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Windward Horizon is a brand new RP FC. Based out of The Rose & Thorn tavern in Ul'dah, our premises is a haven for just about anyone and everyone. From scholars to adventurers, from east to west, there's something for everyone within these walls. The company is comprised of two joint businesses, our tavern and salvage & trade operation. The former operates as our home base, and invests a good portion of it's earnings into the operations run by the salvaging side. For those interested in a lifestyle with more travel and adventure, joining up with Salvage & Trade is for you, as we lead expeditions on land and beneath the seas to recover both treasures of old and those recently lost.





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Free Company

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Tavern/casualRP + Salvaging/adventure


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  2. Salvaging Event
  3. Our previous clients over at Millioncorn Express have requested our services once again. While transporting cargo across the Sagolii desert they were suddenly set upon by creatures they claim swallowed up their chocobos and much of their cargo. Given the descriptions provided and known predators, it is our belief sand worms are the culprits. Though not typically so aggressive as to attack en-mass, this opportunity presents our company with a first response opportunity to serve a contract to return any recoverable goods. Security and combat capable personnel should speak with David Ollivander f
  4. A hurried, ‘Need a hand—’ comes over the linkpearl, from Hoffnung of all people, before his voice is drowned out by shouting and the pearl clicks off into silence. Highly unusual for the Xaela, will listeners assemble an answer?
  5. The Windward Horizon Salvaging Company is hosting a combat tournament for all of it's members, encouraging everyone to attempt to take the title from the winner of the last Tourney - Aigairn! Participants are encouraged to sign up ahead of time, so the bracket can be completed before the day of the event. Bracket generation will be randomly drawn with names from a hat. Accepted fighting styles consist of - Hand to hand Pre-prepared blunted weaponry. Disarming and non-lethal magic only. We expect all participants to enter their fights fairly. Use of que
  6. Windward Horizon has been propositioned with assisting in a recovery effort of cargo aboard a ship owned by Deepcolor Orchid Transportation which was abandoned out at sea after suffering a collision out on the Ruby Sea. As this operation involves diving, we'll need able bodies prepared to swim down to investigate and excavate the valuable cargo. If possible. Given that our expedition will occur within Confederate controlled waters we are additionally responsible for delivering the Ruby Tithe which will allow our efforts to be conduced without interference. As these Confederates are
  7. Due to our upcoming job out in the Ruby Sea, Oselli and Aigiarn are going to be holding our mission briefing out in the sun this time, to get all our members acquainted with the diving gear we expect to be using on this job. Meeting outside in the Goblet, down at the Brimming hearth pools. Come dressed ready to get wet! Swimwear appropriate. For those not going underwater in the mission, please feel free to come along and enjoy the time by the pool. Drinks on the company tab, after diving practice has concluded.
  8. Who likes gold? Cactuars? Bar maids with bunny ears? Losing copious amounts of gil to claw games that are obviously rigged. How about saucers? If you answered yes, then you'll LOVE what's coming. Windward Horizon received a bundle of promotional tickets to Thanalans Gold Saucer, and are giving them out for a night on the town in fancy dress. What happens in the saucer, stays in the saucer.
  9. Our head of medical, Mirshandri Ollivander will be holding a series of classes on first aid to ensure our field members are adequately prepared to deal with any injuries sustained in battle, or on mission. This class will be covering first aid for first response wound care of broken bones, and how to manage bleeding. Expect the lesson to run for two hours. Notebooks and quills provided. Gather in the company classroom (Room 11)
  10. Join us again for another content clear night! Depending on how everyone feels, we can try to tackle some more mount farms or do maps for loot. Maybe both!
  11. TBA.
  12. Windward Horizon seeks to hold a salvaging and combat seminar this upcoming week's end. Business has slowed down for field teams, prompting management to take advantage of the lull in operations to better prepare and assess their agents. Inviting all active personnel to take part in discussing prior expeditions and their trials, exchange theory of tactics while reviewing several combat scenarios, as well as decide on a course of action regarding the results of the Dravanian Hinterlands mission. This will primarily be an evening of discussion, debate and decision. Refreshments provided.
  13. The mission briefing for Windward Horizons mission into the Dravanian Hinterlands. Our Goblin contact will be there to help get us up to speed on what we will expect to encounter. Gathering in the Company briefing room.
