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  1. Hi all! o/ My Boo and I are looking for a new home. With all the FCs on Balmung it’s hard to figure out which may be the right fit so we thought of giving the RPC a whirl and post here in hopes that someone might stumbled over it maybe point us into the right direction. We are looking for an 18+ FC that is accepting and including of gay characters and players and doesn’t mind a couple jokes that go below the waistline either. We aren’t afraid to speak our mind and don’t want anyone to force us to be anything but ourselves. We are lewd, and we hope to find a place who maybe even appreciates that. Something not too big would be great, where we have a fair chance of becoming part of the group and won’t get singled out if we can’t hang out in voice chats 24/7 or have no time to make every single event. Real life just sometimes doesn’t allow that and we also raid twice a week. We would like to find active RP also outside of planned events where people hang out to roleplay casually with each other that one can join in on as well. Our characters are a mage and warrior duo and could fit into nearly any theme. The only thing that would probably not work for us is a villain type FC. Both of us are also happy to help out with stuff PvE wise and run content! And we’d also welcome the chance to join any discord first to get to know folks if that is an option. Thanks for reading and have a great day!!
  2. I've been at the location last friday and today, because I wanted to check it out, but nothing was going on. Do you guys still run the bar bi-weekly?
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