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  1. I like the hype mechanic Ferus ^^ Now I'm wondering if I should do an Extreme Version for Fate. I have some ideas but I'm sure people would think the encounter is too difficult ^^
  2. Lyriell Aluria: You defeat the daughter of fate: - You obtain an alder wood long bow - You obtain 10.000 gil - You obtain 2 apple ciders - You obtain a swim suit - You obtain a pair of leather pants - You obtain a terrible fate Fate Testarossa: You defeat the 'Lightning Goddess' - You obtain 1 Bardiche - You obtain 1 Barrier Jacket - You obtain 99 HQ Priestly Omelette's - You obtain 99 HQ Supramax Potion of Vitality - You obtain 100.000 gil. - You obtain one Starlight Breaker to the face from Fate's angry waifu.
  3. Lyriell: Coincidentally also loves swimming like Kisa. Fate: Anything involving Nanoha, obviously.
  4. Testarossa Fate Riot Force 6 – The Coliseum ( Hard Mode) Introduction: For your upcoming adventures you have found new comrades in a small military force called the Riot Force 6. However, some of their members still doubt your abilities and strengths. There is only one way to convince them: You have to take on the 'Lightning Goddess' herself. Phase 1: The battle takes place in a large, circle-shaped arena while the outside resembles a coliseum. Several familiar NPC's are watching the battle with interest. Dialogue starts at the pull. Testarossa Fate: It is an honor fighting against you, Warrior of Light. However, make no mistake. Even though this is a sparring match, I will not hold back in the slightest. I expect the same from you. Ability Breakdown: Piercing Lancer: Heavy Tankbuster that has to be mitigated. Sonic Move: Fate dashes through the arena in different patterns, causing high damage to players hit while inflicting paralysis. Plasma Lancer: 2 Random players will be targeted with debuffs. One player will receive the debuff “Living bomb” while the other player receives the debuff “Thunderstruck”. When debuff “Living bomb" runs out it will deal high damage to the person it was cast upon while dealing high to extremely high damage to the raid depending on how good or bad the mechanic was dealt with. The player with the debuff “Thunderstruck” will receive massive damage, potentially oneshotting him if not dealt with the mechanic properly. Thunder Rage: Fate rams Bardiche into the floor and causes a thunderstorm across the arena, creating medium AoE damage that hits the party. Thunder Rage will continue dealing damage until a certain amount of DPS has been dealt to Fate. Small dps check. Timeline for Phase 1: 10 seconds into the fight Fate will cast Piercing Lancer which is then followed by Thunder Rage. After approx. 30 seconds another Piercing Lancer follows which is then followed by Sonic Move. Sonic Move can have one of three patterns and the charges will be visualized by a small thunder cloud appearing atop the danger zone shortly before the hit. Hexagon Pattern: Fate charges across the arena in a Hexagon-like pattern, leaving only the middle of the arena safe. Slice Pattern: Fate charges across the arena in an X-fashion, covering a huge part of the arena while only a small part, a slice, is left over as a safespot. Triangle Pattern: Fate charges through the arena in a triangle pattern, leaving only a safespot outside of the triangle. After Sonic Move and about 1 Minute and 30 Seconds into the fight Fate will use another Piercing Lancer, followed by a Thunder Rage and another Piercing Lancer. About 2 Minutes and 10 Seconds into the fight Fate will use Plasma Lancer. How to deal with Plasma Lancer: The solution to dealing with “Living Bomb” is to simply pass on the debuff to other players before it runs out. Each time the buff is passed on another 5 seconds will be added to the timer. The longer it takes for Living Bomb to actually blow up, the less raid damage will be received. After passing Living Bomb the player will not be able to take the debuff off of other players. The solution for dealing with “Thunderstruck” is to have the Offtank take the debuff and move towards Fate. Thunderstruck will still deal massive damage to the Offtank, so proper mitigation is key. Positioning yourself next to Fate is important, as she will get hit by her own Plasma Lancer, thus preventing another use of Plasma Lancer. For Hard Mode failing those mechanics won't necessarily cause a wipe, however