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  1. Hello everyone. I'm fairly newish to rp. A lot of my friends role play and i'm usually watching or listening to stories told from previous events. I have played a NPC a couple of times. Mostly I was just a dude behind a bar cooking. I've roleplayed in my d&d game but that's generally most I've done. I'm on Crystal/Balmung and Monte is just your average dude I guess. (as long as you don't count his mustache) I don't know how others set up their characters but I like leaving his character sheet "blank" in the sense that he will grow organically with his interactions of pe
  2. Hello, I've been looking into getting into RP some more in XIV. I've done a little bit of it but, it has always been an interest to me. I have done some rp in other things like my DnD game. My main character is on Balmung. I do have an "alt" on Mateus but, they would require leveling. My login times are pretty sporadic but, I'm usually free most times (Est) minus early mornings. (It's just a fluke that i'm up this late/early) I've been playing since, 1.0 and I don't plan on going anywhere. XIV isn't my only game but, it's my most played game. Monte is a pretty average guy. He enj
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