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  1. Thank you both for your support. If there are any interested parties please reach out to me here or via Discord. Firecage#0529 or join our Discord https://discord.gg/TZ3GMP3
  2. Hello fellow RPers, I am here fishing to see if there is an interest in a Garlean Military style Free Company/Linkshell. If there is enough demand for such a thing amongst our Community be it making an alt or body alt for such a thing I would gladly start what I have begun to lay the groundwork for, such as obtain an FC house and lay a few foundational things for but before I get ahead of myself I wanted to see what you our community think. Listed below are a few things that one could come to expect should this come to fruition as an FC/LS, it would be a Castrum/Military base stationed in Ilsabard but unlike most bases, this would be home to civilians and families being home to a commissary and residential area. The kinds of events that would be hosted are as follows. Keep in mind this is just a rough outline and idea. Military Operations: - Airship battles. - Breaching and/or Extraction scenarios. - Dealing with rogue factions, or rebellion. - Conquering Towns/Villages/Areas for Empire Control. Casual Events: - Poker night in the barracks - Marksmen/Combat Competitions - Balls/Ceremonies Training: - Lessons covering militum combat styles and legion tactics. - Standard decorum; perhaps drills or general classes covering how to address peers and superiors, as well as how to behave on a daily basis. - Combat scenarios where the troops play either side alternately, learning how each group would think and act in the instance.
  3. [align=center]Geostigma's Common Knowledge/Chain of Events[/align] Day 1: Eorzean Alliance is attacked by a deranged Muud Suud, at Ala Ghiri. Immortal Flames Officer Feco Boco “Took nearly fifty plus to fall the beast, we lost a dozen good men and about another dozen severely injured.This Muud Suud’s was twice the normal size its skin was like armor, those attacks that would break through did not even phase it. I have never seen anything quite like it, perhaps another Garlean abomination. What was most weird is it dissolved before our very eyes into this puddle of black goo. We came back some bells later to clean up and found it was gone. No trace of it.” Day 2: Twin Adders respond to an attack on Hawthorne Hut. The situation proving too much for the Wood Wailers and Twin Adders that they called out to the Adventurer's guild in Gridania in need of aid from anyone who would answer the call to arms. Hawthorne sustained some damage. Fallen tents, broken merchant carts, fallen trees. Four confirmed Wood Wailers dead. Six Adders confirmed dead. 1 Adventurer. Fourteen injured. Serpent Officer Esinne Kucaux. “After responding to a call from the Wood Wailers of Hawthorne Hut about a giant wild boar attacking. We brought a dozen to respond. Upon arriving I knew we did not have enough to take this not with our numbers being so scarce with many off fighting for Ala Mhigo. I sent my squad in to lure the Boar from the Hawthorne, while I sent word to Gridania for adventurer’s that a call to arms was needed. Some passersby saw the destruction and came to aid. Some came by requests of the Adventurer's guild as well, even a noble free company Gold & Glory came. Ever am I grateful they did. Had I not seen this thing with my own two eyes I'd never have believed it. These adventurers and local moogle, all fought valiantly, this boar would barely flinch at their attacks as they would carve away at it. It was bleeding like one would expect but also bleeding this thick black ichor. There was also some kind of crystal or something, I can't confirm as it exploded after the beast died. Let me not forget the part of the beast turning into a puddle of that black ichor, and the crystal turned the rain black killing much of the grass. I had never seen or felt the presence of this thing before. We came back several bells later to clean up for the moogle and found the black ichor was hard and breaking down blowing away in the wind like dust or sand.” Day 3: Northern Shroud Wood Wailer report. “There was massive explosion to the southwest of Fallgourd Float, it lit up the night sky like fireworks. These explosions lasted several minutes being heard as far east as Gridania, and when they did finally stop the sky went dark and lights that looked like stars would shine through but they were this red color it did not last very long, but a weird phenomenon nonetheless.”