it will result in massive damage and give healers a hard time. Depending on dps Fate will use another Piercing Laser, followed by Sonic Move, followed by another Thunder Rage. Once enough dps has been dealt or after the last Thunder Rage Phase 2 of the fight will begin. The following dialogue signals the transition: Fate: You really are a worthy rival. Few have pushed me this far, but this battle is far from over. Let's go Bardiche. Phase 2: During the begin of Phase 2 Fate will become untargettable and charges her ultimate attack. Ability Breakdown: Sonic Fate: Sonic Fate is a hard hitting add that needs to be tanked by both the MT and OT. It has the lowest health pool of the adds. Sonic Sail: Sonic Fate charges a random player for high damage while simultaneously swapping the aggro of the charged player with that of the tank. Shortly after the charge it will cast Jet Zanber. Jet Zanber: Heavy tankbuster that needs to be mitigated. Lightning Fate: Ligtning Fate is a low hitting add with a big health pool. It acts mostly as support for the other adds while also inflicting debuffs. Lightning Bind: A random dps will be bound on the spot. The bind can be attacked and destroyed to free the player. Thunder Fall: Shortly after Lightning Bind a Thunder Fall will be cast on the same player. Thunder Fall is a debuff that does moderate raid wide damage after going off and inflicts a damage down debuff to the entire raid. Sealing: A random Healer will receive the “Sealed” debuff, rendering him unable to use any Healing abilities. Shielding is still possible. Round Shield: A Shield buff will be casted on either Sonic Fate, Lightning Fate or Blaze Fate. Blaze Fate: Blaze Fate is a medium hp ranged add that cannot be aggroed and will attack random party members. Thunder Bullet: A random party member will be targetted with a yellow marker and AoE circles will be dropped on him. Stepping into a circle before the mechanic is finished will cause it to explode, resulting in low to high damage depending on which circle the player stepped into. Further explained later. Photon Lancer Multishot: 4 random party members will receive moderate, unavoidable damage. Arc Saber: Blaze Fate moves to one side of the arena and then proceeds to shoot the entire arena in a 270° cone. Testarossa Fate: After approx. 2 minutes Fate will have finished charging up her attack and uses Photon Lancer : Phalanx Shift. Photon Lancer Phalanx Shift: The entire arena is surrounded and covered in Thunder Orbs. Fate points Bardiche towards the players upon which the orbs move towards them, exploding in thunderous glory. If any of the adds was still alive at this point it will automatically result in a wipe. Timeline for Phase 2: All adds spawn simultaneously at the beginning of the phase. It is vital that one of the tanks immediately picks up Sonic Fate as she will be using Jet Zanber approx. 5 seconds into the phase. At about 10 seconds into the fight Lightning Fate will use Sealing on one of the two healers. Shortly afterwards Blaze Fate will use Photon Lancer Multishot. At about 20 seconds into the fight Sonic Fate will use Sonic Sail, so one of the Tanks needs to make sure to grab aggro after the charge right away or the affected player WILL die. Shortly afterwards Lightning Fate will cast Lightning Bind immediately followed by Thunder Fall on one random player while Blaze Fate simultaneously uses Thunder Bullet on another random player. How to deal with Lightning Bind/Thunder Fall and Thunder Bullet combo: The Lightning Bind / Thunder Fall affected player should move to the edge of the arena that will be hit last by the Thunder Bullet as soon as he is freed of his bind, while the player with Thunder Bullet needs to make sure to place all circles around the edge of the arena to keep enough space in the middle for players to maneuver. An example would be to place the Lightning Bind / Thunder Fall player at NW while letting the Thunder Bullet affected player stand on North before the first Bullet comes down, thus moving in a circle and ending up on NW with the last bullet/puddle. Each subsequent bullet and the resulting puddle will cause less damage. Standing in the puddle will remove Thunder Fall before it goes off, thus preventing the damage down debuff. Shortly after this mechanic Blaze Fate will use Arc Saber while Lightning Fate will use Round Shield on one of the remaining adds. The