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  1. That would be absolutely fine, Ember! Conflicting personalities are like to be a thing, so you'd be more than welcome to join along! I may as well drop this here, too! http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=12745 Thank you to those who have shown interest. Hopefully we can get things moving now!
  2. Throughout the different city states, several notices have been posted around taverns and the adventurer's guild. They are cheaply designed and appear to be nothing more than a dirty piece of scrap parchment with messy scribble upon them. For those who are patient enough to decode the awful handwriting, they would find the following: "Golden Dodo Industries is looking for able bodied workers. Couriers, sell swords, craftsmen, adventurers. If you have a talent, we'll find a use for it. All work will be handsomely paid for. Interested parties please make yourself known to a Momodi Modi of the Quicksand. She will set up an appointment on our behalf." A rather basic advert, though it gets the point across... Right? ((For those who wish to inquire about the above, please send a /tell to Seidan Buhen or Young Merchant to get things moving for you.)
  3. [align=center]http://i.imgur.com/zl6NoL8.jpg[/img][/align] [align=center]Eorzea...[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]Comprised of Aldenard, the westernmost of the Three Great Continents, and its surrounding islands, the realm of Eorzea has been the cradle of several unique civilizations throughout history.[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]Towering mountains dominate the north, their peaks forever lashed with icy winds; to the south, a bleak expanse of unforgiving desert holds sway.[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]These inhospitable lands hold irresistible lure for man and monster alike, for wide and deep flow the currents of aether, and rich are the veins of power-infused crystal.[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]In this harsh though vibrant region, the people of Eorzea have carved out their histories—a cycle of prosperous Astral and disastrous Umbral eras.[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]Yet despite suffering through these disasters, the realm and its people still stand tall. Adventurers flock from all over Hydaelyn to this prosperous land to hunt for their own fortune.[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]Eorzea is a realm filled with mystery and she is one that longs to be explored. Of course, where there are secrets there are dangers awaiting to reveal themselves to those that dare disturb them.[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]No matter how experienced the adventurer, these dangers can not be silenced with sword and spell alone.[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]Will you heed the Crystal's Call?[/align]
  4. Going to give this a little bump as we get closer to EU prime time! Had a few pokes showing interest, so it's looking very positive. Any ideas/thoughts would be welcomed! Give me a poke via PM, in this thread or in-game if you're interested. I'll be looking to get something set up over the next week or so I imagine.
  5. Hello there! I’m doing a little research to see if I can drum up any interest in a linkshell idea that I have had brewing for a while. The basic idea is adventurers/mercenaries/random folk from all walks of life and nationalities that are drawn together out of coincidence or fate. The catch is the majority of things (at least from my end) would be organized around EU prime time! What I’m aiming for here is to create a kind of “mobile adventurer’s guild”. A group that has come together and helps each other with jobs and other problems. I’m kind of looking to create a ‘Final Fantasy-esque’ story and I see this linkshell as serving what connects the different 'party members' together. We’d create our own ‘MSQ’ to play through in a way! What I'm really pushing for is ways to broaden my RP contacts and to also keep things fresh for myself and others. I have some story arc ideas in mind (general ideas that are due to change via member actions) but I would also love to witness other people’s stories and be able to get involved. I've always had a bit of a struggle with developing RP outside of a FC, so I'm hoping for this to change that, really! The linkshell would be an IC linkshell, though should there be a demand then I would be willing to set up a second OOC LS as well for those who wish it. The kind of RP I’d be looking to actually do through this is: Journeys and traveling. Although aetherytes are part of the game world, I really enjoy RPing a long journey from one location to another with stop offs at cities/towns in between. Reasons for this would be along the lines of items we need to transport are not able to be moved via aetheryte or some other simple idea. I'd be hoping to create journeys with side distractions such as helping a town out with poachers or bandits and the like! IC Dungeon Runs. Not much more to this! Although there would, of course, be some lore changes. It wouldn’t be us running through Snowcloak chasing after Lady Iceheart, for example. Perhaps dealing with a closed off group of heretics is the reason we’re inside. Lots of fun to be had with that! Campfire RP! Getting to know and bond with the other adventurers sharing the journey with you. Also a lovely way to wind down for the evening! I’m always open to suggestions and ideas, as well! Please let me know if you would be interested in this kind of thing. Please send me either a PM here or message me in game (Seidan Buhen) and hopefully we can get some stuff sorted!
