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Salvaging Event! - Gobwizz levertoggle adventures, ft The Illuminati


Event details

After a couple of our members took a visit to Idylshire, they appear to have brought back more than souvenirs from the Goblin city. Goblins themselves in fact, two of them, who took interest in the strong looking uplanders, and their potential big brainfruit.

Peapox and Relix have requested the aid of Windward Horizon, after learning about the location of possibly the most shinyest shinystone yet, and they want it. They want it bad. The only problem is that the place is swarming with Illuminati, someone having tipped them off too, chasing away the two Goblins from their treasure. Armed with their notes and sketchbook, the Goblins have requested the Company retrieve the shinystone for them.

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