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  1. I sent you a friend request on Discord! Let's chat and see if we can work something out
  2. Time Zone: EST Location: Balmung RP Methods: In Game & Discord How to contact me: Message me here or on Discord! (TheOneWhoSaysHi#0001) Looking For: Content Partner And/Or RP Partner (Platonic) RP Type: M/E/RP. Dark or Light Hearted. Pretty much all RP. All Info Has been Moved to My Carrd! Thank you! https://thelionofdalmasca.carrd.co
  3. I. Basic Info Characters: Corvus Bunansa Primary character: Corvus Bunansa Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Totally fine, just don't kill me off. Views on IC romance: Totally fine with this as well. Romance RP is actually a preferred RP Style of mine. I rather enjoy building relationships between two Characters. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Totally fine, but do not have any currently. Views on lore: I like to stay reasonably strict with lore, but a bend here and there is totally fine. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I prefer RP in /s and /em, but honestly could do anything anywhere. III. Other Info Country: United States iof America Timezone: EST. I'm available Mon-Fri 12am to 6am and all day on the weekends. Contact info: Discord @ ThatGuySaysHi#8039 LF RP Ad vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Name: Corvus Bunansa Age: 35 Gender: Male Race: Hyur, Dalmascan (Midlander) Sexuality/Marital Status: Straight/Single & Looking Profession: Sky Pirate/Privateer Residence: Goblet, Ward 16, Plot 60, Room 1 Backstory/Personality Blurb: Corvus was born and raised in the Dalmascan Capital of Rabanastre. He was forced to grow up quickly, and began working at a young age. As he matured, he began to notice that working the bazaars and gathering was not the life he wanted. He wanted to be free. Corvus shortly thereafter began his path to become a Sky Pirate. Many years of effort and hard work paid off. Once he purchased this first airship, he took to the skies and never looked back. Corvus has lived a free life since that day. Every day is a new adventure for him. Everyone he meets is a new face, a new friend or new enemy, and every job pays better than the last. He is ever looking forward, the wind carrying him ever onward. Despite living his dream, he often finds himself wanting more and more, and doing whatever it takes to gain what he wants. Corvus's only true friend is his companion Hawk, Raz. He is never seen without the hawk. If Raz is not perched on Corvus's shoulder, he is flying high above, ever watching and protecting Corvus. Plot Hooks: A Man On A Mission (FC Related Story) A strange Cult has been reported in Thanalan. Corvus has made it a point to track them down and learn what they are up to... A Lone Sky Pirates Life For...Us? (Personal & Romance Story) Corvus is a Sky Pirate. This life has taken him all over the continent and let him meet many people. Many of those people have either become acquaintances or enemies of his due to the path he walks. This life has made him very closed to those around him and he rarely opens up. Though he may act cold and distant to those he spends his days with, deep down he does care and will do whatever it takes to protect those around him. This always on the go life has left Corvus little time for relationships, leading him to shamelessly flirt with any and all of the opposite sex. Despite how he acts, his adventures have left him cold and alone. He is slowly find that he may want more than just friends, but years of living for himself has left a think shell around his heart. As he looks out over the bow of his airship, he wonders if anyone can crack it. ♪Another Rabanastre Night♪ (Long Term RP Story) Corvus travels and privateers as an attempt to forget his past. The past where he took to the skies instead of facing the Garlean forces that bombed and destroyed his home, Rabanastre. After many years, he finally began to go back to the city and see what was left of his old home. He began to go back to "salvage", but when he returns he often has naught to show for his endeavors. Why is he really going back to his home? What is left there for him? Misc: Also looking for people to do content with. Not just RP. Both would be awesome! Mainly Looking For: Long Term plot driven RP and RP relationship building (Platonic and/or Romantic), as well as someone to do Content with due to my weird work hours.
  4. [align=center]Hunters of the Dawn now have a Free Company House! [/align] [align=center]Come by and say hello![/align] [align=center]Goblet Ward 17, Plot 17[/align]
  5. Sub Categories updated. We have posted within them our RP Combat System and Ranking System. We wanted to make sure that even those without a Discord could see our system. Please note that our system is still in it's early stages of life at Version 1.0. Bugs and Broken parts with be squashed and fixed as they become known! [align=center]Happy Hunting![/align]
  6. Hunters of the Dawn has Reached FC Rank 8! You will now get the full action perks of being with a Free Company in FFXIV! Our Next Goal is to purchase land and build our FC House. Our Leader has taken the time to get everything ready for this and we will post an update to this as soon as we can! Wish us luck! [align=center]Happy Hunting![/align]
  7. [align=center]Hunters of the Dawn <> HoD is Monster Hunter/Voidsent Hunter themed FC based on Balmung. We focus heavily on more "Boss" type battle events while still having an in-depth story line and clear sense of direction. HoD is a new and Fresh FC and is looking to fill it with new and veteran RPers alike. Our Discord is open to all that wish to join or just to come by and see what we are all about. https://discord.gg/wJHtTns [/align] [align=center][/align] Combat: HoD uses a custom made combat system that is not only in-depth, but easy for even the newest RPers to understand. No messy forum websites, or sketchy sign ups are needed to access the information. HoD has worked night and day to make our Discord server our main home for all of our details and continues to do so. Leveling System: Will use the In-Game FC Rank System for our leveling. More info on how that will work can be found on our Discord. Free/Event RP: HoD will NEVER require you to partake in RP events. If you wish to make your character a passive blacksmith, Gardener, Cook, Servant, Nurse, or anything in between, there will always be a welcomed spot for you. You will never be penalized for not partaking in the Event RPs and or Story RPs. If you wish to only partake in Free RP, you will always be welcomed to do so! Housing: HoD now has housing in the Goblet! Our FC Hall is located in Ward 17, Plot 17. Come by and say Hello! [align=center]As we get along with the budding and growth of our FC, we will make sure to come back and post more! Thank you for your interest in Hunters of the Dawn! [/align] [align=center]Happy Hunting![/align]
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