  14. After a couple of our members took a visit to Idylshire, they appear to have brought back more than souvenirs from the Goblin city. Goblins themselves in fact, two of them, who took interest in the strong looking uplanders, and their potential big brainfruit. Peapox and Relix have requested the aid of Windward Horizon, after learning about the location of possibly the most shinyest shinystone yet, and they want it. They want it bad. The only problem is that the place is swarming with Illuminati, someone having tipped them off too, chasing away the two Goblins from their treasure. Armed wi
  15. “After suffering an incident regarding the dragon’s eye and involving a groups that seeks it. Frarz has decided to summon the rest of the Company for an emergency meeting, so they may decide the next course of action posthaste.”
  16. We invite all staff to join us for an evening of cultural exchange following this week's end. Windward Horizon agents come from broad and diverse lands, each with their own rich histories and backgrounds. Even those of us without a nation or people to call home have been influenced by this cultures we find ourselves engaged in. Thus do we present an opportunity for all to share and discover these influences. By way of story, song, poem, dance, art, prayer, or any of the thousand ways we can glean some insight into an aspect of our backgrounds which we can take pride, we invite all to join us a
  17. until
    A day where we encourage folks to hop online and get some RP going. Stay as long or as short as you want! We'll have a general activity planned to participate, but otherwise this is a great time for anyone with an RP scene in mind, to put their ideas forward. Event start time listed as 9pm EST, but if folks are online earlier and want to get things start themselves, please do!
  18. Join us this week for our content night, this time tackling whichever content option won our discord survey! Fun times in VC ensue. ----- Survey winner is -----
  19. Windward Horizon Salvaging and Security teams are being called to action. Word has gotten around about the operations run by the Ul'dahn based company and their modest successes. Enough so that a job has presented itself to the team by direct request. An airship has crashed out in the Sea of Clouds high above Abalthia's Spine. Where this would typically be seen to be closer authorities and businesses, the particular hovering land mass upon which the wreck finds itself is one often given a wide berth due to the stories of ghastly sounds echoing along the air currents surrounding the berg.
  20. Aigiarn calls for the company's aid! She's pulled the boxes of tinsel and starlight decorations out of storage.. but didn't quite realise how much there was to hang up. Not to mention those giant pine trees that just got delivered and are sitting out in the yard.. oh dear. Anyone with a pair of able hands is welcome to help join the flustered Xaela in decorating the place up for the festive season.
  21. Join us for some more content this week as we try to push through the Heavensward Alexander raids! Clears and unlocks for all.
  22. It's that time of the Twelvemoon again! Tinsel, baubles and holiday cheer warm the company halls as well as the fireplaces do, staving off that wintertime chill. Join us today for a celebration for the family and company that we all hold dear. A grand feast will be held in the Rose & Thorn for company members, friends and family. Please feel welcome to extend the invitation to anyone you hold dear. A secret gift swap will be held on the day, so make sure to have all your present shopping done by then! ((This roster is for the secret santa. If you would like to participate,
  23. Gathering in the company briefing room to discuss the challenges awaiting the team. Volunteers will be sought to step forward to take leading roles during this expedition. In particular a security team lead and exploration team lead. Equipment to be supplied will be explained in short detail.
  24. After uncovering clues regarding a secret back passage into Amdapor Keep through the swamps of the the twelveswood rootslake, an opportunity for some good old fashioned ruins plundering was presented to the partners of Windward Horizon. Warnings of ancient wards and traps still active, set in place by the now largely defunct Lambs of Dalamud cultists, it is up to the adventurous spirit of the company's crew to make their way through the spiraling tower to recover lost treasures. ((Those attending, gather at camp tranquil in the shroud.))
  25. In order to better assess and coordinate our security team's efforts, an expedition to assist in culling threats which have grown unchecked beyond camp Bluefrog in northern Thanalan has been organized. The company agents will set out to sweep among the fields, eliminating hostiles which draw near to the road. Engaging any swarms or suspicious activities which could pose potential hazard to caravans departing from the ceruleum processing plant. Martial and magical armaments are to both be deployed in these exercises. Menders encouraged to lend their aid as well. Two volunteers are called for to
  26. After the frigid mission out onto the Coerthan highlands, the company has organised a trip for it's members out to the hot springs of Camp Bronze Lake to defrost and get in some good R&R before the next mission. So come along for a day of fun on the company tab.
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