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  1. End of the month update for November 2020! 2 days late, hurp. November was a strong month for us. We saw considerable growth and our membership pool is looking exceptionally diverse in terms of role distribution. I'm pleased to say we have an almost perfect spread of members and are happy to consider people for any position because of this. We've also met our goals for the month in terms of preparation for our public event, which will begin running in December. Weekly roleplay gatherings continue to have strong turn outs and our community is exceptionally active on discord and with
  2. End of the month update for October 2020! We're currently pausing consideration for security applicants, as our current team feels like the right size and collection of characters. New courtesans are always welcome, as to be expected. Despite our growth we have a surprisingly slim number of characters aligned with wait and barstaff roles. If you're interested in slinging sake in a fancy locale we're looking for you! Outstanding applicants will be considered regardless of current recruitment openings and we are more than happy to help interested parties fit into our rapidly gro
  3. Operating out of the Ishino Distillery, the Meishuya are the shadowy hands behind the unexpected success of a far-flung sake distillery nestled into the golden sands of Thanalan. It's within these walls that an organization seeking to control the flow of information for their own means operates. Despite how far reaching their influence is, few know if they truly exist and fewer still know their name; just how they like it. Meishuya is first and foremost a place to explore mature themes within roleplay. We are a group that wishes to tell unique stories that dea
  4. Mahorela

    Art stuff

  5. Honestly the story of how I started RPing is really silly. My first MMO, like most people, was World of Warcraft back when I was like 14. During Burning Crusade I bought into the Arena server, thinking I was much better at pvp than I was and had any chance of making it lol. To simplify that I met someone who played on Wyrmrest Accord, the big Rp server. Now, he wasn't an Rper, I wasn't an RPer, and frankly my circle of friends was the typical 'what kinda nerd ROLEPLAYS lololol' sort of folks. So, I made a character on Wyrmrest to hang around with my new friend and was your stereotypi
  6. We will be meeting this week in 2.5 hours. Hope to see you there!
  7. Hello and thank you for your interest in The Crystal Rose Magic Club. As detailed above this is a meeting place for both mages and magic appreciators. No magical ability is needed to attend and this is designed to be a relaxed and casual place for people to hang out and meet like-minded new friends! Due to the nature of the club the hosting of special events and demonstrations will be somewhat sporadic as it is not the primary focus of the club. People are free to schedule a presentation or event to be hosted here as long as it suits the theme of the venue. Because we a
  8. I think my Roegadyn, Gentle Willow (who lacks a wiki at the moment), and Roroko would get along quite swimmingly. She can certainly empathize with Roro's desire to get out into the world as that is something she herself is trying to do as well. They can also totally be mage buddies! Feel free to add/pm me in game. I should be online around 2pm est and we could work something out if a polite and wordy hellsguard is to taste.
  9. [align=center] Sail free, sail true, sail Abarstyrn[/align]
  10. Elezen in general seem endangered. Its very rare for me to encounter another, which makes me quite sad. I guess they're just not too out in the open. Also is it just me or are there more guys than girls running around for elezen?
  11. Tasa is in her mid 40s cause I had plans for her to be that big weathered warrior type from day one. I quite enjoy rping the kinda set in her ways, worldly woman that Tasa allows me, but most of my alts are young, like teens young cause I also like seeing characters grow and such~
  12. Honestly Raen seemed harder to rp or make interesting. Every Xaela gets a free "cool character quirk" in their tribe. Making one that keeps that in mind and uses that flavor throughout their rp is very interesting.. The problem comes if you pick tribes that are boring or "normal" which leaves them just being some dark scaled dragonperson with potentially limited knowledge of normal civilisation. I had a blast rping my culture shocked songbird and a lot of people liked her. She was different and interesting cause I picked a challenging tribe. If you want to make your xaela interesting build the
  13. A long standing goal for Tasa was to pass along her skills to a worthy young fighter. This was something I sought to occur through natural rp and have it evolve naturally. Problem is, Tasa never really encountered anyone that either fit the bill or was willing to study the axe. So finally I decided to reach out towards the rpc and see what happens. What I'm looking for is someone that would like to engage in some longer term rp where their character is shown the ways and culture of a proper warrior. Or at least an interpretation of it, or course. This would include character building and
  14. (If Tasa is allowed to enter I hope it's more fair for her opponents than the last tournament of HoD's she entered. Nat 20s for daaays.)
  15. Made my xaela finally as Tasa has a lot of downtime atm cause of a storyline. Turakina Qalli is my songbird lady~ she's also a Moks, woo double tribes.
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