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  1. Something worth noting is that we see some pureblooded Garleans that aren't tall, lanky or even have pale colored skin/hair, on the Prima Vista. https://i.imgur.com/W0BL6F7.png[/img] So while most purebloods we've seen so far adhere to specific physical traits, it looks like they can look as diverse as any Hyur, the single most common characteristic being their third eye of course. Using a Roegadyn with red skin might be tricky. No Hyur have red skin, and Roegadyn have distinct facial features that sets them apart from Hyur. As others have stated, Elezen usually do the trick if you want to go for tall and/or lanky. Of course, if you're dead set on that course, go for it!
  2. Allag are like the super genius ancient race in the universe that can rival or be better than the Garlean empire...and they have dabbled in Cloning technology if you have done the Crystal Tower. They clearly have advanced means of technology, some of which being actual computers, test tubes, ect. If anything, you can think of them like...Protoss from Starcraft except not that alien and just technology bound. Hell if you go into Binding Coils you will see a lot of Allag stuff from the moon. I'd talk more but some of it is MSQ spoiler territory. Point is: Voidsent are not exactly demons and can be hard to play right but Allag are kind of like super scientists. Azys Lla is drenched with the architecture and remains of Allag technology. So a Parasite made on accident or failed experiment is going to be [AT LEAST IN THIS CASE OF LORE BREAKING] more believable. I think I'm going to go with that kind of origin, then. This character could have been an ancient Allagan (or a clone of one, since I don't want this character to have any special insight into the Allagan Empire, no more than anyone else in modern day Eorzea) that was used as a base framework to create something far more horrifying. This would mean that the character isn't exactly an entirely new race if they started off as a Hyur (which is what I'm assuming the Allagans were) so they don't have an entirely alien mindset on things. Further, perhaps she was stored away in Azys Lla in stasis, and was only recently released into the world after Azys Lla was unlocked after taking over some hapless explorer? That would all mean that while this character is hardly stupid and understands basic social etiquette, they do possess a certain naivety and ignorance about the world, which would be a driving motivation for her. I think this can be a little more easier to work with! I'm aware of the fact that this is still an "out there" character concept and is one that would be a no go to RP with for some people, but hopefully making her not a Voidsent, and have at least her origin be based in one of the playable races, would round things out a little better. Also, another thing to add, on me trying to meta game her out of dying: I never anticipated she'd be an exceptionally hard character to kill off. She still registers pain as much as anyone else, since she's fully integrated with her host body, and any injuries to the head is direct injury to herself. So head explosions would be instantly fatal for her! I mentioned Parasyte as an inspiration for character archetypes, but not the biology of the creatures themselves, since she possesses no regenerative abilities. A more apt comparison might be a certain blonde, time-stopping vampire from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, in how he acquires a new body. But, y'know, no time stopping powers. If her head's removed from the body then great, she can try finding a new one. But that's still gonna hurt big time; it's not something she'd be able to just shrug off. I'm still going to try refining and work with this character as Impstatus suggested. I'm also probably going to spell out what she really is in her Search Info so there's no surprises about what she is and people know what they're dealing with up front OOC. Perhaps instead of loudly declaring "this isn't a lore friendly character!" like I'm loud and proud about it, try to make it work where she can believably exist in the established setting.
  3. As I've said above, I appreciate honest feedback. Y'all have been mighty helpful, believe me! I was actually considering doing this at first, making her a non-Void entity, but I actually figured that would be more lore breaking if she's from another realm. That said, the Allag experiment idea sounds mighty interesting, too... Here I was thinking that if she was from the Void it would still be a character that would be possible to exist since the Void is an established "place" in the setting. But now I'm really digging the Allagan experiment idea. So you think going with a non-Voidsent origin and more Allagan creation would be at least slightly more believable, then? I'd need to restructure her backstory a little but Hells, that would be worth it if I can make it well written.
