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  1. Greetings! Any room for a couple of Mercenary/Bounty Hunter types?
  2. Greetings! I tried to reach out to you on Discord but your disc handle doesn't allow me to message you? I'm wondering if we can chat here or via DMs?
  3. I. Basic Info Characters: Zelenzo Okazaki | Hafgrim Wildfang Primary character: Hafgrim Wildfang Alternate characters: Tenzo Matsukage | Eyvind Grimstad | M'rhev Tia Linkshells: Grim Dealings Primary RP Linkshell: Grim Dealings II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Light to Medium - I have a fairly busy schedule but I can make time when needed. Views on RP combat and injuries: I'm a firm believer of IC actions get IC consequences, good or bad. I'm perfectly fine with this so long as it's discussed and agreed u
  4. A gentle breeze rolls across the path in front of you, carrying a tattered flyer on its draft. If picked up, the worn parchment would read rather eloquently given the contents of the writing. Grim Dealings A small mercenary type of business that's been licensed by the Adventurer's Guild and operates all over Eorzea but is based out of Gridania at the moment. The group primarily specializes in Bounty Hunting but offers a few other services as well. Bodyguard/Protection Monster Hunting Treasure Hunting The group can even be hired on
  5. Hafgrim owns a small business that he's dubbed Grim Dealings, a Limited Liability Company instead of the typically owned and much larger Free Company. With official licensing from the Adventurer's Guild and all, he provides a range of services, for a fee of course. Inquire within for an in depth look at what the two offer.

  6. Greetings! I was looking around here and found that the link to your Carrd isn't working.
  7. Male Hrothgar, Bounty Hunter | Monster Hunter | Treasure Hunter looking for work. One off jobs, contract jobs, long term, etc. If this seems short and sweet, don’t fret, I’m open to discussion, I just didn’t want to overload this post. If interested, please feel free to hit me up here, on Discord or in game.
  8. Greetings! Lone Keeper here, just returning to the game, going to be looking for a home (or 2 ) and heard that you all were a good bunch. Just wanted to drop in and stir up some convo!
  9. Heyo! So I'm relatively new to the game even though I've played through to about lvl 30 or so.. I hear this is a great place to be and from what I've read, I'd be interested in joining in on the fun. I think I want to play through the game a little bit though first, just thought I'd drop a line and say hey.
  10. Hello there! We'd be glad to have you! Very well! I'm currently online, and am usually online in the evening time ( eastern time ) under the name "Jotah'ra Bhonga".
  11. Alright! It's official! Just got transferred to Balmung today. - Jotah'ra Bhonga - Seeker of the Sun, Miqo'te - Rogue
  12. Awesome. Thanks. I just wasn't sure if it'd make more sense from an IC standpoint for my mage to be any particular race. I think I'm stuck between a Hyur, Lalafell and a Miqo'te.. And still not sure if I want to play as a Thaumaturge/Black Mage or an Arcanist/Summoner.. I know I just want to be of the Wizardry sort.
  13. Thanks, I appreciate all the info. From an RP standpoint, racially, who would you say has the most potential to be used as any of the mage classes? I'm sure they can all be used, just didn't know if there are races that aren't attuned to the use of magic or races that excel over others in the use of magic, or does each race have it's own magic users? Maybe the Miqo'te have "shamans" that use magic or something like that for each race..
  14. Good deal.. Thanks for all the info btw. I think I just have one last question, when you pick a Disciple of the Hand, do you also get gear/clothes specific to that selected profession? I'm seeing each one has their own "look" but I wasn't sure if that was a look you could get as a player or just how they showed the different professions..
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