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  1. I second what Syranelle said. As a healer RPer, you are Dispenser of Plot Devices Extraordinaire. You essentially fine-tune it to what your patient's RPer needs. Sometimes they need to be back on their feet right away so they can continue to participate in an RP event (this is why tournament RP often involves "boop-healing" where a quick boop with a healing stick heals all injuries to full). Sometimes they're wanting to RP out consequences for a decision their character made (for good or ill), so they'll want their character to be told something that fits what they had in mind for the recovery time. Either way, your role is to help them achieve what they want out of the injury subplot. Sometimes... in fact, often, TBH, this means compromising your mental image of how long an injury should take to recover from. More than once I've had people walk into RP clinics with injuries that are INCOMPATIBLE WITH LIFE, full stop. They should have died when they sustained the injury, instantly, but here they are, walking into your clinic and complaining of mild pain. You just have to roll with it. Your job isn't to question people's OOC medical know-how, it's to give them the plot device they wanted when they decided to contact a healer. Ask the player what it is they're looking for and go from there.
  2. Actually, that's a good point even just on its own... I think I tend to stay away from people who spend a lot of time enthusing about getting one particular thing out of our interaction, especially if it's before we even start RPing. Over-focussing on beating him up and making him suffer is a huge one, as is over-focussing on having sex with him. Especially if it's in generic ways and not in ways that are specific to my character's actual history and personality (not the tropes the person thinks he fits into). Either type of scene needs to be handled with maturity, knowledge of the character(s) involved, and a solid IC/OOC split in order for it to be interesting. Someone being so overly invested in... almost in conquering my character, in one way or another, especially without them showing any interest in the knock-on consequences and development it would cause for him? Makes me wary. Especially of what they'll say or do if the scene ends up happening in another way. I do like to pre-discuss potential outcomes, and get a feel for the possibilities in a scene, but that's just it: possibilities. 9 times out of 10 not everything we discussed comes up in the scene. Sometimes none of the things we discussed come up, and often the spontaneous outcome can end up being really enjoyable... when it happens with a partner who's on board. I don't want to feel afraid to pursue that because I think the other person is going to go off on me if they don't get "what they wanted", which, in my experience, is usually some kind of scene where their character comes out on top and mine ends up in the dirt. I find I can't really articulate why it feels so uncomfortable to look back on memories (thankfully, all years old) where this has happened, but... it does. While I was writing this I realised that I've actually rejected offers from strangers to RP on sensitive topics like sexuality and gender before due to the same feeling of concern - that the person probably wants "something specific" out of the scene, rather than to just put our characters together and see what happens. Since those topics are so sensitive on an OOC level, I fear the stranger being OOCly upset if they don't get what they wanted, and accusing me of hurting them on purpose. It ends up that I only RP those topics with friends I've known for a while, despite them playing a major role in most of my characters' outlooks on life...
  3. It does not. Source: the Ifrit normal mode quest (lv~20 MSQ). Tempering is apparently permanent, and the only way to ensure that the Tempered will not continually bring their Primal back every time it is slayed is supposedly to kill them.
  4. For the curious, and since I saw someone in Balmung's Novice Network claiming that Shirogane apartments sold out inside of 30 minutes (they didn't - I logged on about 5 hours later and got Kobai Goten #30 no problem), here are the Kobai Goten buildings with apartments remaining:
  5. It's all from the same Q&A answer, from Las Vegas Fan Fest 2016: In other words, the thing about au ra not shedding was with regards to their horns/tails, not their scales. (Also, spoilers, there wasn't anything more in the lore book about it.)
  6. I'm going to try and get an apartment for an idea I had for an RP location. Having tracked the progression of apartment uptake last time, I predict they won't all be snapped up immediately (there's over 2000 apartments being released tomorrow, after all); I give it about a week. But I'm probably still going to try and get one on patch day, lol. My heart goes out to everyone trying to snag a house, especially for RP or FC purposes. Spinner's pull be kind!
  7. This is what it comes down to for me. Although it's not a rare occurrence for me to avoid meeting up with someone a second time for RP due to red flags, I found I had trouble pinning down exactly what those flags were for me in the form of concrete, universal rules that I could post in this thread... and I think Zen put a finger on why I was struggling. So many of my "red flags" are about recognising patterns I know from past experiences. I haven't RP'd in "grown up" communities for quite as many years as Zen on account of only having existed for 24, but it's honestly been almost as long, and I've learned a lot of hard lessons in that time about who not to associate with. It feels like a cop-out for me to say "I just have an intuition", but that's basically what it is. One important thing, though - knowing when to listen to that intuition and when to disregard it can be just as difficult to learn as developing it is, especially if you've been through some really bad experiences like I have. But it's just as important for your enjoyment of any given community. A big one for me is separating someone's mannerisms from their actions. I frequently meet people who remind me in one way or another of people who've treated me badly in the past, and I have to be very careful to dissect why they do. Is it just because they structure their sentences in a similar way, or use similar emoticons? If so, it's in my best interests for me to recognise the irrational fear for what it is, and work through it. On the other hand, is it because (for example) they're pushing boundaries and then playing it off like a joke when I object? Because in that case, it's probably in my best interests to heed my instincts and slow-fade. And I do prefer the slow-fade in the huge majority of circumstances. When I'm pulling back not necessarily because they're explicitly doing something horribly wrong, but merely because I'm noting signs that they might do in the future... I see no reason to make it a big blow-out.
  8. Bozja was destroyed during tests of Dalamud's capability. Dalamud had already fallen by the time the Isle of Val disappeared (it wasn't destroyed; it just vanished, remember). Ergo: they can't possibly have been the same cause.
