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  1. LF active players for a RP/Casuals FC (ex.merc/pirates, ex thieves, misfits themed) active discord. been established for 2 days currently as a speak Rank 6 so moving fast. I usually have a cross world PF up almost every day PST or Join it for more info or message me here.
  2. Well I'm looking for an RP partner but I'm not super experinced only mostly done Light - medium(rarely). Looking to get into the more heavier side. Besides that my FC leader and I been trying to build a friendly active FC with a small group of ppl(10-20ish). It's very RP, lgbtq friendly and the few that have joined do RP(M/E/RP). We also have a discord and someone talks in that on a daily. Like i said we are few but would love to keep growing let me know if you interested. Mateus server btw
  3. RyukkSnow

    mateus Eorzean Tinder

    My discord is Ryu#2765 if you wanna talk.
  4. RyukkSnow

    mateus Eorzean Tinder

    <tindr> new FC looking for good quality members new and old. We have Discord and are RP, LGBTQ+ Friendly. And please don't let the FC name confuse you we are not an app lol but I shall leave you with a quote from our leader. Swipe right on all lalafells~ Shadow Heart
  5. Recently transferred to Mateus so like the title says I'm looking for a long term RP friend. I'm mostly light with my RP but would like to get into the Heavier side and yes I'm open minded with more MRP. So kind of need a teacher. I'm a male Miqo'te still figuring out my character and if you feel you might be a fit please feel free to suggest you and i's role (siblings, assistant, protector etc.) New people are welcome don't care what lvl you are so running content isn't a problem. Also I'm a very active player.