Round Shield acts like a strong stone skin but it will disappear after a while, so dps should focus on the other add. During Arc Saber Sonic Fate will use Jet Zanber. Shortly afterwards she will use Sonic Sail, followed by another Jet Zanber, so tanks need to be aware. This rotation will repeat one more time before the ultimate finishes casting and it is up to the players to decide which add to get rid of first. The Phase ends with Photon Lancer Phalanx Shift and either the wipe of the group or the transition into Phase 3. Phase 3: The arena is now slightly demolished and the battle reaches its climax. Fate has now access to one new form called True Sonic Form. The following Dialogue starts the transition into the 3rd and final Phase: Fate: You withstood my Phalanx Shift. It's been a long time since someone has pushed me this far. You truly are the Warrior of Light. But I'm not done yet. Let's go Bardiche! Ability Breakdown: True Sonic Form: Fate's most offensive form will cause her to gain Damage Up stacks over time. Too many damage up stacks will result in players being oneshotted, so making sure she doesn't receive too many stacks is key to preventing a wipe. Plasma Smasher: High unavoidable raid damage that has to be healed through. Each subsequent use will increase how often Plasma Smasher hits. Scythe Slash: Massive Tankbuster that has to be shared by the MT and OT. Plasma Barret: A random party member's hp is immediately lowered to 1 HP. The player also receives a debuff that will grant a Damage Up Stack to Fate if said player dies within 20 seconds after Plasma Barret. Belkan Towers: Three Belkan Towers will spawn in the Northwest, Northeast and South of the Arena. Ancient Belkan Tower: This Belkan tower will slowly put debuffs on the healers, reducing the amount healed for each stack until healing becomes impossible. Mythical Belkan Tower: This Belkan tower will create a Tether between itself and Fate, causing Fate to gain Damage Up Stacks. A player can move between Fate and the tower to pick up the tether. He will receive a damage up buff BUT at the same time suffers a high bleeding debuff. Artificial Belkan Tower: This Belkan tower will tether itself to the other two towers and starts healing them. The tethers can be picked up by two players to prevent the healing of the other towers, however picking up the tether will result in a TP/Mana drain over time. This tower is invulnerable until at least one of the other towers is destroyed. Phalanx Orbs: As the fight progresses Orbs will start swarming the arena, exploding for moderate damage upon impact. Players have to be especially careful if hit by Plasma Barret to make sure they won't be hit by any of these orbs. Belkan Impulse: Fate will try to absorb the towers. The group will be hit with raidwide, unavoidable damage depending on how many towers were still alive prior to the cast being finished. On the other hand this skill will damage Fate herself, depending on how many towers have been destroyed. If all 3 towers were still alive this results in an automatic wipe. If all 3 towers were destroyed Fate will receive massive damage, giving players a good shot at defeating her. Once the tower part of the final phase is over Fate will use another Scythe Slash, followed by another Plasma Smasher, followed by another Scythe Slash. After that Fate will begin casting the Hard Enrage. Photon Lancer Genocide Shift: Fate's Hard Enrage. At this point it's either you or her. She will finish the cast in approx. 10 seconds which then results in another Ultimate similar to Phalanx Shift, however this time it will result in an automatic wipe.
  5. I would strongly disagree. I think you forget that most all of us here have already cleared the game at least once. And once you've been through it, it's the same garbage again and again. It's no like an RPG where different choices affect the outcome of the ending. So why do I want to keep playing through it? I think your points would be much more valid for players who've not completed the game yet, and not those of us having played since release. That post was aimed at new players. For those that already finished the story once a complete skip would be okay with me. I have dozens of alt characters so I definitely wouldn't complain. But a new player that has seen nothing of the world just completely skipping past it? I think that is not a good idea.
