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  1. For Narengal, her mental world would be a recreation of her Kagon Iloh, but the entrance to the cave blocked off. Inside would be her deceased mother and father and all of the smiling faces she remembers of home. She would be willfully ignorant to her situation, delighting in being with her parents once more. At the entrance to the cave system, one would be able to hear the sounds of battle. Screams and jeers and the clash of steel. Outside, the sun would be shining, and her parents' bodies would be once more laid before her. An army of yellow garbed warriors shouting victoriously.
  2. Narengal gets more openly affectionate and bluntly honest. She's like to find a friend and brush her horn on them and eventually fall asleep either leaning against them or by crawling into their lap, person be willing. She doesn't have a high tolerance, usually finding her friends after one or two drinks.
  3. Yup! For Narengal I use the butterfly minion Morpho. More or less, the small bug is a half baked familiar that she created without intending to. In a way, summoning it as if a primal. Making a wish and using her aether to create her friend. The butterfly, Erveekhai, is always present around her and assists her in spellcasting by essentially having the basics for some spells coded into it. As if she has half of the equation already. It allows her to cast very basic spells without her staff, using Erveekhai as a focus!
  4. Narengal: "The Oronir terrify me. Their love of Azim and how they treat others. They are the reason I cannot be home. I do not want them to take even more from me"
  5. I have an Ishgardian character! While she isn't a noble, she is now a machinist and usually hangs around either the Manufactory or the Forgotten Knight. Her name is Helaine Buinocette. Here's her carrd if you're interested: https://helainebuinocette.carrd.co/#
  6. Mainly long term RP! I have some basic plans for both characters, but I just don't have the contacts to do such things! Right now, Helaine is more mercenary type and is exploring who she is beyond the Song and her time as a Dark Knight. Nare is more centered around uncovering knowledge and potentially forbidden magicks! So anything that could assist or even act as an antagonist for those!
  7. I'm looking for more RP on my characters Narengal Kagon and Helaine Buinocette. To Start: Narengal Age: 22 Languages: Old Auri, Eorzean Common (Some). Alignment: Chaotic Good Narengal is a somewhat naive and gullible Xaela trying to learn more of the world. She primarily seeks out ancient and usually forbidden magics. While she lives in Othard with a clan of Xaela, she often visits Gridania and Ishgard for her mentor, Izumi. As of now, she is a practiced Conjurer and learning thaumaturgy, as well. Hooks: She makes frequent trips to the Shroud, may
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