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    Screenshots of our members doing what they do best - being nerds.
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    Dedicated to character aesthetic mood boards! Upload your own or Priae can make one for you, just give her a nudge!
  3. Thanks Mateus for a wonderful turnout when last we opened! We'll be open again December 9 at 7PM EST to serve you. We look forward to meeting with you!
  4. Welcome to the place where people can post their character profiles / biographies. Love them or hate them, they're usually a staple of a roleplay community and an interesting tool for those who would seek to use them! A couple guidelines: You don't have to create a biography. Some people don't like to, and that's okay! Use whatever format you like! Though we do have a suggested format, you can formulate your own! Please submit them as an additional post to this thread! The Template Basic Information Full Name: Gender: Alignment: Age: Race: Sub-Species: Tribe: Character Appearance Hair: Skin: Eyes: Height: Weight: Markings (Scars, Tattoos etc): Physical Features: Chimera Codename: Role in the company: On the job expertise: Personality Positive Personality Traits: Negative Personality Traits: Quirks: Favored God/Goddess: Likes: Favorite Food: Favorite Drink: Favorite Color: Dislikes: Hobbies: General Character Info Relationship Status: Sexuality: Place of residence: Occupation: Group affiliation: Enemies: Wealth Status: Character Abilities and Proficiency: Preferred Weapon: Weapon Proficiencies: Aether Abilities: Other Information Skills: History/Background Birthplace: Parents: Biography:
  5. The Jeweled Cypress - Mist, Ward 14 Plot 45 Chimera's Home Base Located firmly in a rocky hillside overlooking the rest of the Mist subdivision, the Jeweled Cypress is a squatting but impressive beast of an Eastern-themed estate. It houses a rather luxurious Far Eastern tavern and eatery as well as a myriad other services should one only inquire within. Chimera Company Workshop Where the Magic Happens™ Upon entering Chimera's Workshop, you will find the Schematic Board on the left. This is where various schematics are written up until completed, then would be moved later on. To the right, you have the Voyage Control Panel. This is where the Engineer(s) monitor the Airship or Sub on their status and location. All status reports are relayed via an encrypted Linkpearl; that would take time for any Garleans to hack in to. In the center of the room is where the Schematics are projected onto a Magitek Projector to view the project to get an idea on what it could look like once the project is built. The stairs along the walls of the Workshop is used for storage, such as crystals and other materials. Taking the stairs to the middle level is more so for observing the Projector; to get a different view of the product. Going down the stairs beyond the Projector is an area where the Engineers can sit down to do small work at a desk, or paperwork. It is also where the hangar doors are located. Going beyond the hangar doors, you will find a large, open area where the Airships are docked, and where the actual building and repairs of the Airships take place. The hangar itself is closed off to the outside, and when the Airship is ready to depart, the ceiling's hangar doors will open up to allow the ships to fly through. Looking to the right, is another pair of hangar doors that leads to a cove where the Submarines are built. The Sub workshop is built into and around the cove, and when a Sub is ready to depart, it will travel out of the cove and out into the sea before it would submerge and head to its destination. All Hanger doors, except the ceiling doors, must be closed before an Airship is to leave the hangar, to prevent uneccessary destruction via wind buildup. Large vents are also built in to help filter out Ceruleum fumes and other gases. Eye protection must also be worn at all times within the Workshop, as well as boots, and head protection in taped off danger zones. Priae's Office and Meeting Room FC Private Chambers - Room #2 Priae's office finds itself described more often as an atrium of solitude lined with a vast variety of windows that she can often be found gazing out of whilst deep in thought, perhaps considering the state of the company as a whole.. or even mundane topics such as what she means to cook for that evening's dinner at her luxurious home on the beach.
  6. Thanks Mateus for a wonderful turnout when last we opened! We'll be open again November 11th 7PM EST to serve you. We look forward to meeting with you!
  7. Thanks Mateus for a wonderful turnout when last we opened! We'll be open again October 14th 7PM EST to serve you. We look forward to meeting with you! This evening we're featuring guest chef Saiun Hatasashi with some signature hand-crafted Hingan dishes! Don't miss it for the world!