  4. Geostigma Discord Link: https://discord.gg/9u2WkB7 Feel free to join for up to date information and discussions.
  5. Rabid Creature: Attack on Hawthorne Hut, 8pm EST 8/21/17
  6. ~IC~ An illness is sweeping across the lands, from east to west. This illness has no preference, the strong, the weak, the young or the old. It first appears amongst the creatures of Hydaelyn. Making them more aggressive and in some cases it enlarges them, making them nearly numb to pain and more formidable than usual. These creatures secrete the black ooze from wounds inflicted. ~OOC~ This event is open to the entire server, this event is inspired by the events of Advent Children and Geostigma. The lifestream is being infected by some unknown source. It will be up to the server to find this threat and eliminate it before it's too late. There will be enemies, bosses, mystery. This event offers ways to bring the community together, because in this story we are all the heroes fighting a common threat that has no alliance. The world is in danger and the citizens of Balmung are its only hope. All are welcome to participate in any capacity, this will be an event that plays out over time this event is driven by the players, so it could take anywhere from a month to two months tops to fully play out. Geostigma: Although its severity varies from person to person. The disease is not contagious, but is believed to be so. Details on cures and etc to come later. The Enchanced: These enemies are open to your own interpretations. Make their abilities however you see fit. The ill creatures: No is no creature or beastmen exampt from coming down with this illness. Some growing weak others growing strong. What's the difference? What will you uncover? The first signs of this illness start August 20th, the time line will update as the illness spread and discoveries are made. Come one come all, together let us make this a historical event. I'd be happy to facilitate this for other RP realms. Any FC or Linkshells looking for a larger roles or events built around Geostigma. Reach out to myself or Aegir Post any question, concerns or ideas below. Also feel free to reach out to me on Discord: Firecage#0529 or Aegir#5138
  7. [align=center] [/align] [align=center]Geostigma comes to FFXIV[/align] When someone is infected with Geostigma they contract foreign cells, and the immune system works to try and eliminate them. This fails to remove the cells, and the immune system overcompensates fighting an incurable contamination. Those infected with Geostigma experience debilitating weakness as their bodies devote energy to fighting off these foreign cells, and develop open sores on their body that secrete black ooze. Some sufferers experience hallucinations and seizures. Although its severity varies from person to person. The disease is not contagious, but is believed to be so. You may choose if you’d like your character to come down with the Geostigma, since it affects everyone differently you have free rein on how it will affect your particular character. If you would like the stigma to effect an NPC ,Main, or alt that is part of your role play you may do so. For those seeking combat you will find the following to combat as the story progresses, in the post below will be a posted timeline of what would be seen happening around Hydaelyn and what is common knowledge as things are uncovered. The Enhanced: These will serve as roamers that can be found almost anywhere, these enhanced Hyur/Elezen/Roegadyn/Miqo'te/Lalafell/Auri have superhuman strength, speed and endurance. Most notable about the superhumans is that the pupils of the affected have changed into a feline slit. Creatures: For an unknown reason organisms affected by the stigma often grow a single wing incapable of flight and the pupils of the affected can change into a feline slit, though the rest of the eye remains unchanged. This would turn these organisms into violent monsters. Those seeking further involvement in the arc, to uncover the root of this mysterious illness that has befallen the realm, feel free to reach out to us. This event presents a unique opportunity to bring the Balmung community closer, by having an event that has an impact on everyone, be it passing someone with Geostigma. Please feel free to incorporate this into your RP as you see fit. Event is open to all and begins August 20th For questions to additional details, pm me here or message myself or Aegir on Discord
  8. I have a character that is very head strong and is a puzzle of a person, impossible to read and has a knack for never doing what you'd expect of her. She is a weapon specialist and tactician. She can be rough around the edges at first but I shall leave any further detail to be discovered. She too is bisexual. If you'd like to arrange something don't hesitate to PM me. Character's name is Khallendra Khaine
  9. I would be extremely interested in taking part in this.
  10. Yes but it has a listed release date of Release Date: October 17, 2016 I think there may have been a typo on Square's side in some form or another.
