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  1. Hello there. It seems like the lore is something that interests you so the best advice I can offer is if you desire to begin roleplaying I would start with a character that is pretty general. Perhaps a conjuror or an archer. This will give you time to just play the game and enjoy the story and absorb the lore without you feeling like there is perhaps some faux paus somewhere. In addition, once you get more comfortable with the lore you'll have a firm foundation to build your character on should you decide to take them in a more daring direction with new knowledge that you have. Character
  2. You'll ask this question to different people and get a bunch of different answers. Personally, I observe the same things you do and I agree. It's not quite what it used to be. As for what caused it, I think there's a few answers and the following is my opinion from what I have observed. The community is just far more insulated than it used to be. People tend to congregate on private discords and rp in small communities and not venture outside them. The reasons for this vary from they don't feel they need to just they don't feel comfortable for one reason or another. You will see a lot of
  3. I use the following when doing lengthy roleplays in game. Typing in the blank is all well and good for informal chat posts but anything of detail I tend to want to feel uninhibited by the limit as well. https://www.ffxiv-toolkit.com/
  4. FFXIV is not addon friendly like Wow. Most break the Terms of Service and are not facilitated by the developers and operate as plugins into your client. Generally most find the character note to be sufficient to link a profile for their character or include a hook or two for walkups. The addon part might be a bit of a downer but welcome nonetheless!
  5. I've always been of the mind that if you've developed a concept that you're particularly happy with or you have a twist you don't see too often it's best played close to the chest. In my opinion RP is rather boring when everyone's backstory is laid out for everyone to see already. Most people these days include an OOC section of preferences and that should suffice for telegraphing what kind of RP you are/are not looking for.
  6. I do a pop up rp on occasion. Tavern and cage matches. Johan seems like they might appreciate it. Next time around I will see if you're around in game!
  7. What you'll find happens sometimes when folks disagree on something is that they'll agree to just not rp and leave it at that. It looks like that's what happened here. These two parties could also work things out later on OOCly, you never know. Sometimes it's best to not worry about things if you weren't directly involved. It's difficult to tell from the context provided what actually happened but I'll be honest and say disagreements can be common. Whether it be about actual events in RP, how a character reacts to them, actions they take and the perceived 'fairness' of them, lore, etc. What
  8. As far as I'm aware there are 3 or so active and big EU Heavy RP FC's swirling about at the moment on Balmung and several smaller ones. It seems to be doing well from my vantage point.
  9. Something that always helped me was remembering that this community is a lot bigger than you think it might be. No one really cares in the long run if you make that typo or cast a spell while waiting for a post or commit some other sort of faux pas. People are usually so wrapped up in what they are doing they can't pay attention anyway, especially at large events. Scroll and avatar congestion can get so bad in some areas you'd be lucky to get a post seen when you want it to be seen let alone have someone remember "Oh, that's the character that did X." Big events are always 10x more fun with fr
  10. I think everyone has felt frustration for one reason or another when searching for RP contacts. Try making a LF RP or a character wiki here on the site. Describe what your character is about and their interests and such. Providing hooks can also be a great way to get people involved. Make sure you note things like how you like to play and interpret lore and whatnot. When people know a little bit about the character and see how it may or may not fit with their own they can feel more comfortable messaging blind about rp and such things. When the datacenter visiting opens up it will help tons
  11. Additionally, you can make a post about your character in the Making Connections section on these Forums. Sometimes the best FC experiences you can have is just through making organic RP connections. Browse the RP calendar linked above and check out the events. A lot have FC's attached that you might be interested in.