  6. I think a classic Jump Potion like the one being used in WoW would be a bad idea. It takes a lot of the charm away from the game and it leads to people never exploring certain parts of the game which is the opposite of what an MMO should deliver. If you never explore the world around you then you also don't really care much about it. Instead what they should do is: Make it so that Main Story Quests are shortened. By that I mean the player would skip all those fetch quests and get much more exp for the quests that actually remain. If done right then even casual players should be able to catch up in a day or two but still get to experience the world around them instead of just buying that potion and sitting on their butt, having no idea of the awesome locations out there.
  7. Welcome to Balmung :3 I hope you will have a great time here and if you need any help or have any questions feel free to message me on Lyriell Aluria or Testarossa Fate and I will try my best to help ^^
  8. Hello and welcome back to the game :3 If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I'll be glad to help. If you are looking for an RP LS I might recommend some to you depending on what RP level you are looking for. Also make sure to take a look at the Company Hall within this forum. There you will find a lot of Free Companies that offer RP of different varieties. Also TAW is offering Servertransfers right now for those that are interested in joining but aren't on Balmung. However please make sure that our FC is the right thing for you as we can only give out a limited number of free transfers :3
  9. Lyriell


    Welcome to Balmung Mute-Fox :3 If you have any questions regarding the game and/or certain game mechanics feel free to message me on either Lyriell Aluria or Testarossa Fate or here on the forum. If you are looking for an RP LS I can most likely recommend some of them to you depending on the level of RP you're looking for. Also if you're currently looking for an FC that also includes RP in its activities then you might want to check out the Free Company section within this forum as suggested by Syranelle. If you're looking to be part of an FC that is currently building a roster (and with that an RP roster) then TAW might be interesting for you :3 We are currently restructuring after our leader got ill and had to drop out =x
  10. Hello Thunder! TAW is offering those that are interested in joining our FC but can't get on Balmung (due to the character restriction) server transfers in form of Paysafe Cards. If you want to know more about us feel free to message me :3 You could also take a look at our FC Thread in the Free Company Section of this forum. We are an FC that strives to be active within all aspects of this game including RP.
  11. Dear Adventurers! TAW is looking for capable men and women that don't shy away from putting their weapons or their tools to good use. We fulfill all kinds of duties for different clients all throughout Eorzea. We offer ourselves as bodyguards, undertake exploratory missions into dungeons and craft the finest of wares for both royalty as well as the common folk. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our "family" then feel free to contact me. (OOC: TAW is currently undergoing a restructuring process. Generally we want to offer players an FC that deals with all aspects of the Game. Thus we decided to also add a light RP branch which might also evolve into something more serious in the longterm. So for those that are looking to "get into the RP scene" but whom are still new this might be a good place to start with ))
  12. I understand how you feel. I'm not an artist myself but I'm a Freelance Translator und also do some Marketing and even though 99% of my reviews are good there's always a Client that isn't satisfied and that will talk badly about me. Don't let yourself get down by such things and if you don't feel good, don't force yourself. Art takes times more than anything else and rushing it is not the right way to go about it, no matter what anyone else things.
  13. It seems to be getting worse every year x.x You guys really need to get some gun regulations out of the way. I wish the families all the best to get through these hard times.
  14. The chat is still in use, it's just gotten quiet lately since I've been busy with rl stuff. I'm gonna add the people that asked for an invite and on this note: Would anyone be interested in becoming a mod for the chat to add people during my absence? Due to being a freelance translator/interpreter there are often times where RL pulls me away for a good amount of time, so it would be nice to have someone reliable to take care of the chat in my stead whenever I'm away.
  15. Whenever I read something about space. I usually understand the idea behind most of these concepts, but when I see the calculations behind it I just feel like a caveman.
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