  11. I play a loyal pure blood that lives among Eorzeans, she has her own hidden agenda but would help any loyal to the empire within Eorzea. I do also agree on a sizable active Garlean group being good for the server.
  12. My characters owning a bounty and body guarding business would surely pursue this. I can agree to all of the terms. All I would need to know is IC based, amount of the bounty, details as to why he is wanted. They can be vague. Feel free to PM me or get in contact with my IG, Khallendra Khaine and Talon Khaine
  13. I'd very much be interested in meeting up with your character, OOC and IC we could us another IC healer one with the particular set of skills your character has, that mixed with our FC theme would fit well with what you are looking for. If you would like to arrange a time to meet or run into each other for RP reach out to me either here or IG, on Khallendra Khaine or Talon Khaine If you would like to know more about my FC PM me.
  14. [align=center]The Fabled Few: Declaration[/align] [align=center]Who we are (IC):[/align] [align=center] The Fabled Few are adventurers, explorers, scholars, engineers, knights, soldiers and warriors from across Hydaelyn- as varied as the land and cultures represented, but with one binding link: the disciples of Gaia chosen few to battle threats that would disrupt the balance of both light and darkness.[/align] [align=center]What we are about (Who we are (OOC)):[/align] [align=center]We are a family of heavy role-players wanting more than just your average tavern-style of RP. We are looking for role-players who are interested in IC/OOC dungeon runs, RPvE, exploration, and in-depth stories.[/align] [align=center]What we expect from you:[/align] [align=center]Discord: The Discord announcement tab is used to notify The Fabled Few of on-going RP events. Though random RP is highly-encouraged, we make an effort to let all member know ahead of time when major guild arcs are planned.[/align] [align=center]Be Respectful - Whether IC or OOC, respect your fellow players in all things. Always put forth a positive opinion of our Company within the Community in order to encourage both additional membership, and other RP groups who wish to work with us. Remember- the FoE designation is on all the time- whether you are IC or OOC.[/align] [align=center]When in dungeons, be polite and helpful- don’t be an ass. If a member of the group isn’t working out, try to educate them in a positive way, not insulting. If all else fails, simply ask them to leave. This goes doubly for raids, where stress is amplified in larger groups.[/align] [align=center]When IC, keep your story and interactions logical and fun (in an OOC way). No dragon-baby-elf people. No transplants from WoW or Star Wars. Please, no stripping to small clothes and gyrating against poles in the middle of the street- or griefing others IC/OOC in any way. Remember, at all times, you represent our IC Company persona.[/align] [align=center]Be Positive - Have a positive attitude. When bringing up a problem, present not just a problem, but its impact to the guild and potential solutions. Be specific. Minimize negative comments and posts. You should truly be enjoying yourself as a member of this guild and game. If you are not having fun or are stressed, let's chat and see how we can change/impact your personal situation.[/align] [align=center]Selfless Service - In all things, accept give and take- sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it’s a draw. Some of the best character development comes from failure. Let each member shine- don’t hog the spotlight. If you see another trying to RP with you- overhearing your conversation in a public place, etc… engage (if logical). Don’t ignore them. It is -hard- trying to get an ‘in’ in RP sometimes, and if they can pull their weight and add to our story, we want them.[/align] [align=center]Focus on the IC - When something CAN be done IC, let’s do it IC. OOC is fine, but we want the Company to be much more IC focused and encourage grouping up, telling our stories and advancing our characters. If your character is central to a major plotline, we expect you to log in on that character regularly so the plotline can continue to advance. All characters are expected to stay active in-game and on the forums. Any characters left inactive for 30 days will be removed from the Free Company. We know real life happens, we just ask that you keep us updated to stay in good standing.[/align] [align=center]Also: When using the Company Chest, take only what you need, and if you make items others could use- share. If you have mats others could use- share. Share your crafting skills- don’t charge Company members (tips are up to you), but our focus is more of a ‘barter/give and take’ format. We want this to be a ‘family’ type Company OOC, even if we might have disagreements IC.