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Combat Event! - A flapping good time.


Event details

Windward Horizon Salvaging and Security teams are being called to action. Word has gotten around about the operations run by the Ul'dahn based company and their modest successes. Enough so that a job has presented itself to the team by direct request. An airship has crashed out in the Sea of Clouds high above Abalthia's Spine. Where this would typically be seen to be closer authorities and businesses, the particular hovering land mass upon which the wreck finds itself is one often given a wide berth due to the stories of ghastly sounds echoing along the air currents surrounding the berg.


Hengr's Crucible. Having earned its name due to the resemblance it bares the cauldron of a witch from a well known coerthan fairie tale. It is where the crew of Windward Horizon must now brave their skills and talents, escorting their own airship repair crew to the site of the wreck and ensuring whatever hauntings or natural beast in habit the berg leave them to their tasks unmolested.

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