  9. Quick how-to-get-your-codes-ASAP if anyone is confused: 1) go to https://www.shopto.net/microsite/in-game-campaign 2) look for "PC Digital Final Fantasy XIV 60 Days Game Time Card" or "PS4 Digital Final Fantasy XIV 60 Days Game Time Card" 3) go through order process as prompted (you must register for an account with the site; they use PayPal at checkout) 4) go to "my profile" (via dropdown on top right hand corner of the screen) 5) go to "orders" (via sidebar on left hand of screen) 6) refresh the Orders page until your time card order is changed from "processing" to "complete" (took about 10 minutes in my experience) 7) click on the order for the time card 8) it'll take you through to another screen with 2 "redeem code" buttons, one for the time card itself and one for DLC. click on "redeem code" for the DLC 9) go to https://redeem.finalfantasyxiv.com/en 10) redeem the DLC code you got from the shopto site 11) redeem.finalfantasyxiv.com will now give you 3 item codes for the mogstation 12) go to mogstation and redeem the item codes 13) grats you got your items [14) don't forget to click "redeem code" for your time card on the shopto website and redeem it as usual via the mogstation's "add game time card"]
  10. F I N A L L Y . Shame about the eligible items for those of us who don't own a PS4, though. I'm going to wait a few days and see if the game time cards come back into stock...
  11. I've played this mission a few times - on DRG (failed several times) and BLM (cleared first time) - and it got a lot easier once I started first of all making sure that my gear was as good as it could be, and secondly making sure that I was following the proper kill order: 1. Magitek Claws - drop everything else to get these dead 2. THM; they cast Fire, Fire II 3. CNJ; they cast Cure and Stone 4. ARC; they use a frontal AoE 5. Other Magitek mobs 6. PGL 7. LNC 8. MRD 9. GLD 10. Eline. You can literally ignore her, in my experience. ...I think, anyway. That order always seemed to work for me. Your aim is essentially to reduce the amount of damage-per-second that Ilberd sustains, by controlling the number of high-damage mobs on the field. The biggest issue you're going to have is that something other jobs can do to help improve Ilberd's survivability (pull aggro of mobs with frontal cone AoE's so that, even if you aren't killing them, you can control if their AoE's hit Ilberd or not) is going to be difficult to impossible for you. For a class with low burst DPS and no aggro-raising abilities, it's better to focus on getting things sorted through the kill order.
  12. I know I need to update that tumblr post (or, more accurately, come out with a new edition of it) but I haven't looked into the 60-70 quests for everything enough yet... and I don't want to make an authoritative post where I'm talking out of my ass, lol. With regards to soul crystal purposes, I remember a while ago having a conversation about it and we came out with three rough categories of soul crystal as per the quests: Catalytic: allows the person to do something usually out of their abilities (EG: DRK crystal enabling the manifestation of a Darkside) Inhibitive: allows the person to use magic that would usually be too powerful for them to wield safely (EG: BLM crystal enabling the person to wield Fire+ without combusting) Tutoring: solely speeds the acquisition of knowledge for an appropriately attuned soul (EG: PLD soul crystal being given to prospective trainees to speed their learning) What I didn't ever do was definitively go through the whole list of soul crystals and figure out what category they all fall into...
  13. Hahaha I did a little crash course for my friend on French pronunciations of words (i.e. why Haurchefant is pronounced like "Ow-she-von" and not "Hor-che-vant"), and they eagerly said, "So it's pronounced like shy-rue-jhio', right?" No... no it's not. (It's kye-roo-jen.) ANYWAY - I often find myself using eclectic words when I write. But here's the thing: it's not for the sake of it... in other words, I don't use those words because I think not using them is bad, or out of trying to achieve some specific literacy level with my vocabulary. I use those words because I know what they mean, and their meaning best encompasses what I'm trying to say at the moment. In other words, the goal is clear communication... and... like others have said, actually, sometimes it falls flat, because the other person has to go search up what I mean and break the flow of the RP. I've been accused before - a long time ago, in a fandom far, far away - of deliberately making my use of language impenetrable to others out of elitism (no, I just talk like that; I'm sorry!!). So there's little pros and cons, really. I do find that my vocabulary use sometimes fluctuates along with other things when I'm writing different characters, though, even if it's just a description emote. If I'm on Cinu-a (my illiterate tough-guy type), I use short sentences with little, simple words, and longer words only come about as "centre-pieces" (so they get repeated a lot! Because they're the focus of the description!). However, if I'm on Confiance (my inexorably chatty mega-nerd), ALL the complex vocab comes out to play. Usually all at once, much to the consternation of others around him. I guess... if you want to improve your vocabulary, there are ways to do so! As the others have described above (seriously, read). But the reason to improve your vocabulary is to expand your literary toolbox! It doesn't necessarily mean that the wonderfully obscure multisyllabic word you learned last week will actually be useful in the roleplay you're doing today. You might still end up using the same simple word, over and over again... because that's the word that best fits the situation, or the character, or whatever. But at least by expanding your vocabulary, the situations you find yourself unable to describe will be fewer.
  14. I actually know this one! The Raimdelle Codex, by naturalist Frandelont Raimdelle, was responsible for this classification. It's a bestiary that categorises species of Eorzea into groups based on various criteria. Raimdelle himself is most well-known in my mind for his attempt to categorise the duck as a Spoken (instead of a Cloudkin) on the basis that its quacks were actually a complex language beyond the comprehension of man...
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