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  1. There's not really anything in particular that causes me to walk-up to someone. Sometimes I recognize a name from an event, sometimes I spy an emote that I just -have- to go interact after, sometimes I pick a face at random in a crowd and see what happens. Roka is normally pretty friendly so is easy for me to drop her in on someone (she's been a little grumpy the past week due to story reasons). I -love- when people walk-up to me as well. I might have a short panic moment, but I jump on in happily afterward.
  2. Roka is ready to open her cafe! The Gilded Aster is located in the Goblet ward 10 plot 56 and will be open 24/7. If Roka herself is not in her NPC staff will be happy to serve you. As well we have a couple of beds for rent for the weary traveller who wants something away from the hustle and bustle of the city, breakfast comes with your room.
  3. What are your play times? I'm pretty much whenever, aside from 10-12am est on Tue/Wed/Thur for raid right now Roka would love to meet up. Does your little smith make more than just weapons and armour? Roka could use a new pot, and would be an easy enough way to meet up. Roka is pretty new to Eorzea Roka loves to cook, and even more so when there's a bit of a challenge like a picky eater or someone with a big appetite c:
  4. lyricat1 for my Skype ^.^ Feel free to add
  5. Roka should be ready to open up officially within a week or so, mostly just trying to settle on a name and fussing with minor details now. I ran into you twice in the same day, I remember that. Are you mostly based in Ul'Dah/Thanalan or do you wander outside that area? Would love to meet up again.
  6. As a player I'm fairly new to Balmung and the RP scene, so I'm still trying to settle in and start making connections. There are a few people who have helped with this (thank you so much you guys <3) but it doesn't hurt to open Roka's options up through here. [align=center]What Do I Need To Know?[/align] Roka is an affable little Raen who loves people, even though she often comes across a little on the shy side. She warms up very quickly to strangers and she thrives when she can make people happy. She is a cook by trade, in the process of getting her small Goblet cafe r
  7. I. Basic Info Characters: Roka Chan Primary character: Roka Chan Linkshells: N/A Primary RP linkshell:N/ II. RP Style [*] Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to heavy. If I'm not capping/raiding/farming I'm likely to be IC and welcome walk-ups happily Views on RP combat and injuries: Injuries happen, as do fights. Roka may not actively participate but if she's attacked I wouldn't cry foul if she gets scuffed up. I prefer the roll system for combat, and any injuries are expected to be relatively minor (nothing that's going to maim long-term) without
  8. o/ Hello friends to be! I'm thinking about a server transfer to Balmung. I've been wanting to get into RP within the FFXIV community for awhile, but the scene on my current server is non-existent. With my static just disbanding this seems like as good a time as any. I was hoping to perhaps have a few questions answered before I transfer though, since creating a character to ask in-game questions or get a feel is far more difficult. -Is the RP community easy to get into for newer or inexperienced people? I've done a lot of forum-based RPs in the past, but I've never had a toon to phy
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