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The Great Hunt [Valentione's Viera-themed event!]

Event details

Sometimes, one needs to chase their destiny, to find a lasting companion, a friend - or a rival for glory. Inspired by the Vieran trials of the Great Hunt, where the adolescent Viera taste their first glory of the hunt, we present to you an unusual take on this tradition, flavoured by the Valentione spice altogether.

In this hunt, you are the Prey or the Hunter. During the Hunt, it is your task to find and catch your companion for the evening.
After a bell of time, everyone will gather in the chosen spot, to enjoy good food, drink and dance.

Everyone, no matter their race - is welcome to partake!


Link to Carrd: https://thegreathunt.carrd.co/

Link to event on Discord group dedicated for Viera RP on Crystal: https://discord.gg/YSnCrZQn6X?event=930075285993439282


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