  12. I've only ever really noticed a skill cutoff when I want to proceed with Savage content. If you want to take it seriously (Read: repping people if they simply can't perform) you're generally better off branching away from RPers. I know a handful that are fine with that kind of environment but most aren't. The loss of Gilg players in the PF will make a dent in this department. However, even taking this into account, Turns 1-3 are generally farmable in party finder at the end of patch cycles regardless. If you want to pursue Savage casually then you're still in a good spot. I can't say I expe
  13. Not yet afaik. A lot are assuming it's going to be a more fleshed out version of Doman Enclave donations. But it will basically take Ishgard from the crumbling Masonry everywhere to the glorious bastion it's supposed to be. I'm not biased. *cough* Tbh I'm hoping against hope that they'll add in 4.0 design as well in the sense that we'll get access to more of the city. Ishgard was originally created with the PS3 limitations intact. I'm hoping this will lift that and we'll get mooooore.
  14. You know. The WoL is a DRK now and they announced rebuilding Ishgard. Maybe they'll sneak in more Ishgard as part of the xpac like they snuck in with Hingashi. .....Look, I can dream, okay? ;_;
  15. When it comes to these kinds of things I think falling back to the storytelling is always how it should be done. This goes for pretty much anything. Classes, Jobs, disabilities, professions. Basically anything you can think of. What is the narrative reason for the specific things you're adding to your character? If you can't think of one and how it adds to your story then it's probably just cumbersome and you can drop it. Tacking a lot of flair onto a character doesn't make them interesting to a reader and this is a pitfall I think a lot of writers and RPers succumb to. On the other side of
  16. That's...odd. Honestly, I'd let it roll off your back. It could be a million things causing this to the point where it's hardly worth guessing at. To be frank, it's not you. If someone really wants to RP with you they'll put forth the effort and when they don't just simply move along, find new contacts. It's natural to be a little dismayed but it passes.
  17. Beast Tribe was my next thought as well for them honestly. Or making cameo appearances in Dalmascan related content as denizens of the area like the Bangaa are in the Ivalice 24 man questline.
  18. Having a passive character doesn't necessarily mean you have to be so OOCly. You can have a character who is more reserved and just be firing off OOC attempts at communication left and right. Once you and someone else decide to try RPing, this is where a good plot hook comes in. If you both decide "Yeah, they can meet for a drink." and your reserved character is too busy not realizing what is going on or is playing coy then...Welp. In my experience, if you use a boring hook you have a much higher chance of getting boring RP that lacks longevity and you're right back into the 'Looking for Co
  19. If a player is 'offended' that your character won't hook up with theirs, for whatever reason, then eject. Immediately. As with pretty much any rp scenario, if players start treating you awkwardly or badly OOCly after your characters make choices that might not have been what their character wanted then just bounce out cause that's big a red flag. It's not clear from your description if that was occurring here but the course is pretty clear when that kind of thing happens. You're not doing anything wrong by recounting your experience. Orientation really shouldn't matter that much in general
  20. There's a few things I've noticed. A lot of people choose to play bisexual/pansexual characters because, and I've asked because I was curious, it keeps RP options open. A lot of folk tend to prioritize actually having the RP available vs the RP being of a specific flavor. Why narrow half the RP pool? So they don't. Straight characters also tend to not "advertise" their sexuality as hard for whatever reason. With bisexual or gay characters you tend to see a lot more of the gender signs in the notes indicating what they like and don't like and not so much with straight characters. This
  21. If Leveva is handing out soulstones there's been nothing to indicate it nor would she have any to hand out cause it was just her and Professor Mace who had permission to be in the realm. I tend to fall into the camp that the art would likely require one else you're probably looking at a lifelong journey to attune to all of the gates and have a limited spell repertoire unless you get expedited though it for main plot reasons I.E. Kyokuho. Even having a Soulstone, the WoL still had to attune. This all pretty much falls into that 'conjecture' zone, people will play it how they wish.
  22. The orchestra version of Revolutions is so much better than the version with Susan Calloway I didn't even recognize it at first. I'd ask how Baelsar survived but at this point does it even matter? Maybe it's not really him. Maybe everyone is body-snatched. It's a little too easy to summon primals these days. I remember joking with some folk that how neat it would be if Yotsuyu actually got her memories back and ended up stabbing herself and we get a seppuku emote at the end of the MSQ. So when she pulled the knife out I was like "Oh damn, I was joking." but tbh I'm really pleased in t
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