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  1. Sounds good to me, I'm usually in Mateus but thanks to the world hopping I make my rounds
  2. Thank you thank you, so far I've been having some fun with this character. As work dies down for me, looking to stretch my legs out even more.
  3. No worries, happy to help out. - When portraying your character action, you can type int he command /emote and then type your character action. e.g /emote walked into the tavern, pausing upon entering to allow his crimson eyes to adjust to the sudden darkness of the establishment. It would like like this in game. Ezra Elric walked into the tavern, pausing upon entering to allow his crimson eyes to adjust to the sudden darkness of the establishment. - Link shells act like private group texts and so, people use them with their Free Companies (think guild)and social groups. You can also have multiple link shells. - As far as roleplaying, must is done with the /say command so it's open to those in your immediate vacinity of course if you like to keep things private, you can always form a party in play in there. Any more questions? Ask away
  4. Howdy Juni and welcome aboard. I come from a similar background with rping in chat rooms and forums and FF is my first MMO. I'm still getting the hang of it but after a few months of playing, I feel confident enough to answer your questions. So, here we go. - Yes, the little chatbox is used for rping. For comfort of use, you can expand it to your liking and make it as big as you like. - Most people use emotes to supplement written text. E.g. I will often write that my character laugh or chuckled in a response and will often then include the emote. It can be repetitive at times perhaps but I think it works. - Playing walk up or tell let's other roleplayers know you are approachable and are open to random encounters. - Most people place small character quirks in that small box and others include a link to their Tumblr or Carrd.co profiles there which of course offers a in-depth look at your character. - To my knowledge tells can be used for both ooc and ic situations. IC, tells can be use as a way for a character to whisper to another with out letting anyone else hear what they are passing on. I hope this was helpful and if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Ciao!
  5. Hello hello. Looking to get my character Ezra into the mix of things and hoping to find a good partner to have fun along the way. I RP in Mateus and I'm very open for discord play as a way of furthering plot and character development. Ezra is usually hanging around the Quicksands picking up a odd jobs here and there but I'd like to find a partner to come up with a deeper plot. Good communication is a must. My discord is Huckebein#3245 Carrd ezraelric.carrd.co Ezra is best describe as a stoic vagabond with a dry sense of humor. He's left behind his life in Ishgard and is currently trying to find his place in Eorzea while making new connections. Romance is a possible option (straight male) as well. Any questions, feel free to hit me up ^_^.
  6. Hello all, Just stopping by to say hi. Experienced player, looking to have fun and make connections. Post with more details coming sooooooooon.
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