  4. I am part of a RP Linkshell that's already pretty liberal with lore with their characters so I created this character only thinking about the people in that Linkshell and the people they RP with the most. But I also wanted to consider trying to make the character work outside of that Linkshell, too. Which, as you and Kerrath have pointed out, is not going to be easy, hence why I decided to try throwing it out there for feedback. I will admit in being a fan of Lovecraftian and Junji Ito stuff that influenced this character's creation. Parasyte is an inspiration only in how I want to model the character's personality: something who tries to exist in a world where the very fabric of it is hostile to her existence. The idea was to have a creature that, while it doesn't quite entirely defy its instincts of surviving at any cost, isn't inherently hostile to people that live on Hydaleyn and tries to struggle with this alien nature to try to connect with the inhabitants of a world that's at least somewhat familiar (since the Void is the ruin of one of the mirror worlds after all) but also different than what she's used to. This is a character that has a mutable concept of physical identity, basically. One other thing is that I could try going down the succubus route. That would still be a challenge to write well in of itself because succubi just aren't really known for being anything other than malicious and manipulative, but at least that's a creature that exists. If I could still get away with the Ito/body horror aspects then all the better, but it's not strictly necessary. I dunno if I actually answered your question, still kind of throwing out unprocessed thoughts at this point!
  5. I do appreciate not sugercoating it and being on the level. My main character Ruka is 100% lore friendly (other than the whole, weird Allagan tech/astromancy stuff, but I'd think that is another beast entirely), so I promise this isn't a trend of mine! This is just something of an experiment. If it ends up being too much of a hassle to roleplay, even after doing some modifications based off of feedback here, I'm not adamant on keeping her.
  6. Yeah I totally get the latter part, it's completely understandable. I guess what I was asking for is feedback on what I have personality and background wise so far. Basically I'm trying to have a character that, while isn't something that exists in current lore, could conceivably exist in it (i.e. not playing as something lore breaking, like an inter-dimensional traveler from Earth or something). I know this is dangerous territory to get into and again, it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. I'm just trying to put it through a filter of, "does it sound probable, even if, strictly speaking by all current available lore, currently impossible?". Probably should have added this, but her goals aren't particularly bizarre or alien or anything, since I feel like I need an actual character to establish before going into that stuff. So her goals include things like, trying to make certain lemonade combinations in drinks, serve as an infiltrator/investigator to some patron, and so on. The void body snatching stuff is a big part of this character's identity, but I don't want it to be overbearing, if that makes sense.
  7. Obviously right off the bad, this isn't a 100% lore-friendly character one bit, so if you like characters that are lore-abiding, stay away! D: I like to be more liberal with lore, but I also want to try making a character whose identity as a character isn't merely "look at meeeee I'm Void person!". Inspiration for this character comes from the anime/manga Parasyte, where she's a creature who owes her existence to leeching off of something else, and tries to find purpose in a world that is inherently hostile to her by its very nature. Name: Moth Yorha Occupation: Infiltrator/Investigator Gender: Female Race: Void Parasite ('Called Krasue') Alignment: Neutral Evil (but see below) Age: 90 Physical Description: Moth's current host body is that of a female Xaela with red skin and long, black hair. Her 'true' form isn't something I've figured out yet, but it's probably going to be something based off of the mythological penanggalan or krasue. Bio: Within the Void lives a race of creatures called the Krasue. They are not high on the hierarchy within the Voidsent, considered little more than vermin. Despite this, or because of this, they worship the Void itself as a sort of mindless ur-being, and believe that, if all of existence become one with the Entrails of Creation (as they call the Void), then they, the chosen, will ascend to divinity in the new existence. This religious belief is organized around a 'church' called the Null Tapestry. The Krasue named Moth saw things a little differently. She did not love the Light---it was, after all, antithetical to her entire existence, down to her aetheric dust components---but she believed that her kind would not ascend to divinity if all became Nothing. Everything would just become...nothing. Branded a religious exile, Moth sought refuge in Hydaelyn when she realized she was able to take over the bodies of the people that lived there and hide amongst them. It was a gruesome process: it involved decapitating the victim, whereby Moth would then attach herself to the spot where the head was, taking over the body. This had to be done within seconds after the victim's head left the body, while the heart was still beating, since Moth cannot animate corpses. The host body is still very much alive...just minus their original head. Having escaped religious persecution, Moth is very unsure on how to proceed in this world. She must operate within a world bathed in Light, full of