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  1. Signing up Kiht Jakkya! She needs some gil...
  2. I'd like to sign up as reserve for either of those.
  3. It's a really short survey. I encourage everyone to take it.
  4. I'd like to sign Qara Hotgo up for event B, Kobolds at the Gate.
  5. Sent a friend request on Discord. Not sure how else to PM you. Name on Discord is Knight Kat. Characters in-game are Kiht Jakkya and Qara Hotgo. I'd like to join the LS and server
  6. Many have already stated that this is a situation where personal experiences differ. Mine certainly differ from the OP's. There are indeed a lot of variables. That said, I have been in the community since January of 2014. I've watched it change, develop and change again. Maybe I can offer some general advice that might apply more broadly to those having a hard time.
  7. [align=center][/align] This is an open RP! Enlarge image to see date, time and location details. All transactions are made with IC (fake) gil only, so you can be OOCly poor and still shop. Kiht Jakkya will be present the entire event which will last until 10pm PST unless there is reason to go longer. Nihka Mioni will arrive roughly an hour after opening, and R'shesha Otharn will need to leave at 9pm PST. I do not own the FC, but the leader has generously allowed me to use Kiht's private room for the shop. Any questions? PM me on this site, or send a /tell in-game to Kiht Jakkya or Qara Hotgo.
  8. This is an awesome idea. I'll be trying it out soon. At a glance, it looks like everything someone would need to compose a post.
  9. [align=center]The Final Verdict[/align] [align=center]Part 2[/align] A Lalafell woman sat in her rustic office with a huge stack of papers on her desk. The commotion of life in Limsa Lominsa - people talking, children playing and seagulls calling created an ambient sound that was muffled through the walls and closed windows. Captain Jujudi Judi pinched the bridge of her nose. She was a bell away from needing to deliver a final verdict on Chakha Hotgo; the girl who killed Jenny Hellfist. It was an odd case. Not only did this barely adult Xaela blow Jenny away with a cannon, she had good evidence that the Leve authorized her to take such action! What a mess. It meant the leve-writer needed to share the punishment, but his case was being handled by another judge. Jujudi regarded the leve plate once again. The over-worked Leve-writer, named Varad Yayrad, made a clear breach of leve code! The plate read as follows: “The privately-owned war galleon Night Plunder has dropped anchor in full view of Costa Del Sol's oceanfront scenery and refuses to move until their demands are met, threatening to harm tourism from the Ul'dahn elite and drive down beachfront property rates. Because war galleons are hard to replace, the Admiralty is looking for problem solvers who can negotiate their movement and/or kill the offenders as necessary.” “Kill the offenders… As necessary? What a mess.” Jujudi let out a sigh. Chakha Hotgo stated that she saw killing Hellfist as necessary, and the fact that evidence supported that she was a Syndicate-hired assassin suggested her employer saw the killing as necessary as well! Ul’dahn elite were being threatened after all. Jujudi looked back to the papers and tapped her fingers on the wood of her desk. Her other hand supported her head by propping it up on her elbow. After reading reviewing all the evidence, Jujudi was ready to deliberate with the other Captains to come to a verdict. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a closed trial. The last thing Maelstrom Command wanted was to reawaken the riots of the recent past with the cause of Jenny Hellfist. In the makeshift courtroom, only the people necessary were present. Jujudi cleared her throat to speak on behalf of all three Storm Captains. “After deliberations, we the Captains who have been given the authority by Maelstrom command to preside over this case, have come to a verdict.” “Evidence is only strong enough to charge Chakha Hotgo of one crime: the murder of Jenny Hellfist. Anything more on her is speculation and hearsay.” “She willingly turned herself in for arrest without being found or forcibly apprehended. She has confessed to her actions, and explained her motives.” “However, her