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  1. Hiya lovely roleplayers, Usagi-hime here with yet another LF connections post.?? My little cross-dressing criminal Shiva Pasalo (shameless wiki plug is shameless) is in desperate need of some Kugane focused contacts. After getting kidnapped and nearly sold off to an Auri slave trader, the self-proclaimed Master of Disguise finds himself back in the heart of Hingashi's port city with not a gil to his name. Now injured and left with no means to contact close friends and loved ones, Shiva quickly finds shelter with a local resident and proceeds to do what he does best: don a brand new identi
  2. Just giving this another little poke because Alice would love to meet even more people. There's also a new Tumblr blog for him as well if you'd like to stop on by. ~ [align=center]:moogle:[/align]
  3. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Born in the bottom slums of Ishgard, Alistair knew from a young age that life could be terribly unfair for those unfortunate enough to live in the Brume. But Lady Fate had other plans for the little orphan; after a chance encounter with the eccentric Countess of House Lumiere, Alistair’s simple life would never be the same.[/align] [align=center]Falling in love with his soft features and pale complexion, Countess Zephiane took it upon herself to adopt the young Hyur into her family and raise him as her first born child, a lovely “daughter” by the
  4. Oh my goodness gracious, I want to protect this child. He needs a hug and a friend and an apple strudel and I'm pretty sure my dorky Olive can help with that. *makes grabby hands @ Hathaway*
  5. [align=center][/align] [align=center]❝ The Diamond Dust Thief ❞[/align] [align=center]Shiva Pasalo[/align] [align=center] Real Name: Cirina of Clan Kharlu Xaela Runt Twenty-two Eccentric cat & chocobo lover Treasure seeker Ex-member of the Rogue's Guild Connoisseur of Gil & sparkly things Shiva is a con-artist of many small talents who makes his living by stealing from the filthy rich and diving through all manner of inky cave and decrepit ruins in search of lost and valuable treasure. Having gave up his Clan and the name given to him at birth after
  6. Aww, Ado sounds and looks like such a cutie patootie (just wanna pinch his cheeks and put him in my back pocket). I'm looking for more connections for my dorks as well so I'd be happy to give you a poke in-game or over Discord for some RP shenanigans. ~ I'm pretty sure Olive wouldn't scare him away, probably.
  7. [align=center][/align] Hazel Mouffe, a 20-year-old Midlander, was born and raised in the Garlean controlled city-state of Ala Mhigo. Taught never to go against the status quo, Haines kept his head down and always did what was expected of him. Drafted into the empire’s army at the age of sixteen, he got by on that same philosophy for years, until he just couldn’t seem to fit his pieces into the puzzle any longer. Behind closed doors, Haines wasn’t a warrior sworn to fight for a cause he never truly believed in, her name was Hazel and she wanted to wear dresses that sparkled like the s
  8. Oh I'm about to stalk you so hard, all of your characters seem amazing! \(^ w ^)/ Feel free to follow my Tumblr (it's where all of my dumb dorks are available) and we could try to start something up. I'm also on Skype and Discord as well. ~
  9. Momo hasn't seen the grumpy lizard in a while, she'll make sure to pop by and see how him and the fire cat are doing. ~
  10. Cute cook in Ul'dah!? Looks like Olive is heading back to the desert. ~ Eorzea cookers unite!
  11. Hello there, very nice to meet you Miss Strawberry. Welcome to Balmung. ~ If you ever happen to spot me in-game, feel free to send me a poke and say hi anytime. ☆
  12. Difficult cat-boy looking for friends!? Sign me up! X3 As a lover of random pokes and interacting with new people, feel free to seek me out anytime. Olive's wiki isn't really much to look at right now, but if you have any questions about any of my characters feel free to send me a message. ~ Hope to see you in-game. :moogle:
  13. I look forward to hopefully meeting up with both of you and your characters. ~ So many possible roleplays, so little time.
  14. I'll make sure to be on the lookout for you whenever I'm available. ~
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