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  1. I wanted to just mention that we are still actively recruiting and probably will be for the foreseeable future. We're doing really well and once again, I wish to express that we're happy to have you!
  2. Hey there! I'm the guildmaster for the Confidante's Guild Free Company located on Goblin. We're trying to bring a roleplaying presence to the server, and really stand out as the premiere group to engage with for roleplay things. Largely at the moment, we're looking for people to bolster our ranks, as well as officers who will both be able to moderate the minutia of the operation and contribute to our upcoming RP Events. We're starting off fairly casual at the moment, planning for some cafe and tavern get togethers, but I'm personally working on a larger scale event to really get the wheels in motion. Besides roleplay, we're also intending to offer a lot in the way of leveling, and party finding, so new characters and people who aren't on too often aren't a problem at all. Amenities Include... -Estate Housing in The Goblet with a transforming basement -Open Rooms in the Estate Hall -Rank 8 -Very Active and Engaged Staff -Extra RP Space in Apartments and Estate Rooms -Resources for Battle and Craft Leveling -A Optional Discord! I hope you'll consider joining! Feel free to stop by Plot 23 in Ward 6 and check us out! ~Sayaka Okaido
  3. Hey there! I'm new to the forums and the FFXIV RP scene in general. I've done a lot of RP in the form of tabletop games, forums, and chat, but I've never really done it in an MMO before, but I've always wanted to after seeing some people doing it in Guild Wars 2. My main character is on Goblin (Au Ra: Xaela) and has a sort of storyline ready to go for her as well as a rival in the form of my fianceƩ's Roegadyn, but as I understand, there isn't much of an Rp presence at all on Goblin, so I was considering making a new character on Mateus intended to be 100% for roleplay. If I can find a group to do things with, I'd probably be fairly active in developing the character and participating. I play the game almost everyday. Anyway, good to meet you all! ~Myo
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