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  1. Thanks. Strange. When I tried that format before but the image wasn't appearing, instead there was a 250px text there. Still, thanks for the great help.
  2. Whenever I set a picture, some text always appears. Is there any way to remove it? It's frustrating me to no end. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ah, should I just post it here or on my signature thing? Regardless, here he is. Probably a weird/peculiar character to most. o3o https://reikutohno.carrd.co/
  4. Greetings! Let's just say the quarantine got me bored out of my mind. My friends jumped ship on FF14 the past weeks so i got curious. Then one of my long-time friends informed me that there was an RP scene in FF14. Of course, that baited me in for sure. Since the trial was free, I might as well. So, well, I got a levle 50 Ninja and I'm progressing through the story. But I'm definitely itching to try the RP scene in here. I haven't played MMORPG's for a long while. But I admit, I do enjoy the gameplay. Though the main quests are a slog. Urgh. I am not new to roleplaying. I have roleplayed for years on various platforms. However, this is the first time for me to try an MMORPG as a platform for roleplaying. It sounds promising. So I googled stuff. I found discord but timezones have been sucky for me. So I went and looked for a site, and here I am. I am a fairly medium to heavy roleplayer. I play DnD with my friends when we get the chance. I also have been deciding most of the in-game stuff to revolve around my character. Sometime it causes me some delays but that's my own fault. So I am from UTC+8 and I work from home. I am hoping that the quarantine doesn't extend but if it does, then at least I have something I can do. The character I am playing as is also an OC from a long time back. I made him in 2009. I worked on a way to fit him in the FF14 verse. Fairly easy given who and what he is but anyway. Please treat me well. -bows- I did make his carrd if you're interested.
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