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  1. Ah, thank you for the links, I was actually looking around for a discord but couldn't find any.
  2. Not to sound contentious, but I am not sure how I (as a transgirl) feel about cis people RPing a trans character.
  3. Is Balmung still the prime spot for RP or did everyone mostly move to Mateus since the other has been restricted since forever? I know we kinda spread out since the vanilla days. (ARR launch).
  4. Air is a fuel source, I didn't say it was the only source. Which why if you suck out all the air from a room that's on fire, the fire will go out. Or some fire suppression systems use foam to smother the fire cutting it off from oxygen. It's also why backdraft is such a huge danger for firefighters. If you're cutting into a house that has a fire in it, it can explode into a huge fireball because it suddenly got access to more oxygen. And yes, you're right, blowing out candles does snuff the fire, but that's more of stronger force suppressing a weaker one. If air/wind always snuffed out fi
  5. How do they figure wind extinguishes fire? Wind is air, and oxygen is a fuel source for fire. Water or Earth would extinquish fire. If anything Wind would empower Fire.
  6. So hows RP in Jenova? Balmung is forever full and Gilgamesh seems to be dead.. I may end up transferring a character.
  7. I *hated* the Dreaming, except for the actual Dreaming part of the setting, which I thought was pretty good... my favourite thing in the Deep Dreaming was the Great Engine. What is it? What's it do? How do you turn it on? What are those funny letters on it? WHO KNOWS!! The mechanics and setting for owod Changeling were horribly depressing. the Lost however, I totally agree, was what the Dreaming should have and could have been. I miss the fun kiths though; Pwca (Pooka) and Coblynau (knockers), were my two favourites. Dark Ages: Fae on the other hand was my favourite owod Changeling b
  8. Kinda got it backwards... werewolves, changelings, and mages usually start out that way. Vampires can, but I think most people like RPing the Embrace or whatever they called it. Hunters are still mortal, and don't have anything supernatural about them (except maybe Faith I think). Also: Changeling the Lost ftw!
  9. Chisae


    Whats wrong with the lusty amaalja maid? They had the Lusty Argonian in Skyrim which I absolutely loved (it was hilarious). Also the Green Hills book I mentioned was just a background title I made up that I said Taijha had been reading.
  10. A nice thought, but what is up with the eyeball stuff lately?
  11. Chisae


    In rp the other night, I made up a title on the fly: The Green Hills of the Forgotten Springs. It's a story about two sunkitties who fall in love, but from different tribes and run away to be together.
  12. When I played ACN, I would turn on aether flow and keep it on until the cooldown finished, then use the drains to smack mobs with, then I could turn Flow right back on... probly not the best way to use it, but it worked good enough for me.
  13. I'm confused... I was told a long time ago to put points in INT for increased spell damage. So now were putting them in MND (mana pool), and using Cleric Stance? Is that just for the 10% boost?
  14. Chisae


    Isis, you know about my character K'anika, who isn't really a "good guy", she's more of a... Mel Gibson in Payback. Not really good, not really bad, not really amoral either. heh. Taijha isn't really the white-knight material either. She'd end up stabbing herself (accidentally) with a knife before she could kill someone. She's definitely not bad-guy material either, though she would probably be called a goody-two-shoes by less than good characters or bad guys.
  15. Chisae


    When I was a part of the swtor site on enjin there was a person who would makeup titles of bad_romance novels and write snippets of them. It was a lot of fun, and some were hilarious... I could do the same if you make a wiki page...
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