people with morals that she has only just begun to understand. If she was to have any concrete goal, it would be to find purpose to her existence. Personality: Moth's morals are a bit hard to pinpoint, being a creature from the Void. For example, she does not see anything wrong with forcefully taking over people's bodies to preserve her existence, especially in so gruesome of a process. Her curiosity about the "Lightcrawler's realm" tends to let her be an idle observer to acts of cruelty and bloodshed. However, Moth is not an inherently cruel individual. She does not suck up the aether from others like many voidsent, since her host body is more than enough to sustain her. On top of that, she has begun forming bonds of friendship with several "Lightcrawlers" that she would never idly stand by and watch if they came to harm. She understands emotions as concepts---you won't find her asking "what is this, 'love', you speak of"---but has trouble expressing that she feels them. For example, if someone tells a joke that you find really funny, you're probably going to laugh or smile as an unconscious action. If Moth found that joke funny, she would have to make a conscious effort to show that she did by laughing or smiling. It's not that she doesn't find the joke funny, merely that unconscious body language that other people take for granted is something she must consciously act on. Having existed for only a mere 90 years, Moth is young by Voidsent standards. She is by no means stupid, but she does possess a naivety about the new world she lives in, about very basic assumptions that other people already have. ---- Basically, Moth runs on this trope. Some meta commentary: I don't want to turn her into a "chaotic good Drow that opposes her evil kind!" like Drizzt or anything. And she's not a particularly powerful Voidsent, much less so now that she's on Hydaleyn, so while I'm aware I'm taking a LOT of liberties with lore here, hopefully her not being some kind of hidden aether god or something offsets what I am confident is already a special snowflake of a character. Any advice or feedback is appreciated. This is a WiP character; I've only recently began RP'ing with her, and I like organic character development, so nothing's set in stone.
  8. Soul crystals have been around since at least Allagan times. They frequently mentioned in the Summoner quest lines. For a primer on how some magic works in Eorzea, I defer to this Sounsyy post. Spellcasting and Aether Sources While I've played around with the idea of magic being treated like an editable program of sorts (SCH/Arcanima for me), there are some perfectly good ways to get someone's knowledge on how to cast without having to bend lore! from my perspective, most of the current-day magic has likely been around much longer. Or has fallen out of use only to e rediscovered after one or more calamities. So it's not too much of a stretch that the Allags might've had Astromancy or something like it under another name. Thanks for the link, I got some reading to do! From what I've read, aether is split into "fire, wind, lightning, water, ice, and earth." Where would "celestial" aether, as mentioned in the AST quest, fit into that?
  9. I had an idea for the concept of Allagan Astromancy, but I don't really know all that much about how spellcasting actually works, and much of what I know about astrology in FFXIV is forgotten. It's been a while since I got AST to 60! D: Plus, this idea is blatantly lore-bending, but hopefully it's not lore-shattering. So I know that modern Astrology in Hydaelyn came from Sharlayan, but they weren't the first to be able to manipulate celestial aether. If the Allagans were able to build starships and artificial moons, I'd think that they'd have their own form of astromancy as well, but it would be combined with Allagan technomagic somehow. They would have a far less "mystical" outlook on it, and a far more practical one. I'm trying to figure out how to get my character to gain the powers of Allagan Astromancy or Chronomancy (not sure what to call it yet, since Astroligans are both time wizards AND star wizards basically). Said character has no background in spellcasting; she's a Machinist obsessed with everything Allagan. An idea I had was something equivalent to soul crystals: nanites. Bear with me here, not traditional nanomachines, but tiny, biomechanical nanites that the Allagans somehow utilized to let someone become a spellcaster very quickly. I don't know, something to that effect. The idea is that I'd still have the same powers as an Astrologian, but I simply want to give more of a sci-fi, or I suppose more of an Allagan, aesthetic and flavor. Cards would still be cards, but instead of telling someone's "fate", they hold "aetheric engrams" or "magical protocols": temporarily re-writing the laws of metaphysics by temporarily manipulating someone's aether to make them more powerful ("The Balance"), for example. Malefic and Combust would...well, still be Malefic and Combust. I dunno, does this sound far-fetched? I feel like this is too special snowflaky, but I really like the idea. My character wouldn't be fundamentally more powerful than other Astrologians; she'd just be flavored differently. Kind of like the divide between Ishgardian and Sharlayan Astrology, but a lesser known branch of it (I would assume there'd be other practicioners of Allagan "astrology" out there, intentionally or not). If it doesn't sound ridiculous, help me refine and process these ideas into something workable! It should be added that I generally RP with folks who are okay with RP'ing with black and white mages, as long as there's a good reason why they're those things, so I'm not looking for strict lore adherence.