true crime is not what it seems. With authorization in the leve to kill Jenny Hellfist, and the fact that Jenny Hellfist was breaking the law at the time of her death, the killing of the privateer captain was not without precedent. We can only convict her of crimes of misconduct, and punish her for the horrible results that came of such.” “Chakha Hotgo is found guilty of wrongful conduct during an official leve, misinterpretation of the spirit of an official leve, reckless endangerment of innocent lives and undue assault on Limsan privateers and adventurers.” “Her actions resulted in the death of Jenny Hellfist, and the eventual failure of the purpose of that leve. Aye, the Night Plunder was removed from Costa del Sol, but her crew broke from the Maelstrom, and the ship was eventually lost. The purpose of the leve was to preserve that Galleon which our navies desperately needed.” “By authority of the Maelstrom, we sentence Chakha Hotgo to be flogged. She will receive fifty lashes.” “Chakha Hotgo is sentenced to service in the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss until death or until the convent leader deems her unfit for work. She is to be taught Limsa Lominsan laws word for word, and she will be required to memorize them all.” “To ensure she stays within the boundaries of law when she is not with the Dutiful Sisters, from this moment on, Chakha Hotgo will be considered the responsibility of Privateer Captain Qara Hotgo. Meaning, any crimes or misconduct committed by Chakha Hotgo will directly result in consequences for not only herself, but for Privateer Captain Qara Hotgo and the Stormbreaker crew as well.” “Chakha Hotgo will be required to pay half of her earnings every moon to the surviving relatives of Jenny Hellfist. This will continue for as long as she works for the Dutiful Sisters. If we can not find surviving relatives of Jenny Hellfist, by the Twelve we will find -someone- to give that gil to; even if it’s the Maelstrom.” “The stipulations of this sentence are complete, and further details on the various rules and exceptions have been sent to Maelstrom command.” “Till sea swallows all.” Jujudi pounded the gavel on the table then signed her name on the parchment with the exact wording of the convictions and sentence. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nearly twenty and four bells later, Qara Hotgo stood on the beach in the Mists with a wrinkled flyer in her hands. She held it securely to prevent the winds from blowing it away, or tearing it asunder. But her gaze rested on the sunset, ocean horizon. She took in a deep breath then looked down at the flyer. It was a flyer from the Hellfist Foundation. On the day of Morris’s trial, Qara was handed one by a random person. She knew little of their fate, and had not heard anything from them since. But whatever happened to them did not happen soon enough to stop Qara from getting a piece of their last efforts. Now that she knew the name of the person her sister killed, she could not help but think the others might have been silenced as well. Would it not be ironic if she were to take up their cause? She wondered. The freedom of Limsa’s privateers reminded her of the Xaela tribes of Othard. It is why she became one. But she quickly came to know the treachery buried in the heart of many in the city-state. The ugliness she had seen made her want to flee, but that was not why she became what she is. Her training had been for the purpose of fighting the injustice that those with power forced upon the common folk. Running away would not do that. Her gaze returned to the horizon. The sunlight reflected off the blue limbal rings in her eyes, and caused them glow. "I will face it."
  10. Maiming Moogles unite, kupo! Where are they? I call upon you all, kupo! Edit: Never mind, I no longer feel like maiming for some reason, Kupo. I just want to talk, kupo... A lot... Kupo. Edit:Edit: I do not know who I am anymore, kupo.
  11. I woke up today, and suddenly everything was different, kupo. The birds chirped a different chirp, kupo, and the wind made a different sound, kupo. I canceled all my plans then went to gather kupo nuts, but realized I can't find my mouth, kupo. I will hand over all my kupo nuts, kupo. Then I will contemplate my kupo life... Kupo.
