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  1. Leviathan is on the Primal data center, which is not ideal for finding a community. There are roleplaying and raiding on every server, but on Primal your best bet for finding people and events cold is probably to hang around Behemoth, particularly near city aetherytes or in city pubs, and watch the Party Finder. Not so very long ago, the North American data centers were split from two into three, creating the Crystal data center, and the players redistributed themselves. Many roleplayers stayed on or switched to a Crystal server to stay aligned with Balmung and Mateus, which had
  2. Speaking specifically to the difference between MMO and tabletop roleplaying, it is a quite different experience. Some FCs run more scripted events, and some of these even use the /random command to simulate die rolling, but the vast majority of MMO roleplaying is, as you say, spontaneous. There's a lot of casual interaction with folks you know, some running of game content in character, and a lot of more informal events like tea shops, pubs, open mic nights, and... well... other social outlets, that give folks an excuse to get together, be someone else, and meet other people. A
  3. Hi! So, of my three mains, one is a pacifist aetheric engineer with a sideline in arcanima healing, one is a semi-retired performer, and one is a hellsguard lady (sort of) with experience fighting for imperialistic bastards. I can't say I'm particularly looking for romantic roleplay, but hey, life happens! Long-term friendships are definitely my style, though. Feel free to hit me up!
  4. Hi! Two of my mains, Epsilon and Tanz, are research mages, and while they are both weird, I don't think anyone could accuse them of being introverts. My style is more conversational than trading paragraphs, but if you'd like to see about forming a long-term acquaintance, feel free to hit me up!
  5. I look around and see white mages everywhere. Pretending they are not white mages seems like a lot of work. Feel free to hit me up.
  6. The lore on mixed couples in the setting is known: offspring resemble the mother, but you very occasionally get kids that blend traits, like Hilda Ware. I see no reason why the same wouldn't apply to half-Garleans. Third eyes would be extremely rare in cases where the mother was not Garlean, but could occur, explaining both Severa and the other half-Garlean NPCs.
  7. The game doesn't use the phrase "corrupted aether" very often (as opposed to "corrupted crystal," which pops up all the time), but when it does, it is generally synonymous with over-aspected aether, which is broadly defined as unstable aether in a state of out-of-control elemental change. Its effects vary based on the circumstances, but it is always more powerful and dangerous than regular aether. So if part of X'enik's aether was "corrupted," it would not prevent him from using abilities associated with that type of aether, but make those abilities more powerful and risky. It mi
  8. I. Basic Info Primary character: Epsilon Vaincrebornes (Balmung) Secondary characters: Tanz Granjaa (Balmung), Shell Shock (Balmung), others (Balmung and Mateus) Linkshells: none Primary RP linkshell: none II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I'm something of a mixed bag; I am always in character until someone else isn't, but the kind of roleplay I'm looking for is social interaction: like-minded conversation with other Disciples, talking about current events and how they impact the adventurer's life in Eorzea and beyond. I'm interes
  9. Hello, RPC; I'm AZ. I've been playing FFXIV on and off since the launch of ARR, and have been roleplaying in a handful of MMOGs (mostly WoW) since the early 2000s, but for some reason I've been very slow to engage any roleplaying communities in FFXIV. I'm primarily on Balmung, where I play Epsilon Vaincrebornes, Tanz Granjaa, and Shell Shock, among others, but I also have a few alts scattered elsewhere on Crystal. Epsilon is an aetheric engineer, with a carrd at: https://epsilon-v.carrd.co/ Tanz is a Keeper dancer, which is a bit like saying the Black Shroud
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