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  1. I don't really alt. So if working something out meant me rolling a new in another server I can't. I can't split time between two characters and not make the people that depend on either one of them for their stories upset. Besides I personally am not skilled enough to stretch myself thin creatively. Which is a shame! your Signature is beautiful and I'm sure I would have love to RP with Adelaide.
  2. Greetings and salutations fellow creators! Like others on here, I'm looking to meet a few writing partners to relax and RP with. I'm part of an FC that does cross RP with others and I'm not trash talking them at all but 99% of my circle of friends are guys playing gay women. I love them to death and wouldn't give them up for anything but I am looking to diversify my circle a bit. That isn't to say that we shouldn't RP if you happen to fall into that category! I'm happy to meet fun writing partners regardless of your preference and I wouldn't cheat myself missing out on what so many of you
  3. Sounds like you are putting a lot of effort in to this. I will def do my best to be there.
  4. I am most interested. Have heard good things.
  5. Really like the story you have going so far. Big ups!
  6. Wonderful! I would definitely like to include Selahdis' clinic\soup kitchen.
  7. Thanks for the reply! We are not exclusively looking for just Ala Mhigan sell swords. We want a diverse group to interact with. Even if you have characters who don't fit into their niche we love to have folks of different values. Though many groups like to be of like mind and even race, we enjoy the diversity and the unique RP opportunities that come from it. Recruitment for us is secondary to just finding great folks out their to RP around with. Just wanted to let people know that we are. I'll keep an eye out for you! As for me my character's full name is Dianerro Marcalous.
  8. Please check out our mission statement and "Our Story" on our site to see if our kind of RP would suite you. The FC is chaotic neutral but we encourage characters with different views and walks of life to bring conflict and depth to our sessions. We are also look forward to contacting outside FCs to RP with. Our style is that we want stories to be created around each character with no pre decided direction to keep things interesting and organic. The fun for us comes from leaving room for everyone to bring their own creativity to the table, for our members and those that just want to join
  9. I run an old monk who travels town to town spreading dark tidings and usually starting bar brawls he rarely wins since he has a bit of a drinking problem. He is a gentle soul though, seeing his regular bar room battles as a type of training for the folk in troubled times. I don't know if he would be much of a adopted father figure but he might fit that role. He is the right age for it he's just a bit eccentric and perhaps fanatical.
  10. Seems that you are a perfectly reasonable sort. I have been rping in tsw for the last few years and have just begun my character's adventures in Eorzea. So it maybe that your search for rp contacts could be to our mutual benefit. Send me a PM here if your post hasn't already set your friends list overflowing.
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