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    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

    While there are only 10 weeks to Xmas, other festive times are upon us.
  2. East Eerie Trading Company Bringing the exotic mysteries of the Far East to the West Operating with a variety of Captains and crews to establish, protect and exploit new trade routes with the Far East and secure the treasures for the delight of the West. Special services Enchanted sailing for faster safer trips Handling of strange, mysterious artifacts and circumstances Bespoke engineering and magitek .. with more to come Got a Problem? Come by our place of business and discuss how we can help, even if it seems impossible Would like to Join? We are always looking for additions to our company, from Partner Captains, experienced crew and fresh sods seeking the life of adventure East Eerie Trading Co. Mist Ward 13, Plot 30 Operating under Lominsan Black and Trade Sails OOC contact: In game: Nebula Stardancer, RPC: Nebbs, Discord: Nebbs#5123 In game: Halcyon Ember, RPC: Halcyon Ember Club Pages:
  3. ((An opportunity for some RP at this time of year. I'm happy to do in game or sort something out via Discord [Nebbs#5132]))
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    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

    *puts in bid on Mermaid* What do you mean it was for the minion?
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    Free Hugs

    FREE HUG ZONE! Sometimes we just need a hug so without further ado.. Post if you need a hug, you don't have to say why if you don't want Post a hug if you think someone needs a hug And most of all post hugs for those who wanted them I will start with sending one to you all
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    Free Hugs

    Resurrection with a hug
  7. I can offer what I did for my character, who's seeker farther found out his keeper Ex-lover had a child when the child was presented presented to him with a note explaining his lover had died shortly after the birth. To avoid the scandal, he put her away with some distant shroud backwater bunch of low life seekers, where she was treated as a drudge/slave. So while taking after her keeper heritage she was not raised with keepers and has been working at getting over her hate of seekers at the same time trying to find out what being a keeper is and who her parents were. Bottom line.. I would go for giving your character problems, they should be stigmatised and carry that damage/baggage (physical and emotional) with them. The specifics I would feel you could do what suited your concept, even being left out in the wilderness or something. You can get a lot out of background like the Xaela tribe (Tumet) that ties children to trees as a test.. my Xeala failed that test as it was sabotaged in some tribal power grab, and she ended up adopted by the Kha. I wish there was such detail on Miqo'te tribes.
  8. Nebbs

    Question about making chacacter

    Hello fellow dyslexic! Now the.. what I use for an explanation of oddity is the echo , that special ability that some people have. But not in any mega-powa! way. Basically my character has the voices of her mother and grandmother in her head. Either she is insane or her echo effect is that she is linked to them (it's a witch thing). But IC wise who would ever know, she just seems crazy and her personality can shift to either of them in a Crone, Mother Maiden way.
  9. I give you extra internets for the Star Track reference! (*wonders* are internets a thing now? maybe the "kids" have moved on and they deal in some new cred currency like .. who knows.. monkey forks?)
  10. I'm a bit sparse on plots atm but I thought I would just offer a suggestion, if that is okay? While you may find someone with a plot that is looking for victims players, I don't think this is the majority of things out there. What may help is to have some of your own character plots that you can involve others in. That way you are offering something back and others may be interested. These can be quite simple mundane plots because the RP comes from character interactions rather than anything anyone pre-writes. The trick is to take any threads and opportunities when RPing and pursue them and let them develop. You may need one of you to be somewhat creative and pushy to achieve this though. So maybe just add a line or two about what your characters are up to. As example but you could write a few. ".. is a detective and currently trying to solve a case for an employer who is threatening him." , ".. is a doctor who has a patient with a rare condition and needs a specific herb for treatment, a herb he can't get." Why do I say this? Well, because I have done plots for decades and one thing that does not motivate me to put the work in any more is people just wanting me to provide them with plot, while they bring nothing at all to the exchange. What I will crawl over broken glass for is those who do inject things, who will develop things, no matter how polished at RP they are. Hope this helps you snag some RP. I'm always up for some random stuff if you are desperate
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    Halt! Help Required! Thank you!

    My brutal view.. If you ant to PvE Raid then you have to go for an EU server as ping to US is 180ms+ and in my experience you will fail too much. I used to be less (110ms) and I could cope but now I have resigned myself to not raid the extreme end game.. That leaves you with Omega. If you want RP then the choice is Balmung (US) - the original and full (I expect this is locked at this time, so not an option) Mateus (US) - the current best open RP server, they use discord quite a bit and I understand RP is flourishing. Omega (EU) - I don't know much about this and have heard good and bad. For myself I am still on Balmung and have not moved off. That probably says a lot about which I think is best. What will be best for you is any of these and putting yourself out there for RP. The game has an RP flag you can show on your character's nameplate, it really does support RP better than many other MMOs.
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    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

    Because Lizards & Sun
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    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

    Quick! Eat the fish, Halcy's coming!
  14. It is probably the best and more technical 4 man dungeon, that still challenges parties today (content and level of party). After these original dungeons they all seemed to become very similar and easy to out gear/rush. This is why it remains one of my favourite dungeons and a pain in the ass.
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    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

    No, that's Feb 2014 in 2.0. There was progression with armor and stuff as I main PLD in PVE, but not in RP. Today the Pirate look is where she is..
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    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

    @Mermaid I agree, armored ladies! Here is an old one from when a PLD had to make do with a a dagger that is similar.
  17. Well if you fancy a seance or ghostly haunting investigation of the "maybe real" or "maybe fake" sort, and you can find her then Nebu'la the Witch may be able to help. We may not kill your "entity" but there will be cake and half eaten fish and pickle sammages.
  18. IC - unless it was true love they will likely turn into a frog, maybe it would take some time and they just sound a bit ribbity for a bit OOC - no one gets inside my personal space exclusion zone, claxons would sound and countermeasures would be deployed
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    'Mute' character communication

    I suppose my first question is what you want and why did you decide to play this? Assuming it was not to be a novelty or to inflict an RP crutch on others, then I would suggest making life easy and let them (your fellow RPers) decide how their character reacts and accommodates understanding. To do this you can emote what your character does and include in that the real intent. Misunderstanding for RP effect or not then sits with the other player. eg. /em points casually at the food being delivered to another table, seeking to indicate that they would like you to order that for them /em shakes their head and wags their finger being as clear as possible that they disagreed with the choice Failing that go watch some silent moves or mime for inspiration.
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    ffxiv_dx11 2018-06-09 21-20-49c.png

    We did party... harty!