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  1. I do have my character's pronouns int he search info (even my own :") ) people still call me a she, along with my character unfortunately. I'll probably work out a way to get my soft spoken character to ct people,,,,
  2. So, the character I play in game has had a good amount of idle character development, however, because I'm new to actual roleplay (and my datacenter isn't centered on that at all. I'd go to crystal but i have a house here on aether) I wouldn't know how to go about correcting character pronouns. I play a Dunesfolk lalafell who's transgender, masc-leaning nonbinary specifically, but his/their name is very femenine heavy, with only slight variation from canon conventions. Often he's mistaken as female as a result, and it's very awkward having to explain my character isn't a chick. Is there any IC way I could possibly make it less awkward to explain?
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