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  1. In order to better assess and coordinate our security team's efforts, an expedition to assist in culling threats which have grown unchecked beyond camp Bluefrog in northern Thanalan has been organized. The company agents will set out to sweep among the fields, eliminating hostiles which draw near to the road. Engaging any swarms or suspicious activities which could pose potential hazard to caravans departing from the ceruleum processing plant. Martial and magical armaments are to both be deployed in these exercises. Menders encouraged to lend their aid as well. Two volunteers are called for to take charge of the squads intended to be organized. Those interested are to speak with our head of security before hand to receive assignment. ((Fate and Field combat. Estimated time for main event, 3 hours))
  2. After the frigid mission out onto the Coerthan highlands, the company has organised a trip for it's members out to the hot springs of Camp Bronze Lake to defrost and get in some good R&R before the next mission. So come along for a day of fun on the company tab.
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    Join us for some more content this week as we try to push through the Heavensward Alexander raids! Clears and unlocks for all.
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    The mission briefing for Windward Horizon's Salvaging mission into Ishgard territory. Those attending gather in the company briefing room. ((Room 9.))
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    Windward Horizon's Salvaging team is being called to action to follow up on a promising lead. Relics once hoarded by those branded as heretics during the Dragonsong war were reported as being lost after a secret hideaway's entrances became flooded and froze over. A recent scouting expedition found evidence of a reemerged tunnel, though further explorations proved impossible. After an investigation launched by company leads was conducted, it was confirmed of the possibility these discovered tunnels would lead to the lost hoard. Members of the team who are set to join us on this expedition are advised to dress warmly, and be prepared for the possibility of encountering hostile wildlife within the frozen highlands. On the day of the venture, please gather in the briefing room of Windward Horizon's Rose & Thorn. ((Room 9.))
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    The Windward Horizon Salvaging Company is hosting a combat tournament for all of it's members. Participants are encouraged to sign up ahead of time, so the bracket can be completed before the day of the event. Bracket generation will be randomly drawn with names from a hat. Accepted fighting styles consist of - Hand to hand Pre-prepared blunted weaponry. Disarming and non-lethal magic only. We expect all participants to enter their fights fairly. Use of questionable tactics such as poison or weapon tampering will see that participant disqualified. Those who wish to watch but not participate are welcome to do so. The Tournament will be held in the training room of the Rose & Thorn of Windward Horizon.
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    Come stop by for a drink! [Mateus] Goblet - Ward 6, plot 6
  8. To celebrate All Saints Wake this year, Windward Horizon will be hosting a party in the Rose & Thorn. We have invited one of our investors, the Ruby Sea Trading Company, to join us for some spooky merriment for the holiday. Costumes are not mandatory, but those who do wish to get dressed up as their favourite ghoul or ghost are invited to join the costume competition, with the most popular costume and runner up set to win a prize! All company members are invited to attend, and are welcome to bring a +1.
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    A group of regulars that come to The Rose & Thorn have invited members of Windward Horizon to come and enjoy their own hospitality for the evening. A table has been reserved at their restaurant for those wishing to come enjoy an evening out. ((Balmung; Kugane - Ward 9, plot 37.))
  10. Still need to unlock or clear the Binding Coil raids? Join us in a clear party this weekend.
  11. We've welcomed quite a few new members into our ranks recently! Welcome everyone, looking forward to all of the adventures we'll have together! Screenshot below is from our most recent salvaging event. We're still open for recruitment! Send in an application at the link below - Member application - https://forms.gle/FAzVv9TZGHmUdYFd7
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    Come by for a drink! [Mateus] Goblet, ward 6, plot 6
  13. Windward Horizon Proprietors of The Rose & Thorn tavern. Salvagers of land and sea. Who we are: Windward Horizon is a salvage and trade based company, operating out of The Rose & Thorn tavern. The two businesses work in tandem to bring in plentiful coin and bounty for those that call these walls home. What we're looking for: Interested in joining our ranks? We welcome characters from all walks of life and alignments. Any who are looking for some adventure, coin and a family to join are welcome to apply. We are a brand new FC seeking members to fill our ranks and make a start to our crew! Looking for both social and heavier roleplayers, so if you're interested, fill out our short application below, or get in contact with us for more information on what we hope to achieve in our guild! Examples of IC positions we're looking to fill: Entertainers Tavern staff Salvaging crew Pilots Engineers Medical staff Security Our focus right now: Our focus is on our RP setting, and providing an immersive experience for members. At the present time while we're recruiting for the FC and getting a group together, you can expect light to medium RP (Tavern Rp - training/sparring events - small scale salvaging operations) to take place. Along with that, you can expect us to have a light focus on PvE and content. (Raids, maps, crafting etc). Get in contact! Please feel free to use any of the below methods to get in contact with us for more information, or to apply! Discord - Mirshandri#7315 (FC admin) Discord - Caparzo#9713 (FC admin) Carrd website - https://windward.carrd.co/ Our IG location - MATEUS, Goblet, Ward-6, plot-6 (Feel free to come have a look around the premises!) Member application - https://forms.gle/FAzVv9TZGHmUdYFd7
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    Come stop by for a drink! [MATEUS] Goblet, Ward-6, plot-6
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