  8. Chimera and Hydra are a pair of free companies linked through a common goal - the pursuit of coin through whatever means their employers dictate. From assassinations to pest control, there is little that is not within the scope of their operation. As a long-standing fixture in the Limsa Lominsa area, the organization has repurposed the lower floor of their lavish Mist estate to a Far Eastern-themed eatery and entertainment center better known as the Jeweled Cypress. Not only can patrons enjoy a drink and a meal, but they can also utilize the facilities for sensitive, private business meetings or even hire Chimera and Hydra’s esteemed, experienced contractors. We accept characters of all types and are a largely neutral alignment base with a few evil -and- good influences. In short - if you’re in it for the money, chances are your character may just fit in. We’re happy to accept roleplayers of any experience level, even those just getting started. Here at Chimera & Hydra, we're looking for more than just a member count; we're looking for people looking to engage and be engaged alike. Though we are first and foremost a roleplay-oriented free company, many of us also indulge in a healthy amount of gameplay content including but not limited to dungeon runs, pvp, raids, treasure map groups, and crafting / gathering. We're not only looking for people invested in creating a story, but we're also looking for people to play the game with and all-in-all do what games are meant to let us do - have fun. On the same token, we're looking for people who are laid-back and can handle the occasional good-natured ribbing. If you think the listed criteria fits you? Great! We want you! Occasional in-house contracts / jobs are led not only by members of our leadership team, but by our average members as well. There is an over-arcing story to the free company currently in-progress. We are also entirely open to new outside-of-FC roleplay connections, so if you have any questions, comments, or would like to make contact, please do! The Jeweled Cypress is a public bi-weekly event that we make available to the public to facilitate server roleplay and help provide people with a means to make further connections. For more information, feel free to click here for more details and our event posting! Out-of-Character Rules DON'T BE A DICK. Also, 18+ individuals only. ► Be a Good, Tolerant Person. Look, we get it. Everyone has an opinion, a belief system, and you're entitled to it; all that we ask is that you're respectful of others' beliefs etc. and all such 'debates' and such are really best entertained elsewhere. In addition to this, no sexist, homo / transphobic, or racist behavior will be tolerated. Jokes are jokes, but the second someone decides it not funny, see the following. ► Common Decency vs. Censorship. If someone asks you to drop a certain subject or to kindly please move the conversation along, it is not that person's responsibility to explain to you as to why they'd wish that subject dropped. This isn't a means to censor you, simply to urge you to be mindful of others. ► Agree to Disagree. Okay, we know we're not all going to get along, but there's a point where people need to agree to disagree on a particular subject rather than push it to a point where things are going to get ugly. Be an adult here. If you find yourself tempted to start namecalling, it needs to stop. ► Don't post pornography, pornographic links, or distribute illicit or illegal content. C'mon folks, this is pretty straight-forward. Yes, we're an adult community, but we like to keep most of what we link / post here SFW. If you'd like to share some tasty artwork with someone, do so in direct messages. We appreciate you for that. ► Don't advertise for other websites or services. Do promote your deviantart, patreon, etc., but don't advertise for commercial business that ain't yours. ► If you gonna hate, hate quietly. Hate people all you like, but be civil in public channels. This includes voice chat, associated linkshells, and Discord text chat. In-Character Rules ► Do your best to not blend IC and OOC. It's difficult not to sometimes, but what happens in-character should stay there for the greater good of everyone involved. Consider it a golden rule of roleplay. ► IC actions = IC consequences. If you do something rash for a reason, make sure your character can handle what comes next. Draw a weapon on someone? Expect potential retaliation and / or calling of the local city's guards if you're in one of the city hubs. ► Don't ERP in public. Just... don't. If you're gonna do the do, do it in party chat and inside a house/room behind a locked door. Sexual conduct is not allowed inside public areas of the FC mansion. No one wants to see your bits or just how skilled you do xxx to your significant other. What you do in private is your business but the moment it becomes public, well.. nuff said. Hand in hand with this, don't make your character solely for ERP. Chimera / Hydra is a professional business that operates largely on combat and logistics. There are other FCs dedicated to brothelry! Our FC is not your personal harem, either, and don't treat it as such. ► Always communicate and never force a player into something they're uncomfortable with. Self-explanatory. Anyone reserves the right to leave a roleplay at any time or not RP at all. Fill out our application here! http://tinyurl.com/chmra-app If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or input, our FC leader can be reached as follows! In-Game: Priae Qalli Negotium Discord: vinqa#1313 http://menagerie.enjin.com See our club also located at the following URL! https://tinyurl.com/chimera-ffxiv
  9. Thanks Mateus for a wonderful turnout when last we opened! We'll be open again September 16th 7PM EST to serve you. We look forward to meeting with you!
  10. Thanks Mateus for a wonderful turnout when last we opened! We'll be open again September 2nd 7PM EST to serve you. We look forward to meeting with you!
  11. Thanks Mateus for a wonderful turnout when last we opened! We'll be open again August 19th 7PM EST to serve you. We look forward to meeting with you!
  12. Due to a large story arc our group is undertaking, the Jeweled Cypress will not be open on July 15th, but will instead be hosting a large party and giveaway event on July 29th! Stay tuned for more details.
  13. Thanks Mateus for a wonderful turnout when last we opened! We'll be open again July 1st 7PM EST to serve you. We look forward to meeting with you!