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  1. Tistan

    State of Mateus RP

    I've been away from the game for quite a long time. I have multiple characters on Balmung but I've heard the rp community on Mateus has gotten quite large. The discord for Mateus RP seems much larger and more active than any balmung discord. Are there any Mateus Rp'ers out there that could enlighten me on the current situation on Mateus? Is it worth transferring one of my characters on Balmung over? I'd love to have player housing but it seems impossible on Balmung. Is it a lot easier to acquire housing on Mateus?
  2. Tistan

    Best RP Server

    Which server has the best RP community in terms of friendliness, maturity, plots/stories, and population. I know this is mostly an opinion question but just trying to get a feel. I have a few characters on balmung but its just so populated that most of the time I just feel lost.
  3. Tistan

    Omega Server Closed?

    Is Omega server closed for transfers? I'm looking to get off Balmung because it's so congested and I moved to vietnam so my ping is so high there. Are there any other rp servers that aren't as bad? Or is there a way to get on to Omega that I'm not seeing?
  4. Tistan

    Hugs & Cake (OOC LS)

    I'd love an invite. Im just getting back into playing ffxiv. My characters are Kaladin Ashensong and Tistan Dawnsinger
  5. Tistan

    Friends of Ours!

    I'd love an invite please. Kaladin Ashensong or Tistan Dawnsinger.
  6. Tistan

    Drakeheart (OOC LS for Heavy RPers)

    I'd love an invite. Kaladin Ashensong is my character's name.
  7. Tistan

    Ala Mhigan Resistance

    Im really interested in this. I'd love to have my Highlander part of this. I can be reached on Kaladin Ashensong or on my alt Tistan Dawnsinger.
  8. Tistan

    RL Pictures.

    I guess I'll do this too
  9. I just started playing this game and I think I'm ready to get into the rp aspect of the game. I've rp'd throughout many different mmo's but mostly in wow. I used to help organize large D20 rp campaigns on wow for a long time. I'm finally sick of wow and have decided to move over to ffxiv for good. It seems like the rp community is really great and I'd love to become a part of it. Add me in game or just reply here; Kaladin Ashensong
  10. Tistan

    What do you do irl?

    I am a chef in RL.
  11. Tistan

    Which server?

    Yeah it's GHI. Gryphon Heart Items. Its a really cool little addon. Super useful for rp. The one good thing about wow was the RP addons they had. Unfortunately no other mmo has rp addons like wow. I really wish they did though. It would make rp'ing that much easier and much more immersive.
  12. Tistan

    Which server?

    Thank you so much for your advice!
  13. Tistan

    Which server?

    Yeah I already have three characters on Balmung. I realized though I don't remember how to play the game. I have a couple characters near level 20 but I haven't played in 8 months or longer. Trying to figure out the ins and outs to the game still, also trying to figure out where the rp hubs are. Are there any rp addons like in wow or do you just have to figure out who the rp'ers are on your own?
  14. Tistan

    Which server?

    Thank you! Thankfully I already have two characters on that server from when I tried to play awhile back. I'm finally done with wow and plan to fully move over to playing ffxiv. I look forward to rp'ing with you all
  15. Tistan

    Which server?

    Which server seems to have the largest and best rp community or is it a toss up?