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  1. Ren Locke


    Artwork is done by me or artists I commission
  2. Ren Locke


    Screenshots of my main character. I like to make him look goofy or handsome.
  3. After some revisions for my character I think I have a solid identity for him. Rohqu'ra Xaunku, Keeper of the Moon, same background but a tad bit different.

  4. So my Miqo'te's actual name is Rahko'a Xaunki and he goes by both Rahko'ra and Aidyn.

  5. Also, I'm new to the game so I'm playing through the story before I transfer to the rp servers

  6. Ren Locke

    Quick Doodles

    Some drawings I do of my character for threads or just for fun.
  7. Aydin wouldn't know how to respond exactly. He's usually a shy mess if someone showed him any kind of affection. He would probably just freeze and think about what just happened. Then he would just chuckle with a heartfelt smile for a bit while he kept blushing.
  8. Also I have a few AUs for every Job/Class he has. Right now the AUs are:

    • Machinist
    • Astrologian
    • Ninja
    • Samurai
    • Dark Knight
    • Paladin

    and more to come!

  9. Also, I'm an artist and I plan to do a lot of drawings for here. And I'm new to the community and I've never RP in an MMO environment before so I'm excited to be here ❤️

  10. I've been trying to think of a name from Keepers of the Moon but for now, my Miqo'te likes to go by Aidyn. A headcanon I made for him is that he can't remember his real name so he just goes by Aidyn Rourke

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