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  1. More recent commission work! A bunch of headshots of lovely characters, had a lot of fun with these. Characters belong to their respective owners! My commissions are still open, so if you'd like a slot or want to find out more, click here!
  2. Here's some commissions I've done these past couple months! Characters belong to their respective owners, it was a joy to draw them~ Fancy a commission from me? More info can be found on my Commission Info Page ~
  3. Some artwork I did of my OC Riki Kaneuchi and her BF, Ryusei Kazunari (belongs to dragoonslament)!
  4. Hi, it's ya boy Oyuu and I draw sometimes - mainly FFXIV and D&D stuff. I currently have commissions open, find all the info and T&C's by clicking right here! More details on pricing and how commissions work can be found on my Commission Info Page - Please read over it! Find more examples of my work over at my art blog or twitter. Thank you for taking the time to click and read, I'll be posting art here on occasion! o/
  5. You trade them in for gear in Illdyshire (Alexander) or Rhalgr's Reach (Deltascape). If you don't need the gear or seals from turning in the gear at your GC, then just trash 'em.
  6. Just wanted to address this question since I don't think it was really answered - There is a big difference between what you are out of character (An omni-crafter with all Disciple of War/Magic Jobs at 70 for instance) vs. what you define what you are in character (Say, a weak merchant that dabbles only in weaving and thaumaturgy.) No one is going to look at your levelled jobs, your Grand Company rank, etc. and base your character on that. It's what you roleplay and write your character to be. For example, I can roleplay on my Astrologian at an RP event for two hours, turn off my RP tag when i
  7. Assuming you play on Balmung, there's groups like the Watcher's Eye (I think that's what its called???) and Ebonguard for crimey wimey stuff. Just take a look at the Linkshell/Free Company clubs here and see if any tickle your fancy. But in essence, finding darker/criminal RP is the same as finding any old RP. Reach out to characters and roleplayers of similar tastes. Join discords, linkshells, and free companies to make your connections pool larger and have access to plots. Post a LFRP ad for your elezen and the potential criminal hooks and see if anything comes forth from that.
  8. ^ It is. I visited Mateus on an alt recently and it had a familiar buzz of activity like Balmung does. I'd make an alt on Mateus during non-peak hours instead of transferring if I were you, since we have no idea when Balmung is going to open again and you might regret losing that character slot. Either way, my friends have fun over on Mateus and have no trouble finding RP, so go for it!
  9. Omega is technically meant to be the EU RP server but honestly, I've not heard much activity from it in a long while. As an EU roleplayer myself, I would recommend staying on Balmung for now and make an alt on the other servers to find out whether it's worth transferring off Balmung (since... once you do, you're very likely unable to get back on for a LONG while due to them closing transfers and character creation.) I have a feeling that the RP community is going to be a lot quieter on the likes of Omega and other EU servers and more difficult to get into/find, and if RP is your main goal, it
  10. Organised by those lizards at the Game of Dawn Thrones Xaela Discord, you are invited to an archery tournament to determine the best sharpshooter in all of the Azim Steppe! Xaela and Non-Xaela alike are encouraged to partake in the competition or simply come along to watch and cheer others on. There will be prizes to be won, rules and other news to be announced shortly! When? Saturday 16th June at 5pm EDT/10pm BST Where? The Reunion, Azim Steppes (Sign-up will start here, then the competition outside the walls) Server? B
  11. http://mooglemeet.tumblr.com http://balmungrp.tumblr.com (Discord link: https://discord.gg/DJkQ7E2) http://balmungrpcalendar.tumblr.com http://balmung-eu.tumblr.com Here ya go. Good luck with the RP search. o7
  12. You're literally on the RPC forums right now, which has resources in the main navigation menu to find free companies and linkshells. The FFXIV tumblr community also thrives if that's your cup of tea, and there's plenty of discords to find and co-ordinate RP. Being reluctant to find RP because it might be a bit too 'fluffy' for your liking is shooting yourself in the foot before you've even started. You're barely skimming the surface of what Balmung has to offer. Look, browse, and join things on a whim. Try things out until you find something that clicks. There is plenty of RP to b
  13. Main Character's Name: Oyuu DataqAlts: Riki Kaneuchi, A'ayzi Tia, Lisie Lanverlais, Tyo'to Betwanhe, Ajir Qalli Server: Balmung (Tyo'to is also on Mateus)Brief descriptions and/or links to any Wiki's: Some characters have wikis. I need to remake my character page on Tumblr orz. Usually online between: 6PM GMT to 1am GMT on weekdays, usually available all weekend. Intensity: Heavy, I guess? I prefer lore-abiding stuff, but I'm cool with stuff if it's explained well and the RP is fun.
  14. A gathering of Xaela - family and friends are invited to Reunion to celebrate the arrival of the Lunar New Year. Many festivities are planned, with plenty of drinks, dancing & a Buuz Eating Competition - the winner will receive a character portrait from Hixxi! Notes: Reunion welcomes ALL tribes and non-Xaela. Please dress in formal tribal attire. No fighting or hostility will be tolerated as per Reunion rules. When? 24th February at 4pm EST/9pm GMT Where? Reunion, Azim Steppes Server? Balmung Contact Oyuu Dataq/Ajir Qalli for more
  15. Just confirming that Order of Ouroboros is no more.
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