rest. The only one I could smash around into something that sounded good was 'se debrouiller', an apparent idiom for the 'make do/get by' meaning of 'manage'. When I checked the literal meaning of each word it came out to something like 'unravel themselves' - BAM! Nymeria reverence is suddenly very instrumental in the clan and therefore in Pip's life up to now. He even gained a personal curse: "Nymeria's Warp!" That's a rambling way of saying happy accidents happen, and I try to go with them when I can and play it off like it's all planned.
  15. The lanky, grey Elezen considered the posting for a long time as if waiting for some sort of trap to spring. At once he darted into action, scrawling a line in rapid, small strokes: "Frederick!" the man cried, "Why did you murder my darling Frederick?"
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