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Combat Event! - Second Company Tournament!


Event details

The Windward Horizon Salvaging Company is hosting a combat tournament for all of it's members, encouraging everyone to attempt to take the title from the winner of the last Tourney - Aigairn! Participants are encouraged to sign up ahead of time, so the bracket can be completed before the day of the event. Bracket generation will be randomly drawn with names from a hat.
Accepted fighting styles consist of -


  • Hand to hand
  • Pre-prepared blunted weaponry.
  • Disarming and non-lethal magic only.


We expect all participants to enter their fights fairly. Use of questionable tactics such as poison or weapon tampering will see that participant disqualified.

Those who wish to watch but not participate are welcome to do so. The Tournament will be held in the training room of the Rose & Thorn of Windward Horizon.

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