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  1. Join us for Steppe Storytime, every other Thursday, 8pm CST. ICly located on the Azim Steppe! This week's takes place on Thursday, 8/27/20 https://steppestorytime.carrd.co
  2. A girl's gotta have her weapons lol so absolutely!
  3. I would welcome that! If you'd like to discuss any potential plotlines or things of that nature before you transfer alts please let me know!
  4. Hello all! I'm looking for an RP partner for the Mateus server. I'm looking for any connection, whether it be a rivalry, romance, boss/subordinate, anything at all! My character hasn't really been fleshed out in depth yet. I have a bare bones personality and background in mind but I've had so little interaction and no development with her that I'm not opposed to making adjustments. A little about me as a roleplayer: I've been roleplaying for almost 16 years. I began on forums and chat and expanded to MMO when FFXIV was released. I'm available as often as time allo
  5. I have a question! For those wishing to sell their services as bodyguards or what have you to others at the event would this technically count as a vendor or what's the process for these individuals looking for work?
  6. My Shady Shugo of Mateus! I'm actually really proud of this. Screenshots are hard lol http://i.imgur.com/x2qa0vl.png[/img]
  7. A picture from my wedding in April. We're laughing because my husband had made a joke about how short my dad is.
  8. Hey there! Would like to join for connections! IGN is M'shugo Jutah
  9. I could see your character X'yhuzu and my character M'shugo getting along well. Or they could have a rivalry since they're both previous street urchins. Let me know what you think! I can be reached here or on Discord
  10. Howdy and welcome back! I play between two servers, Balmung and Mateus, but I've yet to really delve into the RP scene on Mateus. It would be a lot less intimidating to dive in with someone to play with. I've already created a character on Mateus, M'Shugo Jutah, aka Shady Shugo, and I did class jump with her. I would, however, be more than happy to help with leveling or anything for any new character you create and I would be happy to collaborate with you on any direction you want RP to take. I'm most available on weekends and on weekdays after about 8pm CST. I can be re
  11. Hey all! I joined Mateus under an alt and I’m now looking to get some connections going so I can get her established! Here’s a little bit about my character: · Her name is M’shugo Jutah, but she would commonly be known as Shady Shugo in underground circles. · She’s a chaotic neutral character, meaning in the end she looks out for numero uno and what’s best (and most profitable) for her. · She’s originally from the Fringes but the majority of her childhood was spent in Ala Mhigo. · She’s blunt and has a tendency to call things as she sees them. ·
  12. On weekends I tend to be more active in the afternoons and evenings. On weekdays I'm active after 8 pm cst
  13. I'm returning after a hiatus and looking to get back into the RP scene! My character Jay is a bodyguard for hire looking for clients that need protection. Often she can be found loitering in the Quicksand or at RP events. In game is: J'maaira Tuhl. Also active on discord @ kuukakulily or I can be messaged here!
  14. Jay is the exceedingly lovely Shin Min-Ah
  15. Jay would also like a Crusader card please~ All the blackmail muauhahahaha
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