  6. That conversation gave me a sense of dread, really. Especially Y'shtola saying she has 'no regrets and did what was necessary'. I'm of the belief that she's blind and by seeing through 'aether sight', she's slowly killing herself. Which makes me sad. That's what I got from it, anyway. Interested to see where they go with it.
  7. Showing my support here as a fellow-EU player! Even if you aren't one to brawl, it'll be good fun to come and spectate!
  8. I was impressed, especially with the animation in Nanamo's death scene. Personally I believe that Nanamo has died and she will be the 'big death' of the 2.0 story line. I imagine events will unfold within the expansion story (or level 60 story) that see us aiding Raubahn to take place as some sort of city ruler, ala Merlwyb and Kan-E. I could be totally off the mark here, though. As for the Scions... I'm torn. I have this big feeling that they haven't died, as everything was more implied with them. Bright lights/running down corridors do not have to mean death. But one part of me WANTS them to have died, else it takes away some of the huge impact this last patch has made and sets up a big change going forwards. Yugiri's reveal was a missed opportunity, though Tataru's cheer-up speech was wonderful. I would love for her to take a bigger role in the Scions come 3.0. Alphinaud needed to die, I felt. He's plagued the story for me a little too much. Considering he was at a sword's end in a room of seven soldiers, I do not understand how he has escaped when the accomplished Scions appear to have perished. Overall, though? I enjoyed it, over-the-top fight scenes aside. Good show, Square Enix! Edit: Pipin NPC of the year 2k15. I can not WAIT to see more of this chap. (Thanks Kage for reminding me!)
  9. Echoing what most folk have said and saying that I find most of my adventure/action RP to be within Free Company due to the scheduling/organisation aspect of it all. With that said, though, my latest character is an Adventurer through and through. I'm aiming to spice up my random walk-up RP a tad by dragging willing adventurers from the Adventurer guilds on a mini adventure! Nothing fancy, just some RP out in the wild searching for stuff. So if folks are interested, let me know and I'd like to hunt you down. I've only done two attempts so far, both starting in the Quicksand, but I like to think both have gone down well! And where else would you look for folks to help on an adventure but the Adventurer's Guild? Admittedly adventure RP is one of my favourite kinds, so I'm a little bias when I say I don't think I get enough. Edit: Wow late posting makes me use a ton of exclamation marks.
  10. I got this handled. We'll combine BOTH. Keep thinking on the positives and try not to let the nervousness drag you down too much. You'll get there!
  11. Echoing Bryn's thoughts here. Thank you very much to everyone that showed up. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did! I'd also like to give a huge shout-out and thank you to the Eclipsis Free Company for being wonderful and hosting the Coronation ceremony in their beautifully decorated basement. It was awesome to collaborate and I look forward to the Companies working together again in the future. Again, thank you all so much! It was great fun to see everybody coming together, mingling and getting involved! Hats off to this wonderful community! :thumbsup:
  12. Hi Verasul! At the moment, Balmung is very difficult to create a character on. There are two options you can try: The server is (sometimes) open very early in the morning throughout the week. Around 4-5am EST. Other times that it is often open is just before OR after a maintenance window. You can keep an eye out for those. Option 2 is to create a character on another server and transfer it over, however this involves spending RL money on doing such. Believe me when I say I totally understand your frustration with trying to get a character sorted on Balmung! I've had to wait for a few odd times myself. Whichever you go with (and hopefully succeed with!), give us a poke once you've managed to land yourself on the server! (PS: WE LOVE YOU TIERGAN.)
  13. Phew! What a February we've had. A big welcome tooooo... (Deep breath) Shashato Shato, Brave Horizon, Sayer Chase, Leon Greymoon and Reima Awen! As well as new party members, there have been a few twists and turns involved in the Aeon story! Missing refugees, Voidsent, Sacrifices... Just a standard Firesday in Thanalan! We're still looking at taking in new people, so please visit the site and drop in an application if you're interested in helping move an interesting story forwards!
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