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About This Club

Windward Horizon is a brand new RP FC. Based out of The Rose & Thorn tavern in Ul'dah, our premises is a haven for just about anyone and everyone. From scholars to adventurers, from east to west, there's something for everyone within these walls. The company is comprised of two joint businesses, our tavern and salvage & trade operation. The former operates as our home base, and invests a good portion of it's earnings into the operations run by the salvaging side. For those interested in a lifestyle with more travel and adventure, joining up with Salvage & Trade is for you, as we lead expeditions on land and beneath the seas to recover both treasures of old and those recently lost.





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Tavern/casualRP + Salvaging/adventure


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    Come by for a drink! [Mateus] Goblet, ward 6, plot 6
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    Come stop by for a drink! [MATEUS] Goblet, Ward-6, plot-6
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