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  1. Hi IC name Magnus Frostshadow, I'm kinda getting bored playing solo and I know most people have their own crew so. If any active FC is recruiting I'm willing to give it a try if yall let me. Msg me
  2. I'm new to rp, my character name is magnus Frostshadow. If you see me say hi
  3. I'm new to the whole roleplaying thing but I'm on the same server, my character name is Magnus Frostshadow. If you see me say hi, or add me as a friend. I love to learn more about roleplaying if you dont mind teaching me.
  4. Thank you very much, I'll keep that all in mind.
  5. Like title has says I'm new to the whole roleplaying thing. My character is on mateus and I wanted some veteran pointers to help me, develop my background. Or how should I even start.
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