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  1. An unguarded moment between Myst and her fellow Matron.
  2. MystLastleaf

    Myst's sketches

    A collection of FF14 themed sketches, drawings, and doodles I've done for myself and friends.
  3. Updating and bumping to seek out ic friends, rivals, and associates for the feisty and mischievous alpha catte
  4. Yes! You can unlock and play every class and job. Some have prerequisites and quest chains to unlock. But they are all attainable by anyone. You aren't expected to be the classes you level- just the lore for the one(s) that fit your chara's backstory There are several hubs and community finders all over. In fact, in game you'll see a community finder icon, where you can look up linkshells, free companies, and clubs in game. My friend and I just got to a point where we are expanding outside our FC (free company- a guild of players to rp and content with.). If your future character likes t
  5. Whoops! I forgot a couple there: You CAN rp out your character as their class and job, and their learning as they level up. I generally don't, being I see content and rp as separtate animals. Being lore appropriate and experience appropriate easily trumps the stats and in-game stuff. I recommend doing the class quest more to know the lore- such as fact only warrior of light got a special pass to learn white magic. You can totally rp! Just let peeps know you are learning lore and welcome constructive feedback. Just keep in mind you might need to tweak your character background or
  6. Crafting can be! It's great for earning gil, making your own mogs and furniture (You can get your own house/apartment and decorate it!! ), and making your own best in slot (BiS) gear if you are into content. But your gaming experience won't suffer without it if it isn't your cup of tea. And here is the great thing: You don't have to stick with your starting class! You can go to the capitals and pick up extra classes and professions from the guilds! One of my friends is an Omni - someone who has maxed leveled and mastered gameplay of every class and job! I'm an Omni-crafter myself -
  7. Welcome to Mateus!! Your style sounds amazing. I'd love to touch base and swap notes sometime ^^ Let me know if you have any questions about game and lore (especially crafting. Crafting and rp are my favorite focuses in the game). I hope you enjoy your journey!
  8. Thanks Faye! It's nice to be here.
  9. Beware of three things in this world, childe. A Silent Forest, black waters, and a smiling mask A name repeated in history, but a presence new from the deepest regions of the Shroud. Myst "The Final Leaf," or "last Leaf" in the Common tongue, came out into the public eye beside a second name oft heard but little seen, a duskwight named Eirene Charbonnau. With the support of various benefactors, the pair have gone from the clothes on their back to being the Matrons of a Refuge known as "Faewood." Botanist, aetheric expert, and huntress, the smaller of the two leaders activel
  10. Hi! I'm Myst. MMORPG background: I came to FF14 in summer 2000 as a wow refugee. At the time, I was tired of sloppy retconed and actively conflicting lore breaking my characters, and the general immaturity/toxicity found in the wow player base. I was practically kicking and screaming 'no more mmorpgs' when a friend encouraged me to try out FF14 during the summer free trial. I fell in love with the atmosphere and lore consistency almost immediately. RP experience Before that, I had nearly a decade of experience in forum rp. I still really enjoy the slower pace
  11. I. Basic Info Characters: Myst Lastleaf, Assistant at Faewood FC Lyof Iryot, Viera Huntress and exile of the Wood Toului Himaa, Dancer and twin to Yisan Himaa Lelesha Lesha, money grubbing Lalafell. Mission specialist. Quasi NPC used to move people's stories forward Primary character: Myst Lastleaf Linkshells: Just Fc's atm Primary RP linkshell: N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Light to Medium Views on RP combat and injuries: Depends on the situation. I am fine with combat as long as I
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