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  1. i'm new to ff and am interested! are you allowed to invite people who have a trial account? i hope so... anyhow though i have plenty rp experience, but have never done so on a game like this qwq
  2. I'm new to FF and love your lalafell already Perhap we can get something going sometime once I've understood this game a little more ^^; Sorry in advance for any explaining you may have to go through with me!
  3. I love a mysterious silent type, Tsukiyotake is easily wowed by many things away from her tribe in the mountains, so what seems like a walking suit of armor at times will definitely intrigue her enough eventually to intervene someway or another -- if fate throws enough luck & tosses an opportunity less awkward than just ... walking up and asking "what are you?" heheheh. Endel seems very intriguing and Tsukiyotake lives in her thoughts a bit too much at times! thought i would also like a bit of time to have a detailed dossier for Tsukiyotake since i need to feel out the game ju
  4. I'm pretty much a newbie myself too - I only played a bit seriously for a short time forever ago, and now that i'm back..... barely remember anything! but i have at least been writing for 10 or so years now. it would just be in game ffxiv specific rp etiquette i would need to brush up on, if you wouldn't mind me adjusting too much uwu Tsukiyotake is a sort of soft, sort of awkward, stiff, slightly stoic Raen Au'ra gradually working her way to saving up to move her family into a city more exciting and with way more opportunities than the mountain crevices they live in
  5. Semi newbie to FFxiv here o/

    the first time I ever played I got up to level 30 something. it's been so long since then that i'm coming back to it and wanting to get deeper into the game in more ways than JUST playing the story and doing side missions, so here I am! My memory isn't the best so I need time to understand the lore of things all over again, but I would love to rp! 


    So far, because of the lore of Raen Au'Ra, I'm already playing around with this idea that my own Au'ra's specific tribe takes after a lot of witchcraft like ways of life (medicine, protection, alchemy, so on & so on). While her tribe isn't so against Tsukiyotake traveling far off to sell herb treatments every now & then, they don't want to leave themselves, but Tsukiyotake hopes to make enough to move her tribe closer to the city, if not in it someday.


    Trivia: my au'ra's name translation goes as such -- 

    Tsukiyotake (moonlit mushroom) Ippon (one shot, not to be mixed up with an alternate geisha equivalent translation--she gets embarrassed about this when brought up), this surname title is earned for her gift for archery -- as she may or may not have a knack for bullseyeing four apples in a row in one shot & arrow).


    when it comes to rp i typically go for semi paragraph to multi paragraph or novella because i kinda such at knowing how to compact all the words and descriptions that come to mind fdkgjfllkjg


    also rp doesn't have to be restricted to this forum site or ffxiv (i only have a free account right now anyway to play all the story) -- though i'm up for meeting up in game as well of course, aaaand nsfw is also fine with me but only after we chat about it first! 😉

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