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  1. 10/10 recommend! Super fast and super awesome!!
  2. Omg your art is GORGEOUS! Sent you an email~
  3. Way to revive a year old thread o/ Some jobs need them ICly... Otherwise you kill yourself.
  4. LS page has been updated and revamped completely. We are still recruiting... always and forever o7
  5. Here's the monthly "we're still active" post.
  6. Updated rules...you must submit an application and/or submit to an OOC interview as well as an IC test before joining our company.
  7. Yes, I will! But I am industry/a panelist... If something is going on and I'm free, I'd be happy to poke around and say hi to people ^^ (or you all could stop by the panel haha)
  8. Bumping again. Still recruiting. Still doing stuff still being awesome.
  9. It's probably safest to just make your own though...
  10. Haha I know you so well~ Ashe and Xav are BFFs... >> >.> ........I promise this may not be a joke. Ashe HAS mellowed out recently >.< but...it's okay. He's still snarky when he needs to be. Omg the three of them snarking would make my life. We could even drag you on our future weird adventures to the Hinterlands (Library) and if they DO go back to Azys Lla on some weird thing...then then too! .... I have now decided this is happening >.< I sometimes raid Wednesday and Thursday and Tuesday is my "spam Alex and hate my life day" but yeah....I mostly RP
  11. All the snark. I wish Xavarian was around too...he'd want to get in on this I'm sure.
  12. Hehehe Ashe may deem him to be such and then everyone will be dicking around thinking the other is an idiot. I am on my alt right now though...buuuuuuut do want to RP with you 'cause...bringing out the worst in Ashe is fun.
  13. Heeeeeeeeeeeeey, from one cranky mage to another...I think we can make this work? Haha. Contact me on Ashe! If you're looking for an FC too, we have our fair share of cranky mages to go around! Check out Mythril Wings. "Ilan might hate you, but I don't." ^ I am stealing this for Ashe haha. My wiki for him is in my signature. Send me a tell/PM whatever...if you're interested!
  14. Walk ups are really difficult. In general. But to be honest, it took me way longer than a week to join an FC. The path I set myself on wasn't even because of an FC I joined on my main. I originally joined an FC way back on my alt and eventually added my main. Now I am a leader in my own RP FC. The QS in general sucks. I NEVER RP there. Maybe dig through the LS/FC page here a bit more? (Name dropping Mythril Wings...we don't have any lala RPers just be coincidence of none applying ever but....we rarely reject people unless they are crazy or are, in fact, trolling. Or not trying if they are n
  15. Ashe

    Azys Lla

    This is fun! So ICly my FC has gone to Azys Lla and here was our justification: We first ICly went through the Hinterlands and stumbled upon the library which we accepted as open because the events in the game. Inside, we found hints on how to get to Azys Lla and went through the Holy See to get there and to explore Fractal which we accessed via some fun aether hacking...my character has been researching Allag for a good portion of his life and has the goal of reviving some of their tech so he ICly knows how it works...but not to the point where he's like SUPER GENIUS GOT THIS SHIT.
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