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  1. To touch on this further, I had someone start calling me pet names after one discord conversation. Now I don't mind when friends do that or if it's clearly being playful, but DMing me every other day with "Hi, dove" or "kitten" immediately triggers my "this person will be clingy!" radar. It didn't help the mentioned "adult content" more than once, which kinda put me on edge over what their intentions were.
  2. As fresh Mateus native I personally appreciate any effort to promote the server because more RP for everyone means more RP for me, but this is not the attitude we should be presenting, much less on forums that are so heavily tilted in Balmung's favor at present. Many people who have been helping us here are from Balmung, or are Balmung people rolling alts, or they've moved / will move entirely but still understandably have a soft spot for their original server. Really, people, stop saying things like this. While I've never played on Balmung, I have seen a lot of it due to the person who g
  3. This was just posted on the official forums regarding Sasano. There is apparently a 50% chance it will permanently lock your character in game, i.e., you will not be able to log back in again until they fix it.
  4. It isn't even Balmung. The whole DF imploded on itself multiple times. Of course, that hasn't stopped a handful from crying foul it's all our fault and we're too stupid not to transfer.
  5. Mateus officially is listed as a "preferred" world, thus will gain all listed benefits in the OP. Other preferred worlds are:  ○ Coeurl  ○ Goblin  ○ Zalera http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/80cd4583bf743600105b947d6906d0909189e479
  6. First and foremost, welcome! As for character personality, all of mine usually exhibit some characteristics I possess, though they often become only the template until the character takes a life of their own. If you are shy and wish to portray that because you aren't yet confident playing someone differing too far from yourself, by all means! That can help strengthen a character as you have experience to draw from. Just be mindful, as Lydia said, to keep IC and OOC separate. Someone aloof or even mean to you IC doesn't necessarily mean they feel that way OOC, for example. I also ag
  7. I believe I said this already in your thread on the official forums, but I shall post here too. This solution only works with a brand new server, on a temporary restriction that allows only Balmung players to transfer initially. Those with houses would be given a token allowing them to repurchase the exact same house once relocated. That is never going to happen. Designating Balmung the official roleplay server now accomplishes nothing. Plenty PvErs fancy being on it due to the high population whilst others have called it home since 1.x and feel a sort of attachment despite not role
  8. I... actually had the basis of a plot not too dissimilar to Last of Us or Logan, if you're familiar with either. The gist putting a somewhat morally bankrupt character having to deal with the perceived burden on a younger associate. In this case, a sibling. For Cassandra's part, she lives by her whims and the gil mercenary life affords because a broken upbringing sees her distrusting everyone. Having someone abruptly fall into her life that has no ulterior motive besides meeting her would be... strange for her. She honestly couldn't imagine! Anywho, I do not have a wiki written yet, thoug
  9. 1. Mogstore Credit 2. Of the Round Weapon As always Rini. :love:
  10. About that. Apparently, those dungeons are getting reduced! We're down to only one in odd numbered patches. http://www.mmorpg.com/final-fantasy-xiv/previews/stormblood-preview-dungeons-new-jobs-and-the-underwater-world-1000011766
  11. The reason they didn't is to avoid people flooding onto Balmung and Gilgamesh knowing they won't have an opportunity again for however long. They wanted this to blindside us hoping people like yourself would transfer off. I don't say that to be mean, but it's the unfortunate reality of how SE wants to handle Balmung's overpopulation. What I do take umbrage with is their decision to lock high pop servers now but wait until Stormblood's launch before implementing bonuses or free transfers. Right now, no one has any incentive to leave since it'll still cost $18. They should have rolled ever
  12. Just to clarify. These statistics are somewhat disingenuous. The method he uses negates a significant amount of active players and people on reddit have poked multiple holes in it. Lucky Bancho does a much more thorough analysis-- one that doesn't omit players who don't bother with the MSQ until later on. https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/5za5zx/lucky_banchos_unofficial_census_has_been_updated/
  13. Ironically, because Mateus has such a tiny population. If we all need transfer, we'd actually solve the problem for SE and probably see Balmung open again.
  14. And if we keep refusing to balance ourselves out, it will happen. At that point, they probably won't even give incentives, maybe reimbursements on housing, but they'll just dump us all in a server. This is a doom and gloom perspective. They are not going to essentially pick people at random and force them off Balmung. It's practically guaranteed to be a financial loss as a good chunk of those players will quit. If my friends and I were all split apart with no way of transferring to one server in particularly, I'd unsub immediately. All they will do is keep Balmung locked indefinitely.
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