  12. [align=center]Final Verdict Part 1[/align] [align=center]Kahkol Tribe refugee camp, Mor Dhona[/align] “I’m starting to see why Xaela tribes fought each other all the time. Words don’t work on some people. They think and uh… Assume, but ignore or miss the truth. Then they do things because of those false things they believe, and end up being on the wrong side.” Qara spoke as she wrestled with the best way to phrase her thoughts. Eorzean common was not her first language, and Xaelic was a very different tongue. She was becoming fluent, but complex ideas were still hard for her to articulate. A silence fell upon her and Tsenkher, her grandmother, as eerie Mor Dhona wind blew outside the makeshift yurt they sat in. Tsenkher continued to idly mix paint in a ceramic bowl as she sat cross-legged on layers of fur and rug matting. “Welcome to politics, Qaratai.” Qara let out a sigh to that. “I wanted to help, but most of the time, I didn’t know what to say. Chakha did some bad things. Things that could hurt entire tribes if we were back home. I had to focus on that. After saving Gloam, nothing else mattered… But we were caught in these politics. We tried to trust someone we shouldn’t have… Zanzan is… He is bad at knowing who to trust.” “Not surprising for a boy who paints green over everything.” Tsenkher drawled. “Yes, but, he also helped with these politics more than anyone else. He fixed as much as he could. He fixed part of what others broke.” Qara responded and tilted her head back. She sat adjacent to her grandmother, and kept her gaze wandering about the inside of the candlelit yurt. She was reflecting and trying to organize jumbled thoughts. What should have been a simple issue after saving Gloam turned into a mess of politics and backstabbing. “Who is this one you trusted? I assume it was the one you sought to find a solution for Chakha?” Tsenkher asked. “An Elezen from the Maelstrom named Ojene.“ Qara answered as her voice lowered. She had quickly developed disdain for the woman. “To be fair, Chakha attacked a member of the Maelstrom? This Jenny Hellfish you spoke of?” “Yes.” “And she did it serving a different tribe?” “Uh, someone from Ul’dah.” “That is like an act of war. Can’t expect the enemy she made to forgive that so easily.” “It wasn’t to make war. Jenny Hellfish was a privateer… Uh, like a mercenary. That’s what I am now too, I guess. Ojene thought I was an officer of Maelstrom, but not true. I had to sign what they call ‘Letter of Marque’. They have this law called Galadion Accord that means privateers have to work for Maelstrom. But I’m not really Maelstrom.” “Sooo, you joined forces with the tribe that your sister wronged?” “No I… Ugh.. You don’t... Yes…” Qara’s voice betrayed resignation with that last word. Tsenkher bobbed her head slowly as she continued to mix more paint. She let out an exhale through her nose as she pondered, or perhaps she was letting Qara’s answer sink in. “I don’t know who this Ojene is, but she’s not the problem. Don’t talk to her again. Don’t let Zanzan talk to her again. You foolishly tried to trust her, and she fairly refused to help. She had a chance to make you as an ally. She refused. Move on.” She paused and finally turned her gaze to Qara; letting the mixing pestle rest in the paint. “Chakha should have run away, but she gave herself to them. Can’t change that either. Move on.“ Tsenkher spoke curtly as she verbally weeded-out the distracting parts of Qara’s political mess to get to the main issue. “They have a right to be angry. Chakha should be punished… But she is my granddaughter, and your sister. For us, accepting her execution is never a fair option.” She sighed as she bit her lower lip and her eyes wandered – a habit that both Qara and her grandmother shared when thinking deeply. “It makes sense that they want her dead. But you have something to offer for a lesser punishment. Time for you to test if their wisdom can out-weigh their anger… You told me of the battle of Gloam; something I never imagined a Hotgo being part of. We are a people of the grass sea, not the saltwater sea… Yet you Captained a ship that dealt the final blow against that metal monster of the skies… A monster that even the big fleet of Maelstrom didn’t want to face.” She reaches to place her hand on Qara’s shoulder. “It was like a legend. Those people were going to be destroyed like the Hotgo, but you and your crew saved them from their ‘Dotharl’. I am so proud of you.” She paused as Qara’s gaze averted to hide the sudden surge of tears that began to well in her eyes. “I do not say this only because I am your emee. I think anyone who does not see what your ship accomplished is blind… Offer that. If the Maelstrom kills your sister, right or wrong, fair or not, there is no way you will stay. They will lose you, your ship and its crew. They will lose a ship that was capable of fighting that sky monster, and stopping it. Tell them you will do the same for them that you did for Gloam if they let your sister live… That is all you can do now.” Qara raised her head despite the tears. Why was she crying? She wondered. But the pride had a sting as it returned. She had lost so much of it after Gloam due to all the law-loving bureaucrats that crawled out of the woodwork to judge what they had not been part of. However, Chakha -was- a criminal. Qara accepted that, but it had been mistaken for ignorance. What Chakha deserved didn’t matter to Qara. Chakha was one of the last Hotgo. “If they let my sister live, I will send her on the right path. I swear to the spirits. She will spend the rest of her life helping me save people.” Redemption mattered, and laws seemed to have no clauses, words or definitions for that.
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