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Social Event! - A Very Merry Starlight Festival.


Event details

It's that time of the Twelvemoon again! Tinsel, baubles and holiday cheer warm the company halls as well as the fireplaces do, staving off that wintertime chill. Join us today for a celebration for the family and company that we all hold dear. A grand feast will be held in the Rose & Thorn for company members, friends and family. Please feel welcome to extend the invitation to anyone you hold dear.

A secret gift swap will be held on the day, so make sure to have all your present shopping done by then!


((This roster is for the secret santa. If you would like to participate, then react with the tick emoji to this post and we'll contact you with who your giftee will be. Gifts can be anything you like, so housing items, clothing etc, but try to keep the character you have in mind when choosing! Spending limit maximum of 250,000.))

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