[/align] [align=center]What you can expect from us:[/align] [align=center]We always work to improve how we operate. After much debate, we have a story we believe will lead to fun and interesting RP, centered on our Fabled Few. We strive to improve group RP so it can be focused on individual improvement and include the story arc.[/align] [align=center]We are always open to suggestions and other storylines other than the ‘main’ one(s). If you want help, let us know. If there is an issue OOC you can’t solve, or a concern you have, let us know. We will do our best to resolve it for the health of the Company and happiness of our members. Don’t be afraid to seek out the Officers- ‘tis what we’re here for.[/align] [align=center]TFF is a fun, interactive, intelligent RP experience, with OOC camaraderie. Being OOC friends/allies enhances the overall IC/RP experience. For this reason, we also have a Discord.[/align] [align=center]Mission:[/align] [align=center]The Fabled Few work to be better prepared for the unknown dangers that lie in wait. We search the realm for lost knowledge, unbeknown dangers, seek truth to myths and legends.[/align] [align=center]Goals:[/align] [align=center]We have created a bonded community where quality RP is plentiful. The Fabled Few strive to keep one story arc going at all times to keep members engaged while offering opportunities to experience in-game content.[/align] [align=center]RP Plans:[/align] [align=center]Fabled Few RP Dungeons: Instances in-game are restricted by time, and for this reason, first-time run-throughs tend to be OOC. If the participants choose, however, dungeons can be done ICly, with 5 minute RP sessions prior to or just after each boss fight to ensure the dungeons are still completed within the allotted time.[/align] [align=center]Our Base: Even with the good standing of several members of the Fabled Few and the city-states, we have set up our home and base of operations in the Mists, Ward 6 Subdivision.[/align] [align=center]Missions and Tasks: We will have mini-missions and other such duties that might give members an opportunity to RP. These do not have to be announced ahead of time, and provide a chance for random RP. Missions and tasks may include things such as going on a patrol, hunting for meat to stock the Fabled Few larder, or perhaps gathering materials that have been requested by one of the crafters. These events typically involve 2-4 people.[/align] [align=center]Recruitment Policy:[/align] [align=center] First, a prospective member must submit an excerpt of a story or event around your character, one that would catch the attention of the Disciples, with this also tell us a bit about your character from and OOC standpoint. This will be reviewed by the officers. Keep in mind that you could opt in to host or have us host an event that would allow our members to cross paths with your character. Once an application is approved, the member will be granted the evaluation title of Chosen.[/align] [align=center]Secondly, times will be scheduled where candidates can participate in RP. This is to establish the character’s personality, as well as introduce them to some current Fabled Few members. We want to focus on seeing you integrated well and not be left out to dry, so bringing you ICly into the Free Company will be an event, depending on how many members are available for this event, to both maximize immersion into the group and to expand the number of RP contacts made.[/align] [align=center]Finally, access to the Free Company is granted and the player is granted Bearer status. This means the player and character are officially one of the Fabled Few. At this time, we will integrate the new character into the current story arc and begin considering options for helping them develop as both character and player. [/align] [align=center]Keep in mind that, in the event of unnecessary drama, trouble, or issues with the player’s attitude OOC, we reserve the right to revoke the membership and remove the character(s) of said player from the Company.[/align] [align=center]Where to Apply:[/align] [align=center]If you would like to apply submit your excerpt via a private message and OOC character information you wish to share or, you can send your OOC character information and whether or not you want to come up with an event or us.[/align] [align=center]Footnotes:[/align] [align=center]For more information about The Fabled Few, please feel free to message me via private message here or contact one of us in game, you will receive a response in 24 hours.[/align]
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