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  1. I. Basic Info Characters: Zelenzo Okazaki | Hafgrim Wildfang | Tenzo Matsukage | M'rhev Tia Primary character: Hafgrim Wildfang Linkshells: N/A Primary RP linkshell: N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Light to Medium - I have a fairly busy schedule but I can make time when needed. Views on RP combat and injuries: I'm a firm believer of IC actions get IC consequences, good or bad. I'm perfectly fine with this so long as it's discussed and agreed upon with all parties involved and makes sense. Views on IC romance:
  2. Male Hrothgar on the prowl for a Viera partner, both for adventuring and to hopefully, one day, form a deeper bond with and work towards becoming life partners. If this seems short and sweet, don’t fret, I’m open to discussion, I just didn’t want to overload this post. If interested, please feel free to hit me up here or on Discord.
  3. Thanks! I hope so too! Until then, I'll be in game, trying to establish a foothold!
  4. Greetings!! I'm making my way back into FFXIV for the third time, still haven't spent any serious amount of time in the game as of yet but I'd like to actually stay awhile this time. I've created an Au Ra Ninja but I think I like the Machinist? Maybe the Samurai? Not sure yet but I know I'll be running around as an Au Ra male and right now and currently, he's a Ninja. So I'd love to find some fun, cool, down to earth RP guilds and I also want to do PvE stuff. i.e. Raid, Dungeons, etc.. If anyone knows of anything going on or where my Au Ra might fit in, don't hesitate to hi
  5. Guess I'll be playing my Seeker who's already on Balmung then!
  6. Not on Balmung yet though, can't get him in there until I pay for a server transfer.. just an FYI
  7. So I've recently come back to the game and I want to RP a Miqo'te (Keeper) Thurmaturge/Arcanist(not sure which just yet). With that being said, I'm wondering if there are any magic schools that people have "established" that my sage may have gone to or at least visited. Also, any other magic users that could've been his peers that want to RP a bit. I'm open to questions and/or ideas should any arise. Thanks!
  8. Greetings! Lone Keeper here, just returning to the game, going to be looking for a home (or 2 ) and heard that you all were a good bunch. Just wanted to drop in and stir up some convo!
  9. Heyo! So I'm relatively new to the game even though I've played through to about lvl 30 or so.. I hear this is a great place to be and from what I've read, I'd be interested in joining in on the fun. I think I want to play through the game a little bit though first, just thought I'd drop a line and say hey.
  10. Thanks and will do! I have what may seem like a very silly question.. Are Thurmaturges the only class that get the tall "wizard" hats? Or do Arcanists get them as well?
  11. Heya folks! I've posted here before but I didn't stay long, I'm coming back to the game (hopefully for longer this time) and just wanted to drop by and get some info. I'm going to roll a Miqo'te Keeper, Thurmaturge (with the intent to RP him as mage or magical scholar of some sort) I'd love some info on Miqo'te specific groups, mage/magic specific groups and any others that be like-minded. Let me know if there are questions, concerns or ideas! Thanks! o7
  12. Thanks for the input and the advice, I'll have to put some thought into those questions, though I'm not sure what his "career pinnacle" would be, I think I'm leaving that up to where the RP takes him. The initial thought is that he's been training under a shinobi master for some time, is he an actual shinobi himself? No probably not, that's maybe what drives him in search of other martial arts, to maybe eventually become a master of them all? I'm not sure just yet.. Thanks for the input and advice as well, as far as the shinobi master.. I guess if I ran across someone who could ei
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