  10. Thanks for the compilation! My character is super big on anything Allagan related. I wanted to say that she carries around an actual Allagan firearm but I'm not sure if that would be too much and have it just be a "replica" like it actually is (I have the replica Allagan pistol as a glamour). I've taken to calling it a Bolter, because I don't know, the Allagans wanted to call their weapons cool names. Though, given that many people casually throw around fireballs, channel the energy of primals, or do anime-esque king fu moves ( or just anime moves in the case of the dragoon), I'm sure having a sci-fi tech weapon like an Allagan firearm wouldn't be too out of place.
  11. So I reckon that if I'm going to be roleplaying as a MCH in this game, I should go full speed ahead with magitek technobabble. Problem is, I don't want the techno-babble to sound too sci-fi sounding: even for the Allagans, "artificial nucleosynthesis" would sound kinda weird, because I don't even know if the idea of protons, neutrons and electrons exist in the setting as they do IRL. So, anyone more creative than me willing to come up with some specifically magitek-sounding technobabble, or share any you've used? Obviously this is taking liberty with the lore (like I do below), so feel free to get creative! What I have lying around: Aetherchemical Quantagrams. Metabjuric Matrices. "Aerotheric translocation by controlled coterminal plane-space warp" - teleportation "Zero-point energy" / "inconservative energy" - force created by magic --- Aeromantic Infadibulum (pronounced AIR-oh-man-tik ihn-fah-DIHB-uh-luhm) is the name artificers and historians in the know have given to a theoretical branch of magitek the Allagans used to power their floating devices, wheter they were the size of cities or a plate. It is believed to have been a combination of theoretical Hard Aeromancy and electro-thaumaturgy. ------ HOW TO JUMP START A CONSTRUCT IN STAND-BY MODE: Step 1: Ether-charge the dynamo server. If this doesn't work, cross the poli-ellipsoid aggression relay. Step 2: Replace the pyrolithic sub-node. If still in standby mode, prime the necrochromatic over-field. Tweaking the multiphased polarity is only recommended if you have access to a lunographic fastener. Step 3: If construct is still in stand-by mode, cut the yellow copper wire. Step 4: If cutting the wires doesn't work, push the triangle thing, jiggle the round thing, or twist the square thing. If that fails, curse at it. --- Also, question about Machinists: do all of the bullets they fire simply created from the Aetherotransformer, or is that only "special" ammunition?
  12. Ive only been playing FFXIV for the past three months now but it's been a blast! I've been wanting to get into RP on Balmung for a while but I've never really been able to yet. Partly because I've been trying to catch up on the MSQ, partly because I just don't know where to start. One thing I'm trying to figure out: my Xaela Au Ra, Ruka Buhen, has a Doman/Japanese sounding name. I had no idea Xaela were based off of Mongolians and that's way more awesome to me. But...I'd feel really weird if I changed my name to a more appropiate Xaela one since I'm so used to NPCs calling me Ruka. Any advice to get around this? I figure I just have Ruka Buhen be an adopted name when she travelled to Doma, while her birth name was Temujin of the Haragin tribe, but I dunno honestly. I haven't really fleshed my characters backstory beyond "obsessed with Allagan technology, became a Machinist".
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