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  1. Thank you both for your support. If there are any interested parties please reach out to me here or via Discord. Firecage#0529 or join our Discord https://discord.gg/TZ3GMP3
  2. Hello fellow RPers, I am here fishing to see if there is an interest in a Garlean Military style Free Company/Linkshell. If there is enough demand for such a thing amongst our Community be it making an alt or body alt for such a thing I would gladly start what I have begun to lay the groundwork for, such as obtain an FC house and lay a few foundational things for but before I get ahead of myself I wanted to see what you our community think. Listed below are a few things that one could come to expect should this come to fruition as an FC/LS, it would be a Castrum/
  3. [align=center]Geostigma's Common Knowledge/Chain of Events[/align] Day 1: Eorzean Alliance is attacked by a deranged Muud Suud, at Ala Ghiri. Immortal Flames Officer Feco Boco “Took nearly fifty plus to fall the beast, we lost a dozen good men and about another dozen severely injured.This Muud Suud’s was twice the normal size its skin was like armor, those attacks that would break through did not even phase it. I have never seen anything quite like it, perhaps another Garlean abomination. What was most weird is it dissolved before our very eyes into this puddle of black
  4. Geostigma Discord Link: https://discord.gg/9u2WkB7 Feel free to join for up to date information and discussions.
  5. Rabid Creature: Attack on Hawthorne Hut, 8pm EST 8/21/17
  6. ~IC~ An illness is sweeping across the lands, from east to west. This illness has no preference, the strong, the weak, the young or the old. It first appears amongst the creatures of Hydaelyn. Making them more aggressive and in some cases it enlarges them, making them nearly numb to pain and more formidable than usual. These creatures secrete the black ooze from wounds inflicted. ~OOC~ This event is open to the entire server, this event is inspired by the events of Advent Children and Geostigma. The lifestream is being infected by some unknown source. It will be up to the server
  7. [align=center] [/align] [align=center]Geostigma comes to FFXIV[/align] When someone is infected with Geostigma they contract foreign cells, and the immune system works to try and eliminate them. This fails to remove the cells, and the immune system overcompensates fighting an incurable contamination. Those infected with Geostigma experience debilitating weakness as their bodies devote energy to fighting off these foreign cells, and develop open sores on their body that secrete black ooze. Some sufferers experience hallucinations and seizures. Although its severity
  8. I have a character that is very head strong and is a puzzle of a person, impossible to read and has a knack for never doing what you'd expect of her. She is a weapon specialist and tactician. She can be rough around the edges at first but I shall leave any further detail to be discovered. She too is bisexual. If you'd like to arrange something don't hesitate to PM me. Character's name is Khallendra Khaine
  9. I would be extremely interested in taking part in this.
  10. Yes but it has a listed release date of Release Date: October 17, 2016 I think there may have been a typo on Square's side in some form or another.
  11. I play a loyal pure blood that lives among Eorzeans, she has her own hidden agenda but would help any loyal to the empire within Eorzea. I do also agree on a sizable active Garlean group being good for the server.
  12. My characters owning a bounty and body guarding business would surely pursue this. I can agree to all of the terms. All I would need to know is IC based, amount of the bounty, details as to why he is wanted. They can be vague. Feel free to PM me or get in contact with my IG, Khallendra Khaine and Talon Khaine
  13. I'd very much be interested in meeting up with your character, OOC and IC we could us another IC healer one with the particular set of skills your character has, that mixed with our FC theme would fit well with what you are looking for. If you would like to arrange a time to meet or run into each other for RP reach out to me either here or IG, on Khallendra Khaine or Talon Khaine If you would like to know more about my FC PM me.
  14. [align=center]The Fabled Few: Declaration[/align] [align=center]Who we are (IC):[/align] [align=center] The Fabled Few are adventurers, explorers, scholars, engineers, knights, soldiers and warriors from across Hydaelyn- as varied as the land and cultures represented, but with one binding link: the disciples of Gaia chosen few to battle threats that would disrupt the balance of both light and darkness.[/align] [align=center]What we are about (Who we are (OOC)):[/align] [align=center]We are a family of heavy role-players wanting more than just your average tavern-sty
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