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  1. Happy 2020! Refreshing my commissions for the new year. Here was a commission I did last year.
  2. my dms are open for you anytime! Commissions are still opened as always haha (thank you for taking in interest!)
  3. Commission sketches for Zari'to Honi! Thank you very much.
  4. Oh hello, I should clarify! I still have slots opened I must've typo'd the slots. (Sorry about that!)
  5. Things to Know! - I'm more comfortable and better on drawing females. - I am not confident in drawing: Detailed armour, muscles (like hella muscular men), nsfw - I can draw things outside of FFXIV! (Fanart, original characters) - Take note that I draw a fairly cute style! If you're interested/ have any questions reach me on DM/Email: senyomigaeru